Xiling Empire Chapter 21

Chapter 21โ€”great desert

When I came down from the plane, I still felt that my brain was a little faint.

Of course, it is not the cause of airsickness, but the surprise of the organization of Lin Xue.

Really didn’t expect, they can build an underground airport in such a hidden place! When I entered the underground building that was to be full of the future, I even thought I came to Sci-Fi Film, and the fusiform “airplane” that we boarded later made me marvel at Human Race. Science and technology has reached this level!

Lin Xue’s explanation is: “In fact, there are a lot of science and technology that appeared in Sci-Fi Film, which has already been mastered by Human Race, just to not have a big impact on the life of Human Race. This part of science and technology Be carefully restrained, only the very important military departments and special organizations like ours can enjoy this ‘future’ science and technology. In addition, some special forces also hold some special technologies, that is not you. I should have discussed it.”

Compared to my surprise, Qianqian is not so rude, although it is full of strange strangely along the way, but it is estimated that after the existence of Esper, it will be immune to what happened later, but she is better than me. More calm.

As for Pandora… In her words, I used to live a modern life. It is still very fun to pay attention to the ancient science and technology of the ancients…

It seems that I am a bump Ah alone?

The shuttle-shaped plane we took directly flew into an enormous building and parked in a spacious hall. Lin Xue told me that it was organized by a group in the depths of the Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert. Secret base.

“Lin Xue, it looks like your position is very high Ah?” Seeing all the way, every passing staff member respectfully stopped to greet Lin Xue, I could not help but say.

“That is of course,” Lin Xue said with pride. “You forgot what I told you? We have 20 multiple Esper in the whole organization, in other words, we are the leaders of the entire organization!”

I almost forgot, Esper is a rare species of this World, how it can happen in Real World with Esper as a hybrid.

“How, Chen Jun, would you like to think about joining us? You also saw that we are very good.”

“I’m sorry…” For the life and death of the entire Human Race, I would never participate in any Human Race organization.

“That,” in such a heavily guarded base, Qianqian finally converged his character, and some restrained said, “When are we going to find my father?”

“No, let’s take a day off, tomorrow we will meet a very special old man, and then we will start together.”

“Where are we going, is it dangerous?” I keenly noticed that Lin Xue’s expression had a dignified look.

โ€œNot very dangerous,โ€ Lin Xue shook his head. โ€œExactly, itโ€™s a bit weird.โ€


“Do you think that Esper needs to be able to settle down? Is it possible to be weird?” Lin Xue said, whitening me. “Since I joined the organization, I have been dealing with all sorts of weird things, but this time even more. Itโ€™s weird. Okay, the front is your room. Letโ€™s take a break. I will come to you during dinner time. Chen Jun, what are you smirking? There are several compartments inside, you donโ€™t think I can’t even think of it!”


I sat in the living room with Pandora be occupied with nothing, and the sound of the Qianqian bath came from the room next door.

โ€œDo you want to see your brother?โ€ Pandora quietly asked.

My eyes drifted to the bathroom next to me and then firmly nodded.

Pandora stood up, went to the bathroom door, knocked on the glass door and said, “Elder Sister Qianqian, my brother said… oh…”

I took Pandora’s mouth and dragged her back to the sofa, and then I saw a mischievous smile coming out of Pandora’s little face with little expression, but when I seriously looked at it, Pandora resumed the usual cold in The expression of the manner.

Is it an illusion?

After sitting down, I stopped thinking about things that were in disorder. Instead, I asked Pandora: “Are you finding Uncle Xu? Are there any clues from those satellites?”

In front of Lolita shook his head, there was a hint of unspeakable in the voice: “There is no clue. No traces of Human Race activity were found near the fuzzy coordinate provided by Lin Xue. Energy detection did not find abnormal energy fluctuations. โ€

“What are the Commanders you are talking about that are very good at searching? Do they find anything?”

โ€œThere was no discovery that the probe terminals they had released had penetrated into the underground magma, but no traces of Human Race activity had been found.โ€

… Magma layer, do you think it is necessary to be so exaggerated?

Now, I suddenly feel that this time things are not that simple.

Relying on Xiling Empire’s technology, during this time Pandora’s men have already probed the entire Taklaman desert in southern Xinjiang. Now Pandora can even tell me exactly how many sands in the southern part of the great desert. How many males are there, but they can’t find a Human Race Investigation Team that has been missing for less than two days? !

At this moment, Qianqian had already taken a shower and replaced it with a large coat made by Lin Xue’s white base staff, which is said to be made of special materials and has a considerable degree of protection. It is good to resist the temperature difference between day and night in the desert. Unfortunately, a certain substance in this good thing will interfere with Esper’s ability. It is a cumbersome for Lin Xue, but it is just right for Qianqian.

“A’Jun, what did Lily say about you?” Qianqian asked as he rubbed some wet hair.

“Don’t care about her, little girl is bored, but you – Qianqian, do you really want to follow us tomorrow?”

“Of course, I have already been here. How can I not go, but my father Oh! And, Lin Xue didn’t say it, this action, I need help.”

“Yes…” I am not convinced. I have always had doubts about Lin Xue’s. Qianqian is just a very ordinary girl no matter what she looks at. The only connection she has with this incident is that one of the missing people is her. The father is gone, but why does Lin Xue insist that Qianqian will play a role in this incident? It is really doubtful.

I was chatting with Qianqian, and the knocking of the door came over. Lin Xue’s voice rang outside the door: “Qianqian, Lily, and who, if you have nothing, come over with me and let you see the great desert!”

… Why do I think Lin Xue has given me some form of contempt?

Behind Lin Xue’s, we finally left the secret base, which is almost like a maze, and came to the exit of the earth’s surface.

“Ah–” Qianqian exclaimed, “This is great desert?!”

“It’s spectacular!” I sincerely admire.

“…” Pandora’s expression is unchanged, perfectly playing the role of a blind woman.

In front of us, there is an endless golden sand dune. The endless dunes are like static waves, reflecting the beautiful golden red light in the sunset, the distant horizon, the direction of the horizon, the endless yellow sand as if connected to the sky, It seems that the whole World is filled with this infinite desert, so that we can’t help but feel the smallness of this body, the greatness of nature. I also observed some faint black short lines near the horizon, and some strange strangely asked: ” Lin Xue, what are those?”

“Hu Yanglin,” Lin Xue said with inexplicable respect, “The birth is not dead for a thousand years, and the death does not fall for a thousand years, but the millennium is not bad, the tree of heroes in the desert.”

โ€œThe desert is spectacular!โ€ Qianqian said with amazement, โ€œnot just spectacular โ€“ it should be said to be magnificent!โ€

โ€œYes,โ€ Lin Xue smiled softly. โ€œNow when the desert is quiet, when the desert is moving, you wonโ€™t say it, you donโ€™t even have to wait for the desert to move. The sand dunes in front of you are Moving constantly, they can move hundreds of meters in one night. If it is not this base environment, there are special equipments that can interfere with the route of sand dunes moving. I am afraid that this underground base will become a big grave in just one day. …… I really lament my luck now, but fortunately I have not been assigned to this ghost place as the person in charge… Well, time is not early, let’s go back to eat.”

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