Xiling Empire Chapter 210

The twenty-first chapter is gathered together (middle)

When Victor returned from the dazzling white light and saw that the surroundings had a lot of tall Soldiers using strange weapons, he instinctively entered the battle, but at the next moment, he quickly let go. At the same time also signals the followers to recover the weapons.

Because he saw the beautiful and pure and holy Miss Angel is looking at herself from a distance.

In fact, Alaya just listened to my orders and faced the smirk of the sign that the exit was constantly showing her signatures. Until now, Angel sister is still wondering why Elder Brother Monarch wants to laugh at a conveyor. What?

This idiot didn’t understand it at all. Her task was not to smile at the transmitter, but to laugh at people…

See Angel in front of you, then look around the enemies that are dazzling (the Marauder’s Mech) and the magnificent tower that radiates a faint golden holy light that you have seen far from the front, Victor. Really realized that I have come to the island of God!

Was the white light that was just the same as the transmission of the island of God? Sure enough, it is the power of God. This kind of transmission Magic is much more powerful than the large Mage. It can not only transmit the target so far away from the caster, even during this transmission, a little energy fluctuations are not distributed. It’s incredible power.

Where does he know that this transfer technique, which he seems to completely subvert the conventional Magic theory, is actually a simpler thing to do than eating and drinking in Space Twin Acida and Acidora.

Victor observed the environment of the surroundings, but the more he looked at it, the more he was surprised. What surprised him was the “God Clan Warrior” who wore the streamlined Black Battle Armor and the armored weapon in the distance, as a perennial battlefield. In the Paladin, who led the battle, Victor thought that he had seen the Soldier at any level in the world. From the most incomprehensible, the drums of the drums could scare the crying new recruits, and the enveloping of the tens of thousands of undead can stand still. The warriors, from the march, can see the militia squad of the missing people, to the tens of thousands of people who have a movement of the Royal Guards. He has seen a lot of warriors, but these God A black God Clan warriors …they, shocking!

The silk does not move, the true sense of the movement does not move, thousands of soldiers in the eyes like a solidified statue, standing there silently, can give people a kind of “they have stood in this position tens of thousands of years ago, And in the tens of thousands of years, they will always be so solidified, the illusion that this silence has exceeded the limits of Human Race Soldier, because at least, Human Race Soldier will breathe? Will you blink? But Victor’s extraordinary observations did not even reveal the movements of the other side, let alone blink, oh, this is not dead? They have to change their air for a long time… cough cough, this is skipped…

In addition, Victor found that he did not feel the other’s existence. For a strong person, it is quite simple to perceive the existence of living people. Even relying on intuition, they can determine the other’s position. However, Victor found that if he closed his eyes, the thousands of fighters of the surrounding would definitely disappear into his own perception. In fact, even an ant can find it even if Victor perceives it. Only the position of the ants, this signify, these God Clan’s fighters have even hidden their breath to the point of almost dead! This is simply impossible. Even Idiot knows that as long as your heart is still beating, it is impossible to let your breath completely disappear. The top stalker is just to make yourself and the surrounding environment as much as possible. Incorporating into one, becoming a dead object, it is an illusion that exists only in the thieves Students yy…

If I know that Victor is now amazed, I will be proud to say: Xiling soldiers in standby, energy saving and emission reduction Oh!

Yes, standby state, in this state, a Xiling soldier is actually a charged shovel. Can you count on the momentum of an iron? In this respect, Xiling Soldier is really the best thing to do… ambush guerrilla tactics Oh!

Seeing that the messenger of Human Race was a little disappointing because of the surrounding environment, Sivis took the initiative to go up and started to have the same personality as Lin Xue. Of course, it was pure and boring to exercise his salivary gland. I still stay away from things…

When the representatives of Human Race and Dragon Clan met each other, the Naga ambassadors also entered the transmission of the island of God.

What appeared in front of me was a group of braised fish…

Isn’t this a mermaid? Who said that Naga is a group of half-human and half-sea snake Monster? If you are a Blizzard artist, do you dare to believe Ah?

Yes, the mermaid, in front of me is a group of mermaids whose upper body is human and the bottom body is completely a fish tail. The only difference between the mermaid and the mermaid in the legend is that their ears are the pointed shape of Elf. The image is completely different from the ugly sea monster in the game. I admit that after the countless real Azeroth and the Azeroth in the game, this is the only “story” point that I am satisfied with.

A dozen of Naga are surrounded by a young girl with a purple hair. It seems that the girl who is only 18 or 9 years old is actually the leader of this mission, so my eyes are not concentrated on each other. This is a Pretty pretty girl, even less than the scourge of Shandora and Alaya, she has a long lavender hair with a buttocks and a small shell on her head as a decoration, with a fiber inherited from Elf blood. Thin and beautiful face, wearing a green one on the upper body seems to be a kind of sleeveless vest with water grass weaving, lower body…

Ok, it’s a fish tail, but there are a few things like pearl shells that serve as decorations. I’m curious how it’s fixed on her scales. Is it glue?

“Good-looking?” Qianqian and Shandora asked softly behind me.

I was in a spirit, quickly removed my line of sight from the other side, and then calmly said: “If I nod?”

“You steam, she is braised.”


Really, I really didn’t have any evil thoughts just now, God testified!

The Naga representatives, like the other messengers who have just arrived on this floating island, are also amazed at the novelty of the surroundings. I guess they are more curious than other delegates because before that, Naga The family has been living in the sea of ​​deep endless seas. Don’t say a island of god floating in the air. Even if it is a tree on land, I am afraid that these unlucky children will be amazed for a long time.

But to my surprise, I just marveled for less than three seconds. These fish tails came back and suddenly saw us – specifically, I saw Qianqian standing next to me, so I was one by one. Neatly to us… Come over…

555… My mermaid dream, my mermaid Princess… This walking image is really not as good as the sea snake…

Next to me, Qianqian, my sister, and Lin Xue, who had just finished with Dragon Clan, were also at the same time. Under the sweat, to be honest, one second ago, we really didn’t expect the fairy tale. The king-level figure, the mermaid, will actually walk on the shore in such awkward way. This fully proves that once any beautiful fairy tale is carefully scrutinized, it will eventually become a dialectical and anti-discriminatory dialectic. Jia family, where is the fighting strength on land? I am afraid that some of the scorpions who don’t know where the cat is now have no plans to consider the race of the Naga, a land-based firewood.

This also proves how much the deviation between real World and information projection, and proves that Real World is truly a reasonable World: a species that has evolved hundreds of thousands of years in the sea, how can it be so arrogant? ? !

Of course, the facts in the future prove that the land-fighting strength of the Naga is not as unbearable as I thought – of course, this is a follow-up.

Although some of us have a very cold expression on the way the Naga people are walking, the others are very indifferent. Shandora is Xiling Apostle. Without the impression of the mermaid in the earthling heart, naturally it will not show anything. And the other Azeroth aborigines are similar, they are just a little curious about the strange race of Naga – because this is actually the first time that Naga has been publicly exposed to the public – for them, Naga’s way of walking on the ground is just a rare feature of the race, so they will not be rude, such as a strong onlookers, plus basically It is a person who has seen the world, naturally knows that you can’t make rude things at this time, so even though they are curious, they just look at it a little and then reveal an etiquette smile.

In short, the thousands of people here are very calm, very polite…

Of course, among the thousands of calm emperors here, I don’t include a Lolita who doesn’t know when to sneak out of the room, is cheering, screaming at the square, and screaming at the butterfly, and some being treated as a butterfly. In the air, panicking and screaming for help, while screaming and slaping the slap goddess…

Who can help me to shut down these two spoilers to the little black house? Oh Oh!!

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