Xiling Empire Chapter 216

The 216th chapter is amazing

silent Night.

Although it is a world that has been bullied by war, Azeroth still has its beautiful and charming side. At the very least, at Earth, I can’t see such a clear and starry sky, and I can’t breathe such fresh and spotless air. The Magic civilization has penetrated into every world of this world. It allows it to abandon the chimneys of smoke and the cross-flow of sewage. In this World, even the most prosperous big cities do not have the problem of environmental pollution. There is no wind and dust, and the wind stops in the gray. The natural environment of this World is just too good.

Of course, I need to indicate, not including the Undercity and its surrounding areas…

The life in the tomb for nearly a month is the shadow of my life Oh!

Ok, let’s leave the environmental pollution problem in the Undercity to the headache of the city, and now return to this quiet night scene…

Standing on the edge of the island of God, I stared at the clear blue-black sky dotted with countless broken diamonds, breathing the world’s unpolluted clean air, as if the whole person would melt in the vast world. In general, facing the endless sea breeze in the sea at night, I open my arms and seem to embrace this endless night. There is only one person in the world, it is so trembling and addictive, so of……


There was a loud noise behind him.

“A’Jun! Come and eat popcorn Oh! ”

The excitement of a Xiling Queen resounded throughout the night sky.

…Farewell, I’m so embarrassed that it’s not easy to accumulate…

I slowly turned around, and the quiet and mysterious night sky suddenly changed. A group of men and women who were happily driving the bonfire party came into view. Now we cancel the silent mode. Well, the whole world is awkward…

Shandora took a big bag of hot popcorn and squatted in front of me, then smiled and stuffed a rice flower into my mouth, and cheerfully asked: “A’Jun, you want what?”

… don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate to ask my question after completely blocking my mouth?

I laboriously commanded my tongue and the bulging popcorn in my mouth to wrestle in the brain.

Lin Xue didn’t know when she wandered over, heard Shandora’s questioning, and immediately replied before I swallowed something in my mouth: “This guy must be sighing at the height of the world, the Universe is desolate, alone standing alone in this sky. There is such a sad thing between heaven and earth – you can guess it by looking at his stupid like Titanic.”

Amazing intuition and insight – if you didn’t say the last sentence, it would be perfect.

I gently took Shandora in my arms, licked the flamboyant long hair, and looked at the bonfire party almost in front of the group, and hesitated and said: “Shandora, you said, should we go to war?” ”

“Yeah!” Shandora’s mouth was filled with popcorn, and he had to express his opinion with such a short nasal voice that didn’t require his tongue to participate.

“Then why are we going to open a bonfire party…”

“Relax, relax,” Lin Xue advised me with a heavy old look. “Who said that you must be as dead as a crematorium before you fight? Are you afraid that a bonfire party will affect the morale of those Xiling wars?”

“That’s not… just feel that there is no atmosphere like this…”

After deciding to attack the Undercity, we immediately reorganized some of the Xiling main force units that had been produced, and swarmed across the sea to the east of Continent – ​​everyone knows how long the undead army can expand. Amazing, especially now that Undercity has fallen into the hands of the Royal Pharmacists Society. Those guys are not Sylvanas. Their hatred towards the living is blind and strong. These guys will definitely use all means to frantically expand their undead army. This is also signify, there will be countless innocent people being slaughtered and converted into undead creatures, so we can’t wait, we must rush to the eastern kingdom that is about to become hell as soon as possible, because the main body of “God Island” is actually the railgun The turret, the floating platform used to carry the mobile cannon not only has formidable anti-shock and amazing load, but also has a good moving speed, so I made a bold decision: urgently convert the island of God into A moving air fortress, we drive the island of God to conquer the Undercity!

This is why we are still on the island of God, and the island of God is floating in the endless sea.

Because of the exaggerated “vehicle” of the air for the first time to do “cross-sea travel”, the three standard Earth girls, Lin Xue, sister and Qianqian, were so excited that they couldn’t sleep at night, and they even figured out that they were in this number. The idea of ​​holding a bonfire party on the floating platform at an altitude of 1,000 meters also invited representatives of various ethnic groups who were also excited and sleepy for various reasons, so I said earlier that the central square on the island of God is now It is a group of magical dances, all sorts of thrown into the Journey to the West is a strange creature of a demon and a ghost. On the “God’s Banquet”, the national dance of the various ethnic groups is displayed, and the entire national cultural festival of a different version.

I will look at the back of the route of the island of God, where countless black shadows follow us as night ghosts. Because of the same speed, these shadows look like they are still on the island of God. Like the rear, those are the large transport ships of Xiling Legion and all kinds of battleships, carrying all the Xiling Army we brought this time, which is about half of all our troops, because there is a movement that can keep us in control. The enemy Commander, we did not dare to take all the troops away, otherwise we will return from the glory of the Undercity and see a Serramo Basin that can really cry no place to cry.

The Bubbles Tower in the center of the island of God exudes a soft golden glow, guiding the entire fleet as a beacon in the dark. In fact, this thing is completely unnecessary, because I can’t imagine a group of high-radiation vector radars. Science and technology The battleship will be lost because it can’t see the road at night. In fact, the tower that radiates the endless Zealot atmosphere is just for the representatives of the various families who live on the island of God to see God’s demeanor. And already – you can think of this as a kind of compulsive behavior that is good for your health.

“What do you want?” Seeing that I haven’t talked, Shandora, who is eating popcorn in my arms, licked his head and asked strangely strangely.

“Nothing, I feel like dreaming. Sometimes I will feel that I am still the ordinary student. I live a life of two points and one line every day, but now I look around – I have become a leader. The Empire Chief of state in Undercity, this contrast is too sloppy.”

“I also have this feeling,” Shandora said with a smile. “I don’t know when it started. I’m going to be act spoiled in the arms of a man like this, you know, sometimes I’ll be scared by my own changes. A jump.”

“I said two, can you not treat me as a transparent person when you talk about love?”

…Lin Xue This guy will die if he doesn’t speak Ah?

Seeing my gaze, Young Lady Lin didn’t mean to compromise, but continued to sweep between me and Shandora with a deep eye, until Shandora finally blushes away from my arms.

“Well, A’Jun, I will go there to eat something, you will come over!”

With such a sentence, Shandora escaped and left me.

“Well, Young Lady Lin, can you talk now?”

Lin Xue stared at me with amazement, and said a word for a long time: “Yeah, you also have IQ Ah?”

Me: “…you can’t change a topic?”

“Okay – yeah, did you really have IQ Ah?”


Lin Xue looked at my depressed expression, and immediately felt good, then smiled and said: “Okay, no joke, I really have something to look for.”

I noticed that Lin Xue’s expression really became serious, so I also put up a joke: this guy is rarely serious, but when she is really serious, there is absolutely something important to happen.

“I just saw some visions of the future.”

Lin Xue very rarely hesitated, and said so.

“The vision of the future?” I raised my eyebrows. “You seem to be watching the future every day? From weather forecast to weather forecast to weather forecast.”

Lin Xue glanced at me, then took a deep breath and said: “I saw Pandora standing on the fortress of the Burning Legion, commanding a large number of mutated Demon to launch our final attack!”

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