Xiling Empire Chapter 199

Chapter 199, you see, this is very simple

This is a sad story, and in fact, almost every forgotten person will always have such a similar and heart-rending experience. It is one of the most painful things in the world, and the undead creatures. The complicated situation in which this kind of death is not necessarily finished is to make the simple death of a simple moment to a thousand times and a hundred turns. It is far more than a story of the undead. Sadness is even more impressive, such as Lolita in Dalong County, such as ghosts, such as the sad father Zakken and his daughter, such as the Simon official and … this is not counted.

I don’t know why, when I mention the loyal love story, I will think of the great glory of the West Gate official. This is really a very strange thing.

There are too many unfortunate things in this World. Although we call it Savior, Savior also needs public holidays and private life. It is impossible for us to save every unfortunate person. Angels with the top aperture on their heads have no such ability. Like Alaya, it is a master who waits for others to save in a variety of troubles.

But then again, those who we didn’t meet or have no ability to save are left to say, but if we meet and have the ability to help, it doesn’t matter if it’s left. It’s not a problem of innocent people, but a matter of conscience and nature. It’s like finding a driver fighting a gangster on a bus and dozens of big men standing on the side watching is a nature. I wish all things in the world are not good. The onlookers who have been hung up high will become the ones who will be onlookers next time.

I always thought that the road was not flat, and it was quite a trivial matter to continue to turn around. But now I sadly found that we have no courage to smash a scorpion – it is better than a slap.

Ok, it’s far away.

In fact, what I want to say is that since I have this ability now, the situation of the Forsaken is slightly better, if it is because of the psychology of “They are not me, why should I be nosy?” I really can’t go through it. Through these two days of contact, I have a bit of a good impression on these undead creatures. I can help, or help me, not to mention the relationship between Anveena and… …

Listen, this has nothing to do with the good feelings of improving the Greek mm! ! !

It is said that a good leader should be the type that does not do things but tells the subordinates what to do. I feel that I am a good leader, because I told the plan of “the dark city to send warmth” in the first place. Sivis, who is far away from Theramore, let the responsible Sister Commander have a headache, and then I and Anveena continue to sneak in the dark city without a heart.

Three days passed quickly, and everything was not unexpected. Although the Forsaken had a very democratic voting system, Sylvanas’s will still largely represent the idea of ​​the entire undead kingdom, so it was so smooth. The forgotten person was on our warship.

In fact, I still almost said a thief boat.

Sylvanas told me the news that night, I contacted the action groups who dig the feet in the major capitals, ready to exchange information to show off the progress of their own side.

“A very sensible choice,” Shandora said of the decision of the Forsaken. “They just chose the option that is most beneficial to them. In fact, according to what you described, the situation of the Forsaken is really bad. I’m afraid they’ve already At the point where you don’t care what you lose, finding an ally is definitely a godsend for them. However, A’Jun, you still have to pay attention. I am afraid that many of those undead have been blinded by hatred. In addition to revenge for the living, they estimate that they have not considered anything, and the remaining estimates are only for the Salvation Army, which is only for the purpose of obtaining greater benefits and achieving their own goals. We can also fight for the latter. As for the former… it’s good to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

“This is of course,” I nodded. “In fact, even without my shot, Sylvanas has already begun to clear such unrest factors in advance. It seems that she really made up her mind, or it may be forced by the situation.” Put all the hope on our body, the World’s Lich King is a waste of firewood, but those bloody crusaders can be more powerful – say, how is your progress over there? Sivis, your side There is a foundation laid by Jaina, you will say first.”

“I’m going well here,” Sivis replied meticulously. “Jaina and Thrall’s efforts are still very effective. Even though Beastman and Human Race have deep grievances, under the revelation of ‘miracle’, Beastman should have nothing. problem.”

“Della is also very smooth here!” A whispering voice suddenly inserted into the spiritual connection. From this voice, I can almost directly see the little things while fluttering the wings and happily screaming in the air. , Della’s sound is always so to be full of picture.

“Dark Elf has been fixed by you?” I have a faint smile on my face, no matter how many headaches happen, as long as this little thing is always happy, it seems that our mood will always help to relax, from From this point of view, in a good adventure team, a heartless pistachio is always indispensable.

We are excellent to be horrible, because at least half of us are heartless.

“This lady and Della are out of the horse, of course, it is a success.” Needless to say, this is Young Lady Lin. “It’s you, it seems that I was really a little bit of you before. I thought you must have a leisurely sway in the dark city. Half a year and then wait for us to rescue, didn’t expect you get it so quickly.”

Well, the words Lin Xue’s “Live” are really surprisingly true.

“It’s my turn to be my turn,” Qianqian’s voice suddenly inserted strongly, with a series of suspicious blisters, “A’Jun, guess what I found on the sea floor? Pearl Oh! Coral Oh! Big night pearl Oh ! “

… I seriously doubt if this girl is forgetting what she is doing.

“Qianqian, you won’t be fishing on the bottom of the sea for two days?”

“No, I went to the palace of Azshara by the way…”


“Just kidding,” Qianqian suddenly smirked. “The family is rich now, and I can’t see that.”

I have reservations about this. I have to know that at the beginning, I have combined with the Shantou to cover the upper deck of the faith level and then rent it at a low price. It’s hard to imagine that the three cents in the bone marrow are all small people who can rise to the small people. To what point.

Anyway, the situation in Qianqian seems to be OK, although those Naga have been a little claustrophic because of their perennial isolation (the medical term I created was devastated by Young Lady Lin), but given by Qianqian Under the influence of the two super cakes that they painted “returning to the land” and “eliminating the curse”, the Nagars obviously tilted toward us.

Afterwards, I realized that Qianqian not only gave the fish tail two big cakes, Twin secretly told me that many of Naga had adopted a non-violent and uncooperative attitude. As a result, Qianqian was nearly 10,000 in the anger. The most powerful Royal Guard of the Canadians returned to the public as a small fry, which is the most critical reason for the Naga to move closer to the great Salvation Army.

As for the part that my sister and Alaya are responsible for, it seems to be much easier than all of us. Bright Angel, God’s Battleship, and even my sister used Hologram to project a grand god, so many heavy bombs. On the head of the Human Race ruler that follows the holy light, the result is simply a suspense. Even the fact that it is the biggest obstacle to the formation of a coalition with the undead creatures has been easily revealed. Of course, involving undead creatures, The voice of opposition is definitely there, but after Alaya almost completely copied the most powerful debate in the history that I used to fool Anthony, all the objections were anti-Human Race’s big sin~~

In the end, all of us are quiet, leaving the right to speak to the combination of Shandora and Pandora that have not yet been reported. I am quite curious, this is the ultimate violent sister flower that can almost be called our fighting strength. How many surprises I bring, one is the slayer who can enslave all the creatures in the city in an instant, and this stalwart can also get the horror close combat ability to fight boxing with the abyss creatures after the transformation, the other one can be a scorpion Boasting the super Loli of the Himalayas, and this Loli also has the violent power attribute that is completely opposite to her sweet appearance, so that the two mobile Empire Army fireworks together, regardless of the sparks, can be estimated to give Dragon Clan Explosively want to die.

“Dragon Clan is not bad,” Shandora started with a seemingly praise. According to the theory of giving a sweet date to a sweet date, since Shandora gave such a sweet date, there is no doubt that the next one is a bad one. The mace is awesome. “It’s a little stubborn, and it’s quite arrogant. They are sincerely protecting this World, but the attitude of ‘I am Savior, mortal should be honest for us to save’. I was very dissatisfied with the little girl, so we grabbed the big guys in Dragon Clan with blitzkrieg. Now Pandora picks one out of it every six hours, and I guess they will know who’s big. It is.”

I wiped the cold sweat on my head. “You can be careful, Dragon Clan’s strength is not small, they really have to work hard, you can be unlucky.”

“Hah, nothing is all right,” Shandora carefree said. “If all Dragon Clan came to us, I am afraid that I and Little Girl really have to run, but I have used mental intervention to cut off the contact between those hapless. If you deal with it separately, the big lizard and the small Pandora are still not in the eye.”

I knew that letting Pandora, the violent madman and Shandora, be such a helper, is definitely the result…

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