Xiling Empire Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Today is a memorable day – hosted by Xiling Empire, hosted by the hosted Thera Race of Humanity, hosted by Azeroth, the first World Expo in Kalimdor Consilent, will be held today! Here, on behalf of the entire staff of Xiling Empire, I would like to express to the participants…

Suddenly flashing Lin Xue in front of me shredded the speech in my hand and then put a hand knife on my head:

“What is your description of everything in disorder Oh!”

Young Lady Lin’s hand knife was firmly knocked on my head. Of course, I tried to dodge…

Now that we have arrived at the newly completed “God Island”, on the island’s Supreme building: the top of the Bubbles Tower is waiting for the arrival of representatives of all ethnic groups. Since all our actions may be in the hands of the enemy, so I used to I have been worried that the sacred enemy Commander will not take advantage of this opportunity to annihilate the representatives of the various ethnic groups who have come to the rally. This is the easiest and most effective way to destroy the Salvation Army. Worry is superfluous, the space transmission of Fallen Apostles has been damaged after all. The last time I sent so many abyss to ambush us, I am afraid it is already the other’s limit, and the representatives of all ethnic groups who come to attend the meeting also carry the most Strong guards, so the attack I expected was not coming. Just now, we got the news that the representative of Dragon Clan has arrived in the waters near Theramore, which is a good news.

At this moment, I can see how inconvenient it is after Lin Xue’s Esper is disturbed. If it was before, let us let Lin Xue look at the future, we can know whether the enemy will launch an ambush and where to launch an ambush. Now, this gimmick has completely turned into a humanoid radio station that can only carry out weather forecasting. Suddenly, it has lost its usual golden finger, and we all feel that it is too uncomfortable.

The waiting time is always boring, just like us now, those Paladin uncles who are excited and sacred and proudly and lined up with Xiling soldiers are sure that the gods who are in awe of their hearts are now at the gate. Behind is how lazy.

Qianqian tells the story to Bubbles seriously, while the latter doesn’t know when he is already asleep – of course, it may be that he has entered the world of magic xWorld, dragon x, and x-ray, and his sister is In the corner of the room, I carefully read a “Culinary Encyclopedia”, which made me look up innumerable. Shandora had no image to squat next to her sister, looking at the pictures on the books, and I couldn’t wait to grab the book. Going down.

On the other side, Lin Xue, who is still in a state of depression, has the same grievances. He is squatting on the ground with a pliers and using a rather inhumane way to toss a quirky black box. When it comes to this small box, it is still on us. The thing that Demon took with the breakpoint Demon caught up, and Lin Xue named it, but what it was for, but even Young Lady Lin couldn’t tell her, she just thought it was small. The black box will become something that is very important to you in the near future, but now, our Young Lady Lin obviously doesn’t care about the importance of this box, just as a tool that is hard enough to be used to vent their anger. And already…

On my side, Alaya sat as usual on the carpet next to it, meekly as a kitten lying on the edge of the owner’s feet, and gently placed one of her extreme wings on my lap and enjoyed combing feathers. Comfort, now it is almost my day-to-day work to help Alaya comb the feathers every day. It’s strange to say that this little dull little angel is the most precious thing for his own wings. It’s impossible for others to touch it. The things, especially the Little Bubbles, which always think of pulling two shiny Angel feathers back, are the enemy that Alaya has to be the number one to guard against, but only for me, Angel sister is a little wary. Yes, she even “made the Elder Brother Monarch to comb the feathers” as a day of Supreme. To be honest, I really can’t understand how Alaya’s dependence on me came from. No wonder Della always said that Angel is this. The simplest creatures on World, many times you can’t even understand their likes and dislikes – the simple to the extreme, completely from the heart and any secular Read no way related likes and dislikes view is that those of us ordinary people likely to be affected by the outside world is difficult to understand.

Little Ghost Anveena stood behind us, her hands naturally overlapping on the apron of the maids, a well-trained look, although from time to time with a look of envious eyes a little glance at Alaya’s direction, but most of the time, she still A pair of “I am just a tea girl’s roadside background” expression, trying to put the existence of a bunch of “big guys” in the surroundings to the lowest, but unfortunately as the only one of us can shine twenty-four hours without interruption Creature, her sense of being is always as eye-catching as Alaya’s wings. Since the last time I was exhausted in Tirisfal Glades and exhausted my divine power, Anveena seems to have broken through her own bottleneck, in the divine power. The application took a big step forward and even allowed myself to stay in Angel for more than half an hour – before that, her best record was just seven minutes, a Ghost could be in the power of holy light. It is quite a speechless thing to have such an extraordinary talent.

As for Little Bubbles and Pandora, the little sisters who are always awkward from the very beginning, have now entered their routine duel time, the two Lolita ends are sitting right in front of me two meters, big. Looking at each other with both eyes, and in the middle of two little brats, a lollipop that seems to be as important to them as the world’s dominance is placed on the small coffee table, so that this happens in Empire Supreme. The confrontation between the military commander and the next Chief Construction Engineer of Empire to be full of… innocence…

In general, the match between the two little brats will end in Pandora’s victory. Little Bubbles is a child with the same heart and age. How can she be patient and intimate with the Loli title? In the bones is it compared to the generals who have been playing for thousands of years?

However, it seems that this time they have one more person in the duel. On the small coffee table with lollipop, there is still a small thing that has been drooling.

This guy is thoroughly saying goodbye to his goddess image.

Looking at the three serious brats in front of me, looking around at the four Mondays, the dead people who are waiting for death, I suddenly feel that our gang is actually the only hope of the entire Azeroth. This is amazing.

Just as we were ready to make a patch to make up for it, and Shandora and her sister had already set firewood on the ground to prepare barbecue materials, the door of the lounge suddenly sounded three lines of almost identical, meticulous knocking. Then, the voice of the Uncle Anthony, who was successfully brainwashed by me as a forgotten fanatic supporter, sounded: “The distinguished God’s Envoy, the representative of Dragon Clan has arrived.”

Paladin likes this boring face project. It is obvious that an uncle who was outside the door an hour ago just had a drink with us.

I have just eaten an hour ago…

I jumped up at lightning speed and then rushed to Shandora’s side, taking a lot of things from her mouth that looked very strange but couldn’t be with the food anyway.

Shandora Are you really hungry to take the grill and eat charcoal? !

Just as I tried to grab the objects from Shandor’s mouth that were so delicious in her opinion that I was terrible, there was a cry of earth-shattering in the lounge. It turned out to be the three in the match. Little brat got into trouble, it seems that Della finally couldn’t restrain her mouth, and the knocking on the outside attracted the attention of everyone. Suddenly fouled and took away the lollipop as the champion trophy, then Little Bubbles immediately It was a cry of ghosts and horror, and Pandora picked up a large glass cup on the coffee table with a slap in the face, and slammed Della, who was holding lollipop, who was about to fly away, on the table, and then found a large one. The tactical pistol was on the cup, and the despicable robbers in the order ordered the stolen stolen goods. Anveena immediately went forward to comfort his little master. Qianqian and his sister were rushing to grab the pistol in Pandora’s hand. Bubbles from the game. Woke up, looked at my wow, crying daughter, finally remembered my responsibility as a mother, sprinted to myself From height to appearance and then dressed in the face of Little Bubbles, just in front of the mirror, he began to awkwardly appease, and Young Lady Lin, who was lying on the floor studying the black box, looked up at the screaming everybody, then lowered his head and continued to read the words. Alaya confusedly looked at the situation where the surroundings suddenly became confused, then turned and walked over to me – three seconds later on the ground…

Suddenly, the entire lounge was completely squirming.

Anthony, who was waiting respectfully outside the door, listened to the eternal movement that was constantly coming out from the hall as if it were a demolition site. The square of the square was in a state of utter disappointment. Carrow, who was responsible for the safety of the rally, was sympathetic next to him. The expression looked at the former and then patted Anthony’s shoulder.

“At this moment, you just have to smile… yes, you see, I have a few dishes here…”

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