Xiling Empire Chapter 190

Chapter 190, Tirisfal Glades

The sky is covered with haze, and the thick clouds mixed with the smog are as thick as the ink that cannot be opened. The white sun is unable to penetrate the cloud, which is so thick that it can only Leave a fuzzy white glow on the sky to prove its existence, the trees around it are in a pathological posture, the power of the plague soaks their branches, from the roots and every gap in the leaves Dyeing their bodies, the large gray-green decay plaques covered with taupe trunks are shocking. However, these plants are still struggling to survive, drawing the last trace from the land and air that is already full of plague. The nutrients that can survive, the dry and deformed branches are also struggling to reach the sky, seemingly trying to grab the last rays of sunlight above. Under these trees, which are still unclear as living plants or “dead”, are rotten and degraded. The dark soil is not a fertile expression here, but a sign of corruption. It was filled with living things. The earth is now the breeding ground of the plague. The soil bonds and solidifies into pieces of black granules. During this period, the odor is faint and disgusting, which is disgusting.

Here is the ruins of Tirisfal Glades, after the undead raging, the plague, a broken land that has been forgotten by the living.


In the game, walking into Tirisfal and standing on the ground in this rotten and dead land is totally different. Now my mood is suppressed to the extreme.

“Call–” I breathed a sigh of relief, excluding the depression in my heart, and immediately frowned.

“cough cough…the air pollution in this place is really serious…”

“But the master, I don’t feel it…”

Anveena, who followed me, took me a deep breath and asked in confusion.

Nonsense, you are the undead, don’t say that you have no breathing at all, that is, have breathing, do you still hate the death atmosphere here?

As Jaina and I said before, this completely eroded place is full of plague energy. The air, water and soil are full of natural disaster viruses. There is no doubt that these things contain cursing energy for any living being. It is harmful. Although these plague energies have been unable to turn people into slaves of the Scourge because of the sudden weakening of the Lich King’s power, they still have the ability to get sick. A healthy ordinary person can enter without any precautions. In the plague area, within a month, the disease will be dying, and the Mage and soldiers who are stronger than ordinary people can resist these weakened viruses, but they will never feel good.

As for me, due to the powerful mental power barrier and the modified body that is almost intoxicated, it is of course possible to ignore these plague energies, but the smell of the stench after the corruption in the air in this place is not acceptable. To be exact, because the sense of smell is more sensitive than ordinary people… cough cough, you understand, I donโ€™t explain…

This situation is a bit beyond my expectations, because according to the impression I left in the game, it seems that even the place like the Eastern Plaguelands, I have never heard of the debuff that will automatically drop blood after entering the trumpet… …oh, okay, I admit, it seems that this time I am a bit of a mistake to confuse the game with reality…

In fact, it is right to think about it. After all, it is a place where the plague virus has been raging for several years. Now the virus has not been completely purified. Of course, it is impossible to traverse the plague zone without blaming the first level as in the game. Similar examples Think about the possibility of living in a nuclear explosion area as an ordinary person…

Oh, itโ€™s no wonder that the Forsakens have a hard time finding an ally, and they are rushing to the severity of this air pollution. If you want to establish a relationship with them, you have to make a big decision Oh!

While enduring the smell in the air, I complained: “Hey, I know that the plague area is like this. I really shouldnโ€™t make this damn ‘Tirisi method tour’. I stayed in the transport ship. Itโ€™s comfortable… Iโ€™ve listened to Lin Xueโ€™s sorrowful temptation โ€“ relying on it! She is Prophet, she should have known the situation before, and she was played by the guy!โ€

Anveena looked at the owner next to her with sympathetic eyes, and she sighed in her heart: Hey, why is this problem always happening to the owner?

“Voice – can’t stand it!” I yelled, then sat down and started to rummaging. “The communicator is in a squatting place. The warship should not be far away… This is ๅ•ฅ? Hug bear, candy cake , villain, tangram, trojan, Doll… halo, how are these things in my space…”

Career stay at home dad…

Anveena was sulking in the heart.

“Forget it, anyway, it’s coming soon, so don’t bother those big soldiers,” I turned out a gas mask and coming from the words. “Use this to make it happen – there is a chance to find a way to purify near Tirisfal.” The plague energy, anyway, the Forsakens are also very troublesome about these things, just help Sylvanas a little busy.”

I think I must be funny with a gas mask, because even Anveena, the most obedient little maid, now shows a smirk to a nearly distorted face.

If the mental power barrier can block the smell, it is a pity that, at my current level, I can’t do such precise control. Well, it’s ugly. If I smell it again, I’m afraid I have to spit it all the way. Going to the Undercity…

“Master, can these plagues really purify?” Looking at the scene of the surrounding corruption, Anveena suddenly said.

Anyway, here is her hometown.

“Although it is a bit of a hassle, it is not difficult to solve it.”

Although it is said, but it really needs to be done, it is more complicated than I said…

A few days ago, we analyzed the World Undead Plague and achieved great results: we successfully separated the source of the plague from the wreckage of the undead creature, a virus-like but no living thing. Contaminant.

This argument is very strange, because the virus, although the form of living thing is simple, it is still a kind of living thing. This is Della’s โ€œbasic living thingโ€, but the plague source we separated from the undead creatures Itโ€™s weird, they have all the characteristics of a virus, they can split, grow, and evolve like normal living things, but they donโ€™t have any living thing. There is Della, the learning thing expert, we donโ€™t have to question this. This gives us an obstacle to the original plan of cultivating an antibody to deal with the undead plague – these viruses are “dead” and how can they be killed?

Of course, it is also possible to use more complicated methods, such as using chemical reagents to directly destroy the molecular structure of the plague virus. Although this method is more technically difficult, it is not for Xiling scientists whose science and technology levels have reached the precise control of quarks. What is the problem, but there is still a problem in doing this – Azeroth World’s plague virus does not simply rely on its biochemical properties to turn the creature into a dead soul, and there is still the power of Magic in that thing…

This is very strange. A bunch of simple viruses contain the power of Magic. This situation is only possible with Azeroth, a World full of Magic power. This fact makes the mortal plague and the biohazard t I was amazed at the fact that the virus was almost the same thing, and it also made the Bubbles and a bunch of researchers who had begun to study the virus samples with full confidence to hate the teeth: with the power of Magic, then signify even through science and The means of technology destroys the ontology of the plague virus. The energy carried by these viruses that can turn a creature into a dead soul is not necessarily eliminated. Therefore, it is impossible to eliminate the plague simply by science and technology!

Hey, the natural disaster of the undead is not a biohazard. In fact, we can accept it…

Since the plague virus carries the power of the undead Magic, it is unlikely that we will try to purify the plague through science and technology. The rest, it is necessary to see what Alaya has to do – this is really a very depressing situation. A large part of the original Xiling Apostle belongs to the individual who masters the mysterious and unknown power, but due to the imbalance of population distribution, Apostle who masters the power of science and technology and Apostle who masters the mysterious power are usually used to separate and gather, which leads me to In this part of the Apostle, there is only one Alaya in the Apostle who is mastering the power of Magic. Now, when I encounter this kind of plague that I can’t solve with science and technology, it really makes me big.

However, there must be a road to the mountain. The trouble of the plague virus should not help the Xiling Apostle with the ultimate vivilization. At any time, Azeroth World is also the hometown of Anveena’s. It is still very helpful to help me.

I walked with Anveena with all my heart. With the help of satellite positioning system, we don’t worry about getting lost, but not getting lost doesn’t mean there is no other trouble…


A hoarse drink suddenly came from the side.

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