Xiling Empire Chapter 217

Chapter 217β€”Fact or False

Lin Xue’s words are so impactful that I finally reacted after ten seconds, and I couldn’t help but exclaim: “What!?”

Lin Xue evaded my sight, but said in an unquestionable tone: “I saw that one day in the future, Pandora stood on the Demon’s fortress and directed a large number of variants of her demo, Demon, to launch us. Charge… I know this prophecy is so strange, so I took away Shandora and wanted to study with you what the scene is signify first – our movements are always in the hands of the enemy, if all this really Related to Pandora…”

I took a deep breath and calmed down my feelings. I know Lin Xue’s character, although in general she always uses a variety of mischievous pranks to express her sense of existence, but in this case Next, she won’t talk casually. Since she told me this weird prophecy so seriously, even if she took the Shandora in advance, it proves that this prophecy is really appeared.

β€œIs it because of interference?” I frowned and analyzed. β€œThe enemy Commander is definitely a fairly powerful Fallen Apostles, and he has a way to master our actions. He has repeatedly succeeded in interfering with your prophecy. Let you see a lot of weird scenes, is this still a disturbance?”

“This is a situation that can be ruled out,” Lin Xue’s expression is also very serious. “It is quite difficult to interfere with my prediction ability. In other words, this kind of interference can only be a passive skill, only when I take the initiative to be quite powerful. When the individual initiates the prophecy, the individual will interfere with me. For example, if I want to predict you or Della’s future, then the scene in this prophecy will be quite vague and full of mistakes, but no matter how strong you are, it is impossible to take the initiative. Interfering with me to predict others, that is to say, I want to predict whether a rabbit will be killed by a hunter after three days, even if it is a true god, it is impossible to stop me from seeing the fate of the rabbit – just like a passive skill is impossible Actively used to release the same as others.”

After Lin Xue finished this bunch of words, I waited for a while, allowing me to digest these abstract descriptions, and then continued: “I was just a prophecy that was idle and boring, this prophecy has no goal, in Other words, I see a random future scene. In this case, no one can interfere with my ability, so the scene I see is definitely a real scene without processing.”

I felt a little dizzy in my mind: “Wait, you just didn’t say that your prophecy can’t be too strong, or will it be disturbed? Then how do you explain Pandora in the future? Pandora should be a powerful Xiling Apostle? You see that she doesn’t signify that the future has changed.”

Lin Xue glanced at me with Idiot’s eyes and said, “Have you heard Ah didn’t understand Ah? I didn’t say that there is no strong individual in my prophecy, but I can’t target too strong individuals, in other words, I have to purposely see if Chen Jun will become a pig in a month, then this prediction will not succeed, but if I am looking at another unrelated future scene, you happen to be in that scene. This prophecy will not be disturbed, understand?”

I reacted for a long time, finally understood her description before Lin Xue came to bite, and suddenly realized: “Oh, I understand, in other words, you can not take the initiative to see the future of a strong, but if you look In the future scene, it is possible to apply the strong person because of the accident, and that is allowed! And the future of your prediction is a random scene, so this scene must be true, and this scene is appeared as the enemy Pandora… …”

Having said that, I am silent.

In this case, what Lin Xue sees is the fact that will happen in the future. Is Pandora standing in front of me as an enemy in the near future?

What a joke! ?

Indeed, Pandora is quirky, unsocial, detached and a bit violent, always dreaming of conquering the whole world, and more than once against my peaceful view… but, no matter what, the little awkward little brat can’t be mine. enemy!

Maybe others don’t know, the seemingly coldly indifferent Pandora is actually a rather lonely guy. Because of the identity of the Empire Military Officer and the character of poor communication, she never had friends. She once told me that in her previous life, All the exchanges are only Senior Officer and subordinates, enemies and friendly forces, so I can imagine that when life suddenly appeared to care for yourself and treat yourself as a pro-Younger Sister’s brother, Pandora will have a deep attachment to me.

And I also believe in my feelings, the usual dependence of Pandora on me is definitely not a fake.

“Well, relax,” Lin Xue saw my expression faint, and it was rare to start comforting me. “Although I saw such a scene, how can I say it, according to my experience, everything in the future, It is all uncertain.”

I said that I can’t quite understand it.

The future cannot be determined? Then is your prophecy ability abolished? And have you made accurate predictions before you were wrong?

“I know that you can’t understand this idiot,” Lin Xue’s feeling very good when she saw my doubtful look. She patted me on the shoulder and said with arrogance. “Let this lady give you a hard time.” This idiot explains it! The so-called uncertain future means that the things I see are false, but that until the moment when the future comes true, everything can change. For example, I foresee that at some point you will Going out and being hit by a car, and I told you this prophecy, then as long as you don’t go out that day, will this future event be changed? In fact, what I see is only the most in the future. What can happen, if there is no external intervention, what I see can be considered as a fact. It is not that as long as I see something, this matter cannot be changed. In addition, the so-called seeing is true. It is also not advisable in the prophecy. Because of the limitation of power, the future scenes I see will definitely have some distortion. In some cases, a deviation in detail will make The events show a completely different trend. For example, I predict that you will be hit by a car tomorrow. Maybe I saw a Santana hitting you, but in fact it may be Mercedes-Benz, it may be overbearing, or even It might be a tractor, a road roller, an armored vehicle, a tank weighing 20 tons, or even a Transformer…calling, really enjoyable…”

Me: “…you came to me for revenge, right?”

“Nothing, I suddenly thought of something worthy of these days.”

Ok, I am a little relieved, although Lin Xue’s way of comforting people is quite maverick, but the advice and explanation from the expert has left me slightly relieved, according to her, even though she saw Pandora and We are the enemy’s sight, this future scene can also be changed, and even if all this is true, I am afraid that when it happens, there is another hidden situation, maybe?

Anyway, I don’t want to believe that Pandora will be behind the scenes.

Thinking of this, I also temporarily let go of this matter. Since this weird prophecy is be full of anomaly, I will hand it over to the expert, and hope that Lin Xue can find the reason for this prophecy before everything happens.

“Okay, I don’t want to be that much,” I said, stretching a long, yawning. “I am a little sleepy. I hope that Qianqian will not bother too late, or if they meet the enemy tomorrow. Have fun…”


My voice has not yet fallen, and there are a few low roars in my ear. At the same time, the blue-and-white glare beam also passed over our heads.

Lin Xue and I followed the sound of surprise, and saw a beautiful blue-and-white beam gliding through the sky, and then burst into a spectacular fireworks in the distant clouds, followed by more blue-white or dark The red energy beam rushed to smear a grand fireworks show in the dark night sky.

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