Xiling Empire Chapter 206

Chapter 206 begins the game

My intention to disassemble Pandora was ruthlessly swayed by all parties, including the usual obedient Pandora, who launched a dissatisfied head attack on me.

I held down Pandora’s head that bumped into my stomach, and squatted on the soft face of the latter. I smiled and said, “I am joking, but then, you really Is it okay?”

Pandora shook his head red and faintly said, “I am fine.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Shandora saw Pandora showing a shy look. He couldn’t help but play with it. He couldn’t help but slap me one hand, and then I squatted with someone who was already slamming. Iceberg Loli’s face, “Pandora has just self-examined before you came back. It doesn’t necessarily need to be overhauled for a hundred thousand years with this performance indicator. As for her, there will be an abnormal situation like distraction… Maybe we are The little Pandora is finally going to grow up…”

Pandora: “…a long man…”

Me: “…you don’t care about this guy who is already off the line.”

Lin Xue: “The body structure of your leader machines is similar to earthling. It seems like a machine…”

Pandora’s is just a small episode. After some laughter, we still have something to do. Sivis has sorted out all the information collected so far, and prepared the meeting room, screaming at Lin Xue. In the meeting, the women’s army finally got serious and walked to the faith-level conference room.

By convention, the main speaker of the conference is still Shandora, and Lin Xue is playing the role of the messenger as usual. I and Qianqian continue to listen honestly. My sister always keeps a gentle smile on her side. With two short but always unique insights, Della will occasionally madly perform a difficult free spin in the air for decades, while the Loli trio should be in a daze, the game. Playing the game, itโ€™s time to climb the table…

Cough cough, the last one was caught by my sister.

In short, our Supreme summit, which can almost be called the most powerful collection of this universe, is still in the constant…noisy and extremely uncritical atmosphere…

“First, we must pay attention to this enemy’s attack on us,” Shandora reluctantly put down the huge piece of suspected cake in his hand, and then licked his fingers and said, “Although their attack failed, it is necessary to arouse our vigilance. .”

“All the action groups that are outside are subject to attack at the same time. What does this mean? This shows that the enemy has been doing things like the back of one’s hand for our location and action schedule, and has the ability to send a lot of kills to this World. The troops, at the same time, Lin Xue’s prophecy also confirmed that many of our future actions will be known to the enemy. In other words, from now on, our enemyโ€™s dark advantage no longer exists โ€“ or the situation has already Conversely, itโ€™s the enemyโ€™s darkness, and itโ€™s completely preventable.โ€

Well, a good analysis, but baby, if you can swallow the contents of your mouth and talk, it should be more convincing…

“Additionally…cough cough…water…water…”

Just like the countless incidents that happened before, Shandora, who completely leaked out her own nature in front of us, suddenly got stuck in a big piece of cake, and then began to ask for help from us – it was really defeated by this guy.

After taking a large glass of water that I handed, Shandora sipped at an astonishing speed, then slammed a burp comfortably and said, “Call… I was almost killed by a piece of cake… Yes, I just said Where?”


“Oh, the enemy has mastered our movements,” Shandora suddenly remembered what he was doing, and in the tone of serene, said the fact that we were extremely entangled. “This is already a very obvious thing, but how do they know it?” What?”

Shandora said, putting his eyes on Lin Xue, it seems that I want our Prophet to point out one or two, but the latter has a glimpse of her hair, even lying back, her feet on the conference table and said indignantly: “God knows how the grandson got the intelligence – cut, even when we are separated, sneak attack, this is simply the genius tactics of the red fruit plagiarism Miss!”

Well, I understand that before this, we have been relying on Lin Xue’s ability to do the Prophet, to keep track of every movement of the enemy, and Young Lady Lin himself is also conceited about the reliability of this super Prophet, but Now itโ€™s her turn to eat her own, and the hearty Young Lady Lin canโ€™t swallow this breath.

In addition, should I slightly remind you that this guy who has lost his image because of depression and has a little bit of money is not paying attention to the shape of her female rogue?

Lin Xue’s dangerous eyes immediately swept to me.

Cold sweat, didn’t expect this guy’s intuition is so powerful.

“Can you listen to me?”

At this time, the sister who rarely spoke suddenly spoke up. The soft voice used a question, but with a hint that people could not refuse.

We immediately turned our attention to the sister.

โ€œThe first point is the channel of information leakage,โ€ the sister said with a faint smile like a thousand years. โ€œIn addition to a general plan to contact the various ethnic groups, we The detailed action did not tell Azeroth aborigines like Jaina, in other words, except for ourselves, no outsiders know that we have split up, and no one knows our real position, especially Shandora and Pandora, they are with Dragon Clan together, the race like Dragon Clan has always been known for mystery. Their place of seclusion is more concealed than the dark night Elf of the ancient times. I believe that except Pandora and Shandora themselves, no one can grasp their movements, but they are two Still attacked, and it happened just when they came alone in the wild.

“From this first point, I believe that the enemy’s way of mastering our movements should not be simple intelligence theft, but directly like ‘Lin Xue’s predictability’ to our actions, only to explain why the enemy can We have no ambush for us in the absence of intelligence to disclose.

“The second point is the attack we are taking – Shandora. If you are the Commander of Demon and Fallen Apostles, face a group of enemies that are quite dangerous for you, and these enemies are doing a threat that is enough to enem you. Plan, what do you do? If you happen to be at this moment, you have mastered the detailed movements of these enemies, even knowing their position at every moment, and just happened to have a good time for them to separate actions, what would you take? s method?”

Shandora gave a slight glimpse, and then he did not hesitate to answer: “Concentrate all the superior forces, and lay a trap that will never let the other side escape, completely destroy those enemies.”

“That’s it, this is almost the choice that every normal Commander should make. Who will let go of the godsend? But in fact? I think the attack we are taking is comparable to the measures the enemy should take. too weak.”

No, on the contrary, I think it is too strong…

At this moment, I remembered that I was almost killed by my own big move and that just after Young Lady Lin knew the news from the honesty of Anveena, she almost went crazy…

However, although my heart flashed through this idea, I later agreed to Elder Sister’s argument.

It seems that the attack we received is indeed weak.

At the beginning, we also thought that the enemyโ€™s estimation of our strength was wrong, and all the ambush troops sent out failed. But this inference is based on the premise that the enemy uses conventional intelligence stealing to grasp our movements. Under this premise, the other party mistakenly estimated our strength is possible.

But by just analyzing Elder Sister’s, the enemy is likely to use even more powerful means to master our intelligence. They even know the movements of Shandora and Pandora’s – but there is no secret that the third person knows except for the two of them!

With such a powerful espionage, the enemy may also miscalculate our strength? Not very likely?

In returning 10,000 steps, even if our enemy is a pig’s head, we can’t understand the information we have, and we still know nothing about our strength. He should also send the most out of the mentality of killing the biggest threat. A powerful ambush force is trying to get us all. Of course, maybe they don’t have this ability to get us all out, but if we concentrate all the power to deal with one of us? I believe that in that case, the other party is completely capable of killing one or two of us.

With such an analysis, the results are obvious. Those who attack our guys are still quite capable, but no one has the ability to kill us. It seems that our opponents seem to have not planned to ambush this hard time. In the opportunity, we will wipe out all of our nets, but instead use this kind of stunned way to remind us…

โ€œHe is reminding us,โ€ Lin Xue leaned back and ignored the image of the Azeroth planet. โ€œThe game has started…โ€

The game started…

I suddenly opened my mouth, smiled and said to the air in front of me: “Well, then the game starts – I know you can see our actions, even the meeting we are opening now, every word we say you Hear, well, this game – I am attending!”

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