Xiling Empire Chapter 196

Chapter 196 is an attractive guarantee

With the slow opening of an exceptional wing behind Anveena, Sylvanas’s icy face finally showed a complex expression.

Shocked, vigilant, uneasy, and the calmness of the strong work, this kind of expression mixed together, I can not help but sigh that even the undead creatures that have lost their vitality can actually make such a rich expression…

In the face of an angel that can be called a natural enemy (although Anveena is not a true Angel, but an Angel apprentice who has just begun to contact the sacredology, but Sylvanas has never seen a true Angel, naturally can not tell), Sylvanas does not As I expected, I immediately called in the guards outside, but in a still calm tone: “It turns out… I have had a feeling of uneasiness since I heard the news of God’s Envoy, so today is The so-called Judgment Day? Are you coming to purify the undead creatures on this World?”

Have you misunderstood? What are you absolutely wrong with!

However, I admire Sylvanas’s calm at the moment. As an undead, Anveena in the face of Angel still maintains such calmness. She has to say that she is a very good leader. At least this calm is not I can compare it.

“I think you misunderstood something,” although it is a very rewarding thing to scare me a little bit, but it is still important to do something right now. “If I regard you as an enemy, now you are not facing two.” A special envoy, but a whole army. In fact, I and Anveena came here not to promote the justice of holy light, but to invite the forgotten to join our army.”

At this moment, Sylvanas is shocked…

What? Inviting the Forsaken to join Angel’s army? ! Is this World crazy?

Even more insane is that this sentence is actually from the mouth of God’s Envoy! This is crazy! This is just like a billionaire who invites an unknown singer on the roadside to create a better future together!

Under my explosive remarks, Sylvanas kept the posture of standing still for a long time without any movement. Anveena finally couldn’t hold it after playing a few minutes of large searchlights, and it was not much to dissipate himself. The divine power, and then strange strangely went forward and smashed twice in the Greek mm.

“Master, petrified yeah ~~~”

The above scenes are purely in my brain, please choose your own forgotten…

After a full ten seconds, Sylvanas seemed to finally confirm what he had heard, a pair of red eyes with a full shock and looking at me.

“You are surprised?” I said with a smile.

“I shouldn’t be surprised? Anyway, the news you told me is beyond common sense,” Sylvanas said. I noticed that she used the honor of “you” in her address. It seems that she has already believed in our identity. In the face of Holy Light’s Angel Anveena, an earthling that has received science education from a young age may be slightly questioned, but for a standard Azeroth resident like Sylvanas, she would not doubt the other’s identity.

“Don’t use your common sense to measure our point of view. For our Apostle, undead creatures and any other species are equal. Justice or evil only applies to individual individuals. It is foolish to label the whole race with good and evil. Extreme.”

For me, Sylvanas showed a moment of sluggishness, then an unexpected surprise, the frost mask that had to be kept in front of others for a long time no longer existed at the moment, she showed her innermost unreserved face on her face. .


It turns out that in the eyes of God, the undead is not synonymous with evil!

Since Alsace became an undead creature in the battle to defend the Silvermoon City, Sylvanas felt for the first time that the original coming from his own is not really a trace of light, leading a forgotten person. The race, which was rejected by all the souls of the whole world, struggled to survive in the cracks, and fought alone on both sides of the Scourge and the Scarlet Crusade. Sylvanas almost forgot what the word “hope” meant, even though she never despaired, but now She suddenly felt that she and the people she led did not only face the endless dark future!

If the character changes a little, Sylvanas is an earthling that doesn’t have any feelings about the gods. Maybe my words won’t have much impact on her, but she is an Elf growing up in Magic World. Next, “God’s Envoy” told her that the undead is not a creature that is disgusted by the gods, so that a simple single sentence will definitely magnify countless times for her touch!

What’s more important is the sentence behind me. “It’s a stupid thing to label the whole race with good and evil.” This sentence is the biggest touch to her. For a long time, the forgotten people have been the majority of this World. Labeled with evil and filth, regardless of whether the other party is guilty, the so-called holy light messengers can not hesitate to kill an innocent undead, but also the name: purification, this treatment, who can accept?

If my sentence is spoken from an ordinary population, Sylvanas is happy at most, but from the mouth of “God’s Envoy”, this meaning is very different. This is an approval, the most in the world. Precious recognition!

Although it seems to me that there is no special meaning in the sentence just to tell the truth…

โ€œCalm down?โ€ I looked at the other’s eyes and finally calmed down, so I smiled and said, โ€œIs it possible to discuss the business?โ€

Sylvanas flashed a glimpse of imperceptible cockroaches and nodded.

“In fact, we came to this remote World this time to eliminate a very dangerous force that has destroyed tens of thousands of Worlds that are even stronger than Azeroth. If you don’t stop it, I am afraid there will be One day, all the creatures have to be destroyed by this power, and your World is also in the erosion of this power – the Burning Legion, the Demon is the twisted race produced by this force, and now, As this power grows stronger, Demon race is also undergoing a transformation that you can’t imagine…”

I’ve outlined the recent Demon squads that have appeared around the world and the reasons they are affected by Abyss power variability. Of course, there are some things that are not suitable for publication, I still keep it, such as what Abyss power can horrify. Degree – such things are not at all Azeroth indigenous people can deal with, saying that going out is also an increase in Sylvanas’s worries.

Knowing such a grim situation, Sylvanas is more calm than I thought. Perhaps it is already used to a similar situation in this devastated World. She is completely devoid of the fact that the Burning Legion is already stronger and will return at any time. Arrived, but calmly asked: “In other words, you and your army came to this World, just to destroy the Burning Legion and the kind of Abyss power that led Demon race behind it?”

โ€œYes, itโ€™s our mission to destroy Abyss power, but the strength of this Worldโ€™s abyss is beyond our expectations. Even without the help of the Apostle, even the Apostle army canโ€™t fight the increasingly powerful Demon. So we have to organize a more powerful legion, a powerful coalition that brings the entire Azeroth together to fight the Burning Legion. We have sent the messenger to every Azeroth every standard wisdom race, just like coming to you. The two of us are the same – the Angel feather you just saw is our token, not only to prove our identity, but also to prove the addition of this Salvation Army. If you agree to join, I will lift it. The seal on the feather.”

I took the big feather from the inner edge of the wing of Alaya from Anveena, and my heart flashed again the tearful picture of Angel’s sister. Little Bubbles is really small, the little girl who volunteered is a big one. Put it, then Angel sister still has tears in his eyes to paint a circle of enthusiasm… grace, hard work, high effort…

“I am willing to join,” Sylvanas promised more than I thought, saving me a lot of words. “The account between us and the Burning Legion is not a two-stroke, but I must ask for this matter. My people’s opinions, after all joined the Salvation Army, signify that we will have to fight alongside those like Paladin – even me, making such a decision is difficult, I hope you understand.”

“Of course I can understand that your deep righteousness has surprised me a lot. It took me a lot of effort to persuade a Paladin to accept the undead allies. Didn’t expect you to promise so much.”

“Hate and battle… I am tired of it. The forgotten is the undead, not the grievance. If it is not the blind hatred of Human Race, we don’t want to have so many battles…”

Sylvanas said this, and his heart is also deeply helpless. No one likes war. Especially after being ruled by the Lich Kingโ€™s iron fist, it has been used as a tool of war for many years. Although there are also undead souls, there are many Forgotten people only want to be able to survive quietly and freely. Even if they are revenge, they just use the Burning Legion behind the Lich King and the Lich King as the target of revenge, but Human Race and other races blindly suppress them but force them. The forgotten people who could have become allies have to fight up…

This is just that the Forsaken has just become independent. If this confrontation continues, I am afraid that the entire Forsaken race will become an avenger who hates all living beings. That is not the original intention of Sylvanas.

I also thought of this, the long-term confrontation will change the overall attitude of a race. For the time being, the forgotten peopleโ€™s hatred of the creatures is not as serious as I imagined, at least compared to the hatred of Human Race. It’s much lighter, but I’m afraid it won’t be long before the conflict between the Forsaken and the Human Race will be completely irreparable as in the game…

“We will correct this mistake,” I said, looking at the thoughtful Sylvanas. “It is also an opportunity to join the Salvation Army. Perhaps in the process of uniting against the Burning Legion, the Forsaken will gradually be accepted by other races, if There are still some races obsessed with the words… Iโ€™m afraid we really have to exercise some of Godโ€™s power!โ€

I believe that this is definitely a tempting guarantee. Unless it is a madman, no one is willing to be treated as an enemy forever by the whole World, an opportunity to survive on an equal footing with all races. Sylvanas has no reason to give up.

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