Xiling Empire Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Attack

The dazzling Guanghua, who suddenly took the night sky, interrupted the party in the square. The people who were still immersed in the excitement quieted for a moment, and turned their sights to the fireworks in the distance. So, some of them had an extraordinary plate. The blond girl, who swayed all the barbecues and snack tables across the square in the same whirlwind, showed an unprecedented sense of eye-catching.

Little Bubbles I don’t know when I wandered to my side, while holding the lollipop in my hand, strange strangely pointing at the bright white halo that the sky has not completely dissipated, saying, Qianqian may have secretly drank some wine, at this Moment also wandered happily, then slammed into my arms and held my face like a kitten on my chest, and said vaguely: “A’Jun, what is Ah? ”

I smiled: “Nothing, open the fireworks show!”

Lin Xue backhanded a hand knife on my head: “Fireworks, your sister Oh! Let’s meet the enemy!”

Nonsense, of course, I know, which madman will midnight use the three-thousand-thousand-thirth-caliber Psionic gun to put fireworks Oh!

I hold the Little Bubbles, who are still looking at the fireworks with enthusiasm, and Qianqian, who is drunk and enchanted, rushes to the place where Shandora gathers, Lin Xue is close behind, with this at The same time, the piercing air defense alarm also sounded from the top of the Bubbles Tower, and instantly spread the entire floating fortress. Since it has been exposed, we don’t have to act with low-key, the lights control and camouflage Force Field have been lifted, and the whole “God Island” “On the bright as white, the ennerous air fortress in the golden light is like a giant inverted pyramid of gold. It appears in the endless sea under the night. The low rumbling sound of “Rumble” comes from the core of the island of God. , has been spreading throughout the air forforts, and the landscape of our surroundings has also undergone a miraculous change, the enormous conventional building slowly sinks and disappears under the upper armor of the heavy, while on the square and beyond, The seamless alloy floor opens the criss-crossing of the alien crack, and several meters of thick metal ground in the bang The split reversal exposes the existing turrets and various launchers fixed on their backs to the front of the everybody. At the four apex of the “God Island”, the original four tall statues filled with holy light suddenly plunged to the outside of the island. Going down, and then being reorganized by the nano-reactor into a part of the fortress, and in the original position of the idol, four hundreds of square meters of the platform slowly rise, revealing the radiant crystal matrix below – the confessor-ix diffuser Fortress cannon.

In just a few minutes, the original sacred paradise became an armed fortress to every nail, and nearly a thousand large turrets and more small guns were intertwined into a deadly fatal Net, I have no doubt that even if a fly flies over us, we can face at least three rounds of energy or physical artillery attack.

At the same time, the airborne fortress was deformed at the same time. The Bubbles Tower behind us also experienced an enormous change. The hundreds of meters of the enormous spire trembled, the rotation slowly shrank, and became a hundred in a few minutes. The high-rise cone towers, the original smooth surface of the unit suddenly split a number of vertical and parallel equally spaced cracks, the blue light regularly pulsing in these cracks less than a few centimeters, as if there is living thing, The buzz of energy flow continually sounds, reminding people of the surrounding people that this seemingly beautiful tower actually contains how much energy.

“This thing is too spectacular!” Looking at the Bubbles Tower, which has become the front line of the tower, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but sigh.

Lin Xue, standing next to me, didn’t say anything, just started looking down and looking for tools that were handy.

Hey Hey hey, this guy won’t plan to tear down this deformable tower? Or do you even intend to remove the airforts under our feet?

What has changed is not only the “Island of God” under our feet, but more spectacular is still behind.

As the camouflage Force Field covering the entire fleet was closed in turn, the massive Empire Army group gradually emerged in the air, and numerous large and small main force warships assembled into a deep array that maximized their firepower. Constantly adjusting their relative positions in the air, ensuring that every warship can have at least one main gun at any time in the angle of random shooting. Such a horrible army can cooperate with the operational capability, I am afraid that it can be directly connected to the signal network like Robot. Nothing can be done outside the mobilized Xiling Apostle. In the same way as the emerging ghosts in the night sky, there are large warships suspended in the sky. More small units are flying like a stunned wasp. They are not only small. Fighters or logistics ships are more of an air defense type of Xiling Apostle. These are extremely agile and the special forces equipped with the Micro Space Jump System are not as strong as those with large waists. The armor is thick, but because of its fullness. Directional attack and wretchedness Itch sniping tactics more difficult to deal with.

In the few minutes of the deformation of the air fortress, the main guns of several large frigates have not stopped the attack. The ship-type energy weapon attack is extremely fast. As the two sides approach, more and more enemies enter the escort formation. The range, the blue-and-white laser beam and the black red Psionic energy beam intersect with the shooting of the distant night sky like the shooting of the gods, constantly blossoming out of our limits to bloom a beautiful flower representing death, every shelling When the sound started, the representatives of the various ethnic groups in the square would involuntarily give an exclamation.

These Azeroth’s aborigines have been deeply shocked by the incredible battle scenes. Although they don’t understand what kind of weapons are suddenly coming out of the various turrets, this does not affect their awe of the “God’s weapon.” Whether the islands under the feet of the enolous islands become airfortresses, or the intensive artillery fires of the rear warships that are more powerful than the curse, the indigenous people who are used to fighting the cold weapons are so shocked that every shot sounds Can let them exclaim a good venting excitement.

At this moment, whether it is the Alliance or the Horde, whether it is the undead or Naga, every special envoy of the race is excited and excited, seeing the power of the “God’s Weapon”, and then associate yourself with such a powerful legion. Members, the fact that the Azeroth people who admire power are boiling.

Oh, yes, by the way, I have ruled out a purple-haired salty creature that is so beautiful from the fireworks on the land not far from me. Is it more appropriate to use the quantifier “bar”?

But until now, I still don’t know what my troops are fighting with, and can do nothing about it. The Empire Army’s remote attack ability is too strong. In most cases, the enemy who fights Xiling Apostle is always from start to finish. It will only be a bunch of small points on the radar. I estimate that under the bombardment of the entire fleet, it is very difficult to see the true face of those enemies.

Fortunately, Xiling Queen, who was still madly sweeping the barbecue and cheese even in the case of a sudden encounter with the enemy, finally filled her stomach like a space, and swayed to me by the burp, so that I finally have Opportunity to get rid of the state of fog.

“What’s the matter, Shandora?” I reached out and rubbed the oil stains on the corner of Shandora’s mouth, pinching the face that the latter would surely smirk after eating, and asked, “Who are you fighting with? The endless sea Will there be enemies?”

Shandora smothered his shiny fingers and said ambiguously: “It’s a lot of miscellaneous players. I let Bubbles to scan it. It’s a hodgepodge.”

Shandora said, reaching out to the distant horizon that is still bursting with dazzling flash: “Frost Huge Dragon, Gargoyle, Skull Gryphon, Ghost Giant Wings, and various flying Demon, biochemically synthesized Monster Demon, then ……”

Shandora said here, suddenly a mischievous smile, asked with a smile: “Guess what else?”

I glanced: “And!? That a lot of things is not enough?”

β€œHaha! Tell you a bit more trouble, behind the fish, there is a limited edition Eternal Level strategic fortress ship Oh~~~”

I looked at the handsome Shandora in front of me, and suddenly I was stunned, and then a burst of sorrow was on the head of the young girl in front of me. The latter immediately squatted on the floor like a wounded animal, holding her head and looking up at me. A pair of aggrieved watery big eyes.

Acting cute Ah? acting cute is not going to work! You at this moment, what kind of music Oh! Eternal Level, that thing is not Xiling…

Lin Xue at this moment, suddenly remembered what it was like, patted the head and said loudly: “Ah, I remember, Fallen Apostles seems to have fixed their space transmitter! This should be the first batch they sent. force!”

…you guys deliberately? So important information, you said Oh early!

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