Xiling Empire Chapter 203

The consequences of the bombardment of the twentieth satellite cannon

“Ten times…Amaterasu!”

In an unknown corner of a universe, over a certain planet in a bird’s untouched galaxy, an unknown from a distant unknown unknown universe… omitted below… The roar suddenly rang across the sky, and it was so loud that it had already screamed in the distant signal transmission, and when it screamed, the forests and the beasts of the birds were stunned. At the same time, they also woke up. Hanging on the bell tower, the blue illuminator, Gaia stunned his sleepy eyes, and then looked at the planet’s energy load, which was suddenly swelled on the panel floating in front of him. Said in a lazy voice: “Emperor… Want to launch a massacre war?”

After sighing, Gaia continued to hang himself on the bell tower, boringly watching the ten bright spots that loomed in the skyโ€”the Super Space-Time armed forces that were cruising on the star port orbit. The flash of the light – then sighed and lost.

“When can I not run this minor character? Alaya and Pandora’s two little girls have found the reason for the class… I have to find an excuse…”

Ten satellite cannon at the same time What is the sight of the bombardment?

Unfortunately, as the perpetrator of this incident, I did not see it at all, but Anveena, who had already rushed out for two kilometers, completely saw the unprecedented forest arson.

Anveena, who was completely obedient to her own master, rushed toward the distant sky after receiving the order, until a sudden white light came from behind her, and she turned to look at it with horror.

Over the crazy dark black fog, an enormous space gap shattered the sky of Tirisfal’s haze, a black space vortex filled with heart-throbing energy, composed of uncontrolled Psionic Dark purple lightning leaps and rumbling sounds that rang through the sky. In just five seconds, the space gap quickly expanded to the same size as the black fog below.

Along with a low rumbling sound, ten ray of tens of meters of thorny light beam suddenly pierced the darkness of the space vortex, huge energy punching and even dispelled all the clouds within a hundred miles, brilliant sunshine Once rushed out of the filthy sky of Tirisfal, but the next moment, which had just been a few seconds of sunshine, was sent to the mercilessly bento by another super-powerful Light source, at the ten-seat satellite cannon The glory of the glory of the exit.

I saw that the ten dazzling white light formed an annular ring, with the mighty momentum rushing into the black fog on the ground. As an abyss, the black fog itself is of course conscious, a strong crisis Come, it immediately made a rather wise decision: spread!

Yes, instead of focusing on resisting the terrifying satellite rays, it is a mad proliferation. This is also the life-threatening skill of this abyss. Although its power is not calculated in all the abyss, this is simply It is the life-saving skill of Lai Pi, but it has survived smoothly in the cruel abyss. It can turn itself into a burst of black smoke filled with energy. This kind of smoke not only has the effect of engulfing and enslaving the creatures, but also When you are hit hard, you can escape yourself. If it is not completely dispelled, even if there is a trace of smoke, it can be revived in a short time. This is why I and Sylvanas are helpless in the smoke: we There are ways to easily hurt this abyss, but it is difficult to launch an attack range of a few kilometers, and the range of attack can not leave even a square centimeter dead angle. For us, this enemy of Laipi is simply Itโ€™s the defection from the Athena Gate to the Seiya of the Spring Brothers, donโ€™t look at the offensive Not very good, but the fact of resistance and infinite resurrection is too disgusting…

Fortunately, I have a big move…

Although the black smoke smoothly spreads beyond the direct attack range of the satellite ray, the ten-story cannon at the same time gives me a small surpriseโ€”the dense satellite rays are concentrated on one target. The violent energy interference caused these energy beams to produce an amazing explosion. The original scattered white light slowly merged after two seconds and strengthened into a horror light beam with a diameter of half a kilometer. The space in the light beam surroundings Even in the case of wornened distortions, at the nearest two or three meters from the light beam, the space even shattered in a soothing squeak.

Anveena stunned to see this scene, even if she was nervous, she knew that the next moment would have an unexpected surprise, and immediately the hair was erected. Under such a big crisis, she would only All the remaining sacred forces broke out and began to fly to the distance.

“Oh… master… you must wait a moment again…”

The exclamation of an unidentified illuminator panicked through the sky.

After a few seconds, when our searchlight lady finally left a relatively safe position, the horror light beam that had reached its limit because of energy interference finally broke out.

There was no deafening explosion, no shaking of the earth, and the light beam was silently turned into a white halo. Under the halo, the solid earth turned into a magma at an alarming rate like the ice in the stove. And then evaporate.

Ten seconds later, the rumbling sound of the rumble finally came from the point of energy explosion. It was the sound of the boiling magma in the process of rapid evaporation. As for the unfortunate abyss with bug skills, it has already been gloriously transformed. Part of the Azeroth atmosphere.

The anti-aircraft guns hit the mosquitoes, which is absolutely in line with this battle. To deal with an abyss that theoretically can be spiked by the leader Xiling Apostle, I have to use the horrible ten-seat satellite cannon, even relying on the energy generated by the ten satellite cannons. The reaction just happened to destroy the enemy. The waste of fire during this period will definitely make Pandora’s Lolita, who is self-satisfied by the war, give me a forty-eight hours of basic fire control education.

Ten satellites cannon… Itโ€™s a waste to flatten a large and medium-sized city, but itโ€™s used by me to deal with a black egg with no fists after compression. This proves that sometimes, even if you donโ€™t have strong power. As long as you have a metamorphosis skill is enough to change the situation, it is like a 20-level Paladin with an eggshell enamel stone enough to make the 70th-level elite gnash your teeth, but this has an almost undead skill abyss. Still evaporating, this also shows that even if you have the skills of heaven defying, when the strength of the enemy has reached the point where the ghosts are shocked, you will have to tragedy sooner or later, as if you opened the eggshell and the hearthstone. When the opposite side suddenly came a hundred priests to dispel the same as the drug, it is called a cow.

So, life, always so full of variables…

I know that I have been sighing for too long, I have already sighed to the point of almost nonsense, but…

Who his mother told me how to charge from a dozen kilometers of magma to the opposite land Oh!

This is really a tragedy. The interference of energy generated between the satellite rays is something I didn’t expect. The power of the laser beam that has been enhanced by dozens of times has destroyed a lot of my layout in less than ten seconds. Defensive equipment, when the black smoke on the top of the head finally dissipated, I saw the horror of the white light that melted me and the ground near Sylvanas.

Itโ€™s said that the Human Race will have unparalleled potential in a desperate situation. This sentence is really right, I broke out. I actually created a void channel based on my mental power, and guided a lot of initials from the Endless Void. Energy annihilated the next energy storm, although the remaining energy storm only lasted for less than five seconds, but it was the most horrible five seconds. Now, Brother can proudly announce that he is hard to resist. The armed forces of the armed forces!

This is still a conservative estimate. In the final energy burst, the power is more than ten armed forces satellites!

But – you see, this is to be full of dramatic words – looks like the void barrier I just realized (this name is OK?) Consumption is a bit too big, plus just connected with ten satellite cannon Consumption, control of the consumption of the defense system, and the consumption of the mental power barrier before the appearance of the void barrier. Now my mental power seems to have bottomed out… I really bottomed out, even open the portable space to find a There is no balance in the rocket backpack, let alone cross over this piece of magma that is conservatively estimated to be more than ten kilometers wide…

If it is not the quality of the body, I am afraid that I can stick to the high temperature of the four surroundings and the toxic rock steam is a problem.

“This day is very hot, ha…” I rubbed the sweat on my forehead and smiled at the next Highness the Queen.

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