Xiling Empire Chapter 204

The second hundred and four chapters were attacked.

I think Ximm is now scared.

Well, this is normal. If you change it to someone, in just a few ten seconds, you will be trapped in black fog, then the sky will burst like energy bombing, and then it will be a hundred times more magma than the tsunami. Finally, I came back and found that I was trapped in the nearly 1,000 square kilometers of magma. The deadly high temperature and the rock steam enough to make any normal creature that would gasp, the Sylvanas is just a calm It is.

For a long time, Sylvanas only came back a little, and then asked in a near-collapsed look and tone: “God’s Envoy… You just won’t be a curse directly on our heads?”

Can the calm dark Queen reveal such a tangled expression, should I sign myself a name?

“This… obviously…”

I pointed a little bit to the lava lake around my body, and my heart was so depressed. I was trapped by my own big tricks.

“cough cough, what, Sylvanas, your cloak seems to have smoked…”

Ok, I admit, I regret it when I say this sentence. If I am reminded later, maybe I can still see the picture of the glory of the spring. I have sinned, with Qianqian and Shandora. Baby, this kind of thought must be ruined in the bud of the stage with the full torture of the Qing Dynasty.

Under my reminder, Sylvanas quickly tightened the cloak that accidentally touched the magma, but compared to this little detail, our situation is really not very optimistic, and the surrounding magma is still too early to cool. Very, and this small piece of ground under our feet can’t last long. I want to swim over a magma lake of more than ten kilometers?

…Do you think it is more efficient to give your own temple a peanut?

β€œGod’s Envoy, what should I do now?”

Looking at my dazedness at the foot, Sylvanas couldn’t help but be anxious. Facing the surrounding scene of helling, Queen is now completely convinced of the infinite power of God’s Envoy, naturally putting all the hope on me, so When she saw that I had been talking for a long time, she was still anxious.

At this moment, my mental power recovered less than one percent, and even Anveena could not help…

Under normal circumstances, my mental power recovery speed is not so slow, because of the special properties that can be resonance with almost any form of energy and used as my own, my mental power recovery speed can not be described as an instant supplement. But this time the consumption is too thorough. I don’t even have the power to open the portable space. The other power of assimilation surroundings to supplement the mental power consumes nothing, so the recovery speed of mental power. Naturally, it is a lot slower. It can be said that now I have almost no difference from a normal person except the body of the main battle tank, and we all know that the main battle tank is also open. More than ten kilometers of lava lake…

“the host!”

Just as I was a little bit overwhelmed, a voice of heaven suddenly came from our sky.

Anveena, you are my savior! You are Angel, you are genuine Angel Oh!

I lifts the head, and my heart is already full of cows.

Anveena fluttered with the wings of the ennormous landing in front of us.

Well, in a sense, this little Ghost is now a genuine Angel.

“Master, are you okay?”

As soon as Anveena landed, she immediately put away the wings behind her. The sacred energy on her body was not much. This time, she used her sacred energy continuously and beyond, if not from the angel feather within the body. In the core of emergency charging, I am afraid that she was already tragedy when the satellite cannon exploded. Now even the Angel feather with the body is nearly exhausted, she naturally saves energy as much as possible.

Without the aid of the wing, Anveena can fly, but it is impossible to fly with two people, but I did not intend to let a girl fly with us two such large people over a lava lake over a dozen kilometers wide. The idea is that she should have a means of transportation in her carry-on space?

Although I usually only saw this hoe stuffed into a pile of rags, pots, pots and pans, etc.

Fortunately, Anveena’s carry-on space in the portable space is said to be due to the maiden’s code that the gimmick did not know where to inherit it. As a qualified maid, it must be as small as a needle. Self-propelled artillery, such a master must be ready to go home, so it is too normal to put one or two armed forces in the portable space.

What I want to say is, what kind of maid code would have such a rule Ah? Do you confirm that this is the Maid Code of Conduct and not the Empire Soldier Code of Conduct for a war Loli? Do you confirm that your goal in life is to become a qualified maid rather than a terminator of a shoulder-shoulder rocket gun?

In addition, who will take things like self-propelled artillery as a must-have for ordinary home travel Ah?!

The above is when I heard Anveena explain why she would hide an armed forces transport boat under the 1,200 mop.

Well, Anveena’s head in the brain is to be full of the maids that make people stunned. It’s her own business. We won’t pursue it. At least with the transport boat, I don’t have to swim naked in the magma. This is a good thing. .

Sylvanas showed considerable curiosity and envy for the Xiling boat, a high-scientific and technology product that has clearly exceeded the Azeroth civilization for decades. As a leader, she realized that such a speed is extremely fast. And what kind of meaning can be the military transport that can be put into combat for the war, but I have rationally chosen silence for her endless problems with this magical tool. This kind of thing belongs to military secrets. Azeroth’s current level of science and technology can’t master such cutting-edge technology, and more importantly…

Cough cough… I don’t understand those questions…

Smile and laugh? ! Do you still have to eat eggs or you have to be born?

Just when I was thinking about it… Well, when I thought about what the signing of the attack by the abyss was, what happened in the depths of my mind suddenly came a very familiar mental fluctuation: “A’Jun, A’Jun, you can you hear me?”

“Qianqian? What’s wrong, so anxious?”

“Great, finally got in touch. Just now we suddenly lost your contact… A’Jun, how are you? No injuries?”

Qianqian’s words suddenly made me nervous, and hurriedly asked: “What happened to Qianqian, you also got an attack?”

The answer to me was the sudden insertion of Shandora: “Sure enough, each of us has an attack.”

Qianqian took the call: “But only A’Jun you have lost contact here, we are all worried about death! If Lin Xue can confirm your safety, we…”

At this time, I finally realized that it was just when I and Sylvanas were besieged by the abyss that had almost immortality, except for Sivis who stayed in contact with Theramore and Beastman, all the actions that went to meet with the leaders of the major races. The group was also attacked at the same time, and the way of the attack was strikingly similar: a small unit patrolled or stationed in a remote location was completely destroyed, and then only one survivor came back to report the intelligence of the variant Demon, and then Then he was transferred from the mountains and was attacked by the abyss in the wild…

The only difference is that, besides our side, at least one person in each group has doubts about the only “survivor”. In other words, they are all counting, and I am really on the ground… …

This is really a tearful fact.

Fortunately, although they were all attacked, the enemy apparently made a mistake in estimating our strength. Except for a small bean hopper that won the victory, it was smugly fluttering in the air and no one was injured. I am here only temporarily lost contact with them because of the interference of satellite cannon. It is a false alarm.

Things seem to have become a bit interesting.

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