Xiling Empire Chapter 20

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โ€œAre you related to me?โ€ Qianqian asked in surprise. โ€œWhat is related to me? A’Jun Do you know anything? You can tell me Oh!โ€

I helplessly raise my hands. “Sorry, I don’t want to stare at you, but it’s better if you don’t participate in some things… although it seems that you have been rolled in…”

“Don’t be embarrassed about this guy, let me explain it.” Lin Xue comfortably fell into the seat. “Xu Qianqian, is your father an archeologist?”

“Yes… how do you know?”

โ€œItโ€™s not important, itโ€™s important…โ€ Lin Xue said, taking a piece of paper from a black purse around him and reading: โ€œXu Feng, male, 45, Chinese well-known archeologist scholar, at home A lot of outside… Well, this paragraph is omitted, and finally… In 2010 12 month 1 Day with national geology team Go to Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert to inspect a recently discovered ruin near Niya Ruins, three days later… โ€ฆMissing.”

“What?!” I exclaimed with Qianqian.

“My dad is missing?” Qianqian didn’t believe it. “How come? He used to call home with his family the day before yesterday! Are you scaring me?”

Although Qianqian didn’t believe the news at all, I knew that the news was mostly true. As Lin Xue’s, she didn’t have to lie to us. What I think now is why Uncle Xu is missing, and this time it is missing. The incident can alarm the Esper Organization where Lin Xue is located?

“I don’t have to deceive you, and you said that your father used to call home the day before yesterday, what about yesterday?”

Yesterday, according to Lin Xue, Uncle Xu was missing.

“How could it be…” Qianqian muttered in disbelief, and the growing uneasiness in her heart made her realize that this Lin Xue’s words are true.

“A’Jun, Lin Xue, she is cheating me right? You are familiar with her, you must know what she said is true or false…”

“Sorry… Qianqian, you can rest assured, I must have a way to get Uncle Xu back!”

Upon hearing my answer, Qianqian suddenly squatted on the spot, then slammed into my arms and sobbed up – as the daughter of an archeologist who studied abroad all the year round, Qianqian knew better than anyone else, his father was Missing in the great desert is tantamount to being sentenced to death.

At this moment, I realized that the girl who has always been carefree and nervous in her arms also has a weak side.

In fact, I don’t worry too much about Uncle Xu’s disappearance. It’s not that I don’t care about Uncle Xu’s safety, but because I have full confidence in Xiling Empire’s technology.

As early as Lin Xue announced the disappearance of Uncle Xu at the same time, I ordered the long-haired Empire Commander to send hundreds of small satellites with all-round stealth Force Field into space. The detection capability can even accurately observe how many sets of pancakes are sold in the pancake stalls at the school gate in space, and how many pieces of hair are collected in the money. At the same time, they also have a certain degree of perspectiveability. As well as the energy analysis function, plus a search and rescue organization consisting of a Commander dedicated to search in Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert, I believe that as long as Uncle Xu is still on the Earth, I can save him. come out!

At this time, Lin Xue’s voice came over: “I said that you two, do you need to be so anxious to be intimate? Also, Chen Jun, you are not going to tell Xu Qianqian your identity?”

“I’m the identity of A’Jun?” Hearing the voice of Lin Xue’s, Qianqian came from the lifts the head in my arms, and the eyes were still red.

“It is like this…”

a line

After listening to my story, Qianqian said that he couldnโ€™t accept it completely: “You said, you are Esper?”

I nodded and then pointed to the silent Pandora and said, “And Lily, she is.”

“No… superpower What isn’t it only in the novel?” Qianqian still said something.

I touched Pandora’s arm and motioned to let her confirm it, so the next second Qianqian exclaimed: “Lily, just you…”

Lin Xue saw that Qianqian’s reaction had guessed what happened. She smiled and looked at Pandora, who said nothing. “That is Lily’s ability, thoughts conversation, even I am a little embarrassed.”

Is this awkward? If you let me know that everyone in my 300 will have this kind of ability, what should you look like?

“That, A’Jun, what is your ability? You also have superpower, right?” The sound that suddenly sounded in my mind made Qianqian fully believe in the existence of Esper, and now she is quite curious about what my ability is.

“Probably attackive,” I replied vaguely, summoning the Empire Army to conquer war on a World should be attackable.

“A very powerful attack ability…” Lin Xueโ€™s voice was over, and it seemed that the psychological shadow that the satellite cannon had caused her on that day was not small.

“Great…” This shocking news made Qianqian temporarily let go of Uncle Xu’s disappearance, and she was in the eyes flashing inexplicable radiance, clutching my arm and saying, “didn’t expect you are so powerful.” Why have you never told me before that you have superpower Ah? Have you been holding me since childhood?”

I thought that I had been kept in the dark since I was a child, and Qianqian’s voice could not help but bring a lost tone.

“How come!” I hurriedly comforted. “My ability also appeared not long ago, after Lily recognized it, and Lily’s ability was awakened at that time…”

Lin Xue also inserted in a timely manner: “Well, this situation is imaginable. Under normal circumstances, special feelings between brothers and sisters will become the cause of the arousal of superpower, but this happens more in the twins. Situations like Chen Jun and Lily can be said to be rare.”

Lin Xue, you added too much!

Knowing the identity of our Esper, Qianqian seems to have been less worried about Uncle Xu’s affairs. It seems that in her impression, with these people, everyone will solve it.

“Speaking, Lin Xue, what do you want to take us to Ah? This is out of the suburbs.” I looked out the window and found that the surroundings had become a rather strange wasteland. The shadow of the city has been seen at all. Not enough, didn’t expect we have come so far!

Lin Xue picked up the phone and skillfully dialed a few numbers. It seemed to be texting, and then said: “Of course, it is a faster transportation. You should not think that I am going to drive this broken car all the way. Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert? Or are you planning to buy a train ticket to Xinjiang now?”

“Ah? Let’s go now?” I was shocked by Lin Xue’s resilience. “I haven’t said anything to my sister yet.”

“Me too, I have to talk to my mother? If you have been missing for a few days, your mother will worry about death!”

Lin Xue looked at the two of us, then suddenly took a forehead: “Oh, sorry! I forgot this, can do nothing about it, I have no family since I was a child, I was adopted by the organization, in our organization. People start off as soon as they have a task, and they donโ€™t say goodbye to their family at all…hehe…”

“Yes… it doesn’t matter.” Qianqian didn’t expect the other’s life experience, and some did not know what to say.

“Don’t listen to my Elder Sister,” said the young driver who had been driving without worry before driving. He suddenly spoke up and sounded like Lin Xue’s brother?

“This is my brother, named Lin Feng,” Lin Xue smiled slyly, and then unknowingly taught, “Without your business, drive with peace of mind!”

Lin Feng replied: “Why didn’t I have anything to do, I have to be forgotten by the author if I don’t talk anymore… cough cough, this sentence says, I don’t want to talk anymore, even I have to be thrown into the death of my own death. Inside!”

Seeing that his prank was debunked by his brother, Lin Xue didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. While playing with his mobile phone, he said, “This is the case. I just teased you, but you don’t have to worry that your disappearance will make your family worry about this for a few days. Question, we arranged it early, and sent a message through your school, saying that you went to a foreign teacher-student exchange meeting, and then let one of us who can change their appearance to say hello to your house, everything is done. …ah, itโ€™s over.”

Itโ€™s really… arbitrarily arranged Oh!

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