Xiling Empire Chapter 189

Chapter 188 Chapter Division of Labor

Shandora sat at the top of the conference table and looked at the information about the various ethnic groups. He said: “First, it is Beastman. Now Beastman has formed a relatively stable group, so Tauren, troll and some small The tribal group can be counted as a goal, and can be handed over to Jaina to continue to contact. Sivis can’t leave base, she can stay and help, and those Beastman will give it to her. I told her when I was at base.”

“There is then the night Elf side, these living thing long Elf is very peaceful, but also very stubborn, they believe in the way of nature, not very cold for our holy light, although it will certainly be the name of ‘Savior’ The influence of the number, but I think it is more appropriate to let Della go out. After all, she is a Goddess of Life, and those Elf absolutely dare not violate the order of the mother of living thing, but…”

Having said that, we guessed Shandora’s next words at the same time, but a little thing that was a party was not included. Della, who was holding the sugar ball and screaming, suddenly found that everyone was quiet and still at the Same time Looking at myself, I couldn’t stop strangely, and looked at us with bright eyes.

“If you are those Elf, would you believe that this guy is Goddess of Life?” Shandora asked Della’s wings from behind, asked the little dog to sneak up and sway in front of us.

The answer is clear. In addition to the title of a goddess, there are more than 90% chances of revealing the characteristics of small animals everywhere. These Elfs are raised as some kind of pets suitable for domestic use – although Della’s The strength is not afraid of those Elf, but it is impossible for Elf to admit her goddess identity…

“Forget it, let me go…” Looking at the cute little figure that was shaken by Shandora in the air, Lin Xue sighed and shook his head.

Dress up, you think we didn’t see it, you just want to have a good addiction to let Della be your personal pet Oh!

However, Lin Xue is also very suitable to go, this guy is still very reliable when doing business, just to complement the unreliable Della, plus her Prophet ability, used to fool the mysterious Elf seems to be quite useful As for safety issues – well, Lin Xue has no fighting strength, but do you think that there are creatures in the dark nights of the forest that can compete with Della?

“Then the Human Race Alliance side,” Shandora used the laser pointer to point to the projection of the planet in the center of the conference table. “Because of the ravages of the undead natural disasters, the alliance that was so strong today is now weak, and many smaller Human Race kingdoms are Falling apart, but the so-called skinny dead camel is bigger than Ma, there is such a rich family, and the sudden weakening of the undead natural disaster, the power of the Human Race Alliance is still not to be underestimated, plus the dwarves, gnomes and some high level Elf are old Members of the alliance, so the old alliance is going to be the focus of the pull. My original plan is to make Jaina a breakthrough, but now Jaina is responsible for helping us and the tribes, and because of General Proudmoore’s affairs and Beastman’s attitude problem, Jaina’s position in the Kingdom of Human Race is a bit awkward, so I plan to make a little change. The previous ‘Advent’ plan achieved good results, so I decided to come again, despite the remnants of East Continent’s Human Race. I already know that there are rumors about the advent of the gods in Theramore, but I am Believe that will only make our second spurt more successful – after all, rumors that this thing is used properly is definitely more effective than any public opinion.”

I crawled back to the table and tried to grab the Little Bubbles of the glowing Hologram projector and asked: “Would you like to drive the faith level to Stormwind?”

“That is impossible,” answered Lin Xue. “Now the faith level has almost become the spiritual pillar of the Theraman Race. If the battleship of God suddenly leaves, I am afraid that there will be a big commotion immediately.”

Do not use faith level? Does the effect of the momentum increase a lot?

Shandora immediately guessed what I was thinking, and said with a slight smile: “Don’t worry, we have a group of very good builders -“

I saw that Shandora clicked on the projector in the center of the table with the laser pointer in his hand. The stereo image in midair immediately changed from the space top view of the Azeroth star to the interior of the Xiling Base, one of which occupied nearly two-thirds of the entire picture. The crystal prism appears in the projection. The center of the crystal prism is suspended with a closed-eyed, quiet-looking Little Girl. A large number of energy beams extend from the body of Little Girl and then converge at the bottom of the crystal prism. Periodic pulsation shows that Little Girl in the crystal prism is running at full power.

Seeing the picture on the projection, Little Bubbles’ reaction was the fastest, and the little brat immediately climbed onto the table, and I greeted the little Girl who looked almost identical to her in the picture.

“Bubbles, what about the construction of the border-level construction?”

Hold Little Bubbles off the table, Shandora asked.




“Wlk is open!”

“Impossible! I am online now!”

……I admire you!

As soon as the Bubbles spoke, it immediately reacted. A pair of beautiful big eyes opened quickly. She saw the “smiling” Senior Officers sitting next to them.

“Della thinks you are going bad luck!”

The little thing flew to the projection image, and said with a pair of small adults in arms and chest.


Of course, this is just a small episode. As for the situation where Bubbles plays games during working hours, we have already felt a little commonplace. Anyway, this performance is very strong. As long as it does not affect normal work, we are too lazy to control her…

When I mentioned it by Shandora, I thought that she seemed to talk to me about building a medium-sized warship a few days ago. I want to come to what border level.

Frontier: a medium-sized ship with a maximum capacity of 2,000 people. The living area is well equipped, the weapon system is a great variety and the ingenious, armored heavy to the horrible, the main weapon is seventy-seven shipboard Psionic guns. It is equipped with a large number of floating gun matrices and fast anti-landing aircraft. The typical position of the Fortune-type ship is suitable for semi-fixed front-line firepower platform. The shortcomings are also obvious. The speed is too slow. If there is no support, it is easy.沦 is a live target.

The above is the introduction of the border level that Shandora gave me. Obviously, this is a heavy attack ship of the type of mobile weapon. Isn’t Shandora ready to use this thing to disguise it as the next “God Battleship”?

“Yes, in fact, the frontier level is more suitable for the role of the “God Battleship” than the belief level. It is stronger, stronger, and more powerful. On the contrary, the belief level is huge, but there is nothing fighting. Strength, the title of the battleship of the gods is not suitable for it. It was only when we transferred the large forces that we had to choose to carry a larger level of faith. Now that the frontier has been completed, we should also Let the Empire’s huge ship come out and bask in the sun.”

“The frontier level has already been created? Why didn’t I see it?” I asked in surprise, the thing was an enormously incomparable big guy. How did I make it now, but I didn’t see it at all?

Shandora can only give me a big white eye for my obviously white problem: “Stupid, Empire’s dock is equipped with a Super Space-Time module, except for an exposed port, the entireenomous The docks and temporary warehouses are all built in different spaces. The warships built will naturally be parked in different spaces. Otherwise, the giant warships that are almost as big as the city are built outside. We need to prepare a base to be enough. ?”

Uh… looks like this she told me before, but sprinkling the house is really something that is incredible… not so hearty…

Once again, I was amazed at the same time of the Xiling science and technology heaven defying. I was also shocked by the development of the Empire Army. The border level, although not the top Empire warship, is also heavy in the Xiling Legion. The main battleship, now only a few days have been built, plus the speed of construction of a war factory almost one day in the three bases, I really doubt that more powerful strength can defeat such a completely war And the supercivilization of life…

“The battleship of God has it, and then the question of the candidate. I think it is better to let Alaya go out. Is there anyone who has no opinion?”

Of course, there is no opinion. Alaya, which is almost entirely composed of light energy, is definitely better than any of us to play the role of God Clan, and Della also proves that even the real Radiant God Clan, its essence and Alaya are not much worse. So, let Alaya act as the God’s Envoy is justified, but one thing to note is that although Angel has a noble and holy appearance, the inner and inner of her incomparable soul is more important to pay attention to. problem……

Finally, it was agreed that the most stable sister and Carrow with a standard knight’s face followed Alaya. With them two, Alaya should not be in trouble.

But let Carrow follow… To be honest, if his knight’s face could still produce a billboard, and let him protect Elder Sister’s safety, I really intend to keep him in the lock-up room until it is done. knock off……

“It doesn’t matter,” listened to my fears, and my sister said with a gentle smile. “I have already cursed him, as long as he dares to do his old job in East Continent, he will do it every day for the next millennium. Will face at least 5,000 urban management chasing…”

“Good, very good…” I said with a cold sweat.

Then there are two special races, Dragon Clan and Naga, one is the mysterious race of the ancient era guarding World, and the other is the cursed descendant of ancient Elf. I really can’t think of any way to fool them.

The method we have been using is of course Savior, but this method seems to have no great use for their two races. Huge Dragon does not believe in holy light, does not believe in the moon, does not believe in the elements – specifically, except for the creation of the Titan, they are against any The creatures that can be called gods are not cold, and our “God’s Envoy” status is of no use to them.

“I went with Pandora in person,” Shandora said, thinking, “Huge Dragon is a gang of arrogant guys, perhaps only with absolute overwhelming strength to make them honestly obedient – ​​although this choice is not very good for my original intention But now the situation is special, we don’t have time to waste, and since Huge Dragon calls themselves World Guardian, I believe they should be able to see the truth.”

“As for the Naga, I want to solve this problem more easily. Think about the original egg… cough cough, how is Illi Student’s acceptance of Naga, strong power and a distant hope to be able to come back to the land again, we can Doing better, on strength, just a leader Apostle has the temperament of Illidan, and when it comes back to land – studying a new bioengineering problem should not take up much of the system resources of the Bubbles, if it can be thoroughly Excluding the curse of Naga, perhaps the situation will be even better. The Naga will be handed over to Qianqian and Twin sisters. Time and space are two big heaven defying skills. I guess no one can harm them except the true god. ”

“Finally, it’s the undead,” Shandora said, looking at Anveena, who was standing behind me as a tea girl. “It’s natural to rely on our only undead partner to communicate with the undead, and the Forsaken is handed over to Anveena. Now, given that a certain illuminator is completely inseparable from A’Jun, A’Jun, you will go to Undercity with Anveena.”

So, is it purely because I have no place to put it as a gift and Anveena bundled?

At this moment, in the smile of Lin Xue’s gloating, I am full of cows…

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