Xiling Empire Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Dangerous Awakening (This chapter is free)

The onlookers are clearly divided into two dials, one of which is the Students I meet every day at school. They are looking at the middle of the circle with a look of anger, and the other is the coming from the few here. Canglan Private High School’s noble students, their expressions are much richer, with a look of good looks, a look of disdain, and a few seemingly indignant, but everyone did not mean to go forward.

There was a considerable gap between the two people, so that I could effortlessly see what was going on inside.

The first thing that catches your eye is a youngster with a glamorous look. From the other’s wearing, you can see that the other’s home is quite unusual. At least the suit that I can’t even name is not on our side. Student can afford to stand behind the youngster and look at two students who look like his age. Although the dress is equally extraordinary, from the latter’s charming expression, they can see that they are the front of the wealth family. The Little Brothers, in front of the trio, are standing with a male student with a domineed look. I vaguely remember that the other is a high school student in our school. I decided to name it Soy Sauce.

Obviously, this is a typical deception.

This kind of thing is not common, at least since I came to this school, although it is opposite a well-known aristocratic school, but the school motto is notoriously strict, and these wealth family children Nor is it as impossible as the average person imagines. For these children, good education is an indispensable part of them, but no matter where they are, scum always exists. I am bullying with Little Brother in front of me. The weaker brother is a typical scum.

Regardless of whether the healthy family will be punished by their school after returning, it is now unfortunate that the male student in front of him is unlucky today.

There are a lot of people talking about the surroundings, but no one is coming forward. The male student who is surrounded by the middle obviously thinks about this. He just shrinks his neck and waits quietly for the other person to vent.

Most of our students here don’t dare to touch the other’s mold, this is not a weak thing, the other side is some non-rich and expensive people. For them, it is easy to let ordinary Chinese students disappear from school, and the other’s people are not disdainful of the behavior of the healthy family, but they are not planning to cause trouble for an ordinary student. After all, the arrogant youngster is also the person in their circle.

Didn’t expect, I encountered such an unpleasant thing early in the morning.

“A’Jun,” Qianqian gently pulled my clothes and whispered, “Let’s go, don’t make trouble.”

I bite my teeth, but still nodded, ready to leave.

Things that will happen later can be known without guessing, and a unilateral beating or humiliation can be performed for a reason that is not justified, and then the glamorous youngster will be distorted in the process. As for the unfortunate male student in our school, it is Soy Sauce Student – who will help him?

I am not without compassion, not even without a sense of justice. I am just an ordinary student. I canโ€™t do anything in the face of this situation, and if at this moment is strong, it will not play any role, and it may be Even if I am tired of my sister, those big and important people can let my family and my sister support the collapse as long as they move their fingers.

Just… really unwilling.

Before leaving the crowd, I turned my head again and stared at the healthy family. The latter was insultingly humiliating the male student who was cringing in front of him. From time to time, he looked back and seemed to show off his prestige.

“Scum,” I whispered. “I really want to beat him.”

Everyone didn’t know, just at this same time, a small solar wind broke out on the stars on our heads, and some information belonging to the planet happened to change or big big too too small, I am The idea of โ€‹โ€‹this moment was reinforced many times and then received by a distant world’s no-time communication system.

There seems to be something “click” to sing, of course, in fact I didn’t hear anything, it was just an impression, I felt something was turned on.

A faint sensation came without warning, and the gray-dead Metal World scene that I always dreamed of every night suddenly slipped through my mind, and then a slightly mechanical female voice rang in my heart.

“Accepting External Command … Authority Confirmed … Analyzing Command Pattern … Execute… Target Confirmed, call Long-distance cross-spatial attack system, prepare for tentative attack… Start!”

As the sound in my mind fell, an energy-thick, translucent, energy-like column of the stream fell from the sky and finally disappeared silently at the foot of the healthy family in the middle of the crowd.

But no one seems to notice the light beam. Everyone’s attention is concentrated on a few people in the middle, so that the almost transparent “pillar” is ignored. I couldn’t possibly find such a hidden thing, but I don’t know why, I clearly saw the trajectory of this “stream”.

Then, I found that the place where the “stream” disappeared was originally a small red hole in the ground decorated with pebbles. In the small hole surroundings, the melted ground is slowly flowing into the hole that appears due to vaporization of the ground.

Astonishing destruction power !

The brain took the opportunity in three seconds, and in front of me, the abnormality caused by myself made me feel overwhelmed.

what on earth is it? Supernatural phenomenon? supernatural event? Passing Ultraman practicing shooting? Or did I suddenly have a superpower?

Every explanation is so unbelievable, but the sights in front of me make me have to wonder if I have encountered something quite dramatic.

Maybe it’s just an illusion, I think so, but what happened next made me confirm that the scene in front of me is true.

The arrogant youngster suddenly took a step forward and seemed to be planning to do it himself, but he lifted his foot and stepped on the small piece of magma-covered ground.

After a few seconds, the pig-like horror sounded.

The cloth is quite easy to burn. The ground that is completely melted by the mysterious energy is far more than the burning point of the fabric. After a while, the pants of the youngster burn up. He pats the flame on the trousers in a panic, but that The seemingly expensive trousers seem to be really suitable for fuel. With his slap, the fire has not weakened, but it has become stronger. The people who have surroundings have finally reacted and they have picked up their hands. Drinks, clothes, and half bricks help to put out the fire.

But at the moment, I can’t care about the chaos in front of me.

The sound that followed in my mind made me panic.

“Exploratory attack is done… Recalculate the parameters…Calculations Completed, turn into the official strike mode… The main weapon array starts charging…Charging Secondary Weapons Array…Ready, all battle units are free to fire after ten seconds… Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

No matter what is going on, there is only one thing that can be sure: a certain dangerous thing has been awakened by me, whether it is the wild Ultraman who is coming from m7 or the Megatron who is passing the oil through Earth. Anyway, theoretically here is Soon after, I have to be killed by that kind of energy column.

According to the “exploratory attack” just enough to melt a small piece of ground into magma, the full free attack that arrives ten seconds later will undoubtedly kill everyone here.

“Rely, this thing is not paused!!” I shouted in my heart, but no matter how hard I tried, the wonderful state just did not appear again, and the countdown was still going on without delay.

“A’Jun, what’s wrong with you? How is your face so bad?” Qianqian found the abnormality of the people around him and immediately asked nervously, but I didn’t have time to answer.

Damn it! Damn it! What the hell is that! Why at this moment is not obedient!

“Six, five…”

Cold sweat began to flow down my face.

“four threeโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

โ€œQianqian!โ€ I screamed fiercely, then pulled her up and ran to the peripheryโ€”although I knew it was hard to escape the upcoming comprehensive attack at our speed.

But no matter what, I can’t let Qianqian have an accident for my reasons!

“A’Jun, how…” The young girl was shocked by my sudden movement and couldn’t help but scream.

“Two, one…”

Bastard! I don’t care what you are! Hurry up and stop now!

In the rapid running, I suddenly appeared a small piece of paper in front of my eyes. Before I could see the string of numbers above, I felt a sharp pain in my forehead, and then… there was no more.

The voice of Qianqian panicked passed in ambiguously.

“Critical System Error, external instruction set exception, loss of Highest Authority Permission… Long-distance cross-spatial attack system stopped running…”

By relying on, the advertisements of old Chinese medicine practitioners are posted to the school gate.

This is the last thought before I hit the pole and fainted completely.

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