Xiling Empire Chapter 200

The second hundred chapter variation Demon reproduction

I think that the promotion of Human Race may be competition, and the progress of science may be lazy, but it is absolutely boring to make progress in the entertainment industry.

Well, it is boring.

Not every action group is as smooth as I am here. For example, the Pandora-Shandora violent combination of boxing and Dragon Clan in a corner of World, such as Qianqian, which has been lingering in front of Pearl Coral Night Pearl, such as… … no, for example, the rest seems to be going well.

In short, because of the different developments of the teams, I and Anveena had to stay in this extremely boring and very easy-to-get circle, until the other major races were put into the arms of the Salvation Army and we were able to lead The messenger of the Forsaken went to the meeting in Theramore. According to Lin Xue, this is to form a grand situation in which the Baizu came to the DPRK, and it’s a bit of a sheep’s feeling. ——Young Lady Lin’s rhetoric method, let’s put it aside. I mainly think that this guy is purely asking me for trouble, and I’m a little acquainted with this gimmick to predict the future’s ability. I suddenly felt that I was so boring at the beginning. I am afraid that there is also Young Lady Lin who is behind the scenes. Don’t say anything else. At least, I will be bored after I get to this place. Young Lady Lin must know.

Look, you are running off the subject.

Just now, the key factor in making the entertainment industry progress is boring. This is absolutely based on facts. The most obvious example is that because of the extreme boringness of me and Anveena’s, various entertainment projects in the Undercity have been blossoming all the time, poker football billiards. Taiwan’s Mahjong Pai Gow table tennis, a variety of fun activities like the coming from the tropical winds of Southeast Asia swept the entire underground city, these bone shelves suddenly found that the original life can be more beautiful.

I also suddenly found out that the original coming from the field of playing is so professional, I still think that I am a good student of honesty.

“Pressure can motivate people,” Anveena said, and then grabbed two cards, “To Six!”

“I really don’t know how this World’s entertainment is so poor, except that the banquet is a ballroom, as if all the pleasures are just for the nobility,” I sighed a few words and then found two cards with the same ghost characters. !”

Sylvanas glanced at the poker on the table, then thought for a moment, then placed the last four cards in front of us and said carefully: “This… is it right?”

You see, this World always has a lot of weird things. The most weird thing for Sylvanas is that the powerful God’s Envoy is so approachable and teaches the undead civilians all kinds of entertainment games to pass the time. This is really not like a thing God should do, but the most weird thing for me is that the dark Queen Sylvanas of the great name is now playing poker with me, and the brand’s messy Your Highness the Queen has the ability to The gambling gods are all dying to death, and each of these is a very good situation. It has reached an incredible point. All the basic theories of probability science suddenly became the scum of the ground in the face of Sylvanas’s hand. And eventually it evolved into a small note of my face with Anveena.

After forty-sixth times by Sylvanas, four old k gorgeous spikes, I put the cards that I had barely touched on the table, and I sighed in the sky: “Oh, unfortunately, Wali Marthas is not willing to come, or we will Can make a table of mahjong.”

In fact, I mean, if Walimasas is present, I don’t have to bottom out. The old Demon’s luck is more than a mess, even if it is a gambling, if it is bad by Walimasas. If you are lucky, you will only be able to face the table without words.

It is for this reason that Walis Massas has always been shouldering the burden of being at the bottom of our high-end leader-level table, but was ill-treated by Sylvanas, Anveena and myself. After the game, Rao was the old Demon, and he didn’t dare to go to the table at the table…

In the first few days, we may go out and go back and forth after a boring, although there are no tourist attractions worth visiting in the dark city, but after all, it is the capital of the forgotten, this extremely underground city is a very worthwhile visit. Something, and if I take this as a live version of the haunted house adventure, I can still find a little surprise, but since I finally announced with Anveena’s final identity a few days ago, we have rarely gone out and learned. Our identity, those who are usually able to mingle with us, have naturally changed a lot. The identity of God’s Envoy is not the second fat man who sells plastic jade in all the way, except for our group of people who have no heart. In addition, no one normal person can be indifferent to this identity, regardless of the attitude of the forgotten civilians is fanaticism, awe, or cautious or contradictory. In short, I and Anveena are now impossible to be in the dark city again. Turning between the holes, the rest, only the whole day in Sylvana s Here and Queen adults play poker or mahjong or toss some other gadgets to let the Greeks enrich the boring daily life of the Forsaken.

If there is a big explosive event that can make me relieve the boring, how can I do it, even if I go out and find someone to fight?

It turns out that although I don’t have the same ability as my sister, it seems that my thoughts have a certain curse effect…

Almost as soon as I came up with the idea, a normal Ghost, which was lighter than Anveena, hurried into the hall and stopped in front of Sylvanas, who had just touched a good hand and showed a slight smile. On the Ghost face with insufficient brightness, I clearly read the anxious expression.

Is it too long with Anveena, the weird Ghost together that adjusts its brightness at any time and enjoys lighting and cleaning the room, which has led me to the first reaction after seeing any Ghost creatures is to observe the weird habits of the other’s brightness. ?

“Anna, what happened?”

Sylvanas put down the cards in his hand with a regretful expression and asked with a frown.

This card game, which seems to have “invented”, has caused some subtle changes in the dark Queen of the big name great…

“Her Majesty the Queen, we sent an elite force to suppress the Scarlet Crusade in the hills of the northern Tirisfal Glades, and only one ghost survived.”

I think it is too strange to use “survival” to describe a ghost that has long since died and does not know how many years.

“They met the main force of the Scarlet Crusade?”

The sound of Sylvanas sounded coldly, and the pressure of a superior was inadvertently exhaled. I looked at Sylvanas, who showed the true color of Queen, and suddenly felt that the pile of cards and small notes on the table next to her was too dissonant. This made me wonder why the heads of state 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 一边 —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— What comes out of my mind?

The opposite Ghost heard Sylvanas’s question and immediately whispered and replied: “Your majesty, according to the surviving ghost report, attack them not Human Race, but a group of … suspected Demons.”

“Suspected Demon?”

“Yes, according to the ghost, it is a feature that has a part of Demon on the outside, but the body is more extreme and the battle is different from any Demon race we know. The opponent has only about 30 people. But our 500-seat Soldier was completely wiped out in less than three minutes.”

I looked at Anveena with a glance and read the same message from the other’s eyes.

“God’s Envoy, are those variants that you are talking about?”

I am nodded, my hands are spread out: “If your scouts are not unlucky enough to encounter a bunch of aliens that have passed through, I am afraid it is a variant of Demon.”

Then I patted Anveena’s head, and my face was high-spirited: “Nana, we can finally do something…”

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