Xiling Empire Chapter 219

Chapter 219

A few minutes later, except for Carrow, who needs to command the defense forces outside, all of our Xiling executives have gathered in the deformed Bubbles Tower, now in the Xiling Command Tower, which was originally prepared for the meetings of the various ethnic representatives. The circular conference hall has been transformed into a busy tactical center, and the flashy enormous conference table has been replaced by a large Hologram projector. In the surroundings of the projector, it is a large seat that is now occupied by us, more The Xiling Commanders issued a command in a tight and orderly manner throughout the hall to direct the battle outside.

โ€œHow is the situation now?โ€ Shandora finally entered the serious mode, while observing the fire scene of his own fleet on the projector in front of him, he asked.

A Commander at the corner of the hall glanced at the data on the Hologram screen in front of him and quickly reported: “The enemy is still approaching at a constant speed. It has not yet formed an effective threat to our army. The Eternal Level enemy ship has no warning signs, and our war damage rate. Still zero.”

Although I don’t know anything about commanding combat and military terminology, I also know that now we are on the surface with absolute advantage. The miscellaneous soldiers like the gargoyle in the enemy array suffer heavy losses under the powerful firepower, and the frost Huge Dragon or flight Demon’s powerful guys can rely on their agility or physical strength to resist laser cannons, but their Magic attack is too close and is also passively beaten.

Of course, you must have noticed that I just used the word “on the surface” – on the surface, we have an overwhelming advantage, and in fact, the balance of victory has not yet fully tilted to us.

The enemy’s military strength includes the undead unit such as the gargoyle, the burning Military member like Demon, and even an Eternal Level large warship that doesn’t know why it hasn’t fired yet. This sends us a lot of information, first of all. The betrayal of Sylvanas is definitely the fall of the Fallen Apostles, otherwise the variant of Demon will not appear in the army of the gargoyle and frost Huge Dragon. Secondly, we have also determined that the enemy has re-owned Space-Time technology large scale The ability to send troops, the Eternal Level is not a single or two individual fighters. It is absolutely a legion-level space transmitter to transmit it, and if there is no space transmission technology to help In this case, a low-level flying unit such as a gargoyle can’t cross the vast endless sea to come to us. Finally, and most importantly, the enemy must control our movements. Otherwise, in this endless sea, How is the other party just welcoming us on the way forward? Up?

The three messages, each of which is extremely painful, have seriously affected the direction of the fighting situation.

Although the cannon fodder like the gargoyle can’t even stop the laser light, the purpose of the enemy to send them over is definitely not to let these mobile experience packages… cough cough, the mixed soldiers to create what brilliant achievements, the small arms are combined into battle The story like a hero only appears in the bloody yy. In reality, an armor is still no match for two pieces of shatter-finished gargoyles. The full-bodied blood can’t stop a speed of five Mach’s Saab bombs. These gargoyles The only role is to act as cannon fodder, use their suicidal charge to block the deadly laser or Psionic for the next powerful unit, so that they can get close enough to launch the attack on the Xiling spaceship. These first batch died in high science and The Monster under the energy weapon is a good accomplishment of their mission, although every few seconds there are countless gargoyles scattered like snow, in the waves of the endless sea, but the enemyโ€™s main force is still Without substantial damage, they are still approaching the Xiling battle group at high speed once they enter Within the effective range of their own, now that we fight the enemy pressing situation will reverse immediately.

In addition to the shortcomings of insufficient range and slow rate of fire, the frosty Huge Dragon’s frozen Magic attack force is not much weaker than the average Xiling gun. It is true that the first two are already fatal, but the range problem they have I solved it by the gargoyle’s suicide cannon fodder shield, and as for the rate of fire, watching the pile of dense red dots on the radar, I know what they are using to make up for it.

In addition, those variants of Demon and scorpion lions that are not too weak in the air close combat ability are enough to threaten our small flying units. After the two sides contact, there will definitely be a big fight.

However, although the actual situation is not as optimistic as it is on the surface, we still occupy a considerable advantage. The Xiling Army is best at air combat. The enemy’s sea tactics and suicide attack can only cause us headaches, but it is not enough. We form too much threat.

What really makes us frown is that the ship has not launched an attack until now, just like an Eternal Level warship that is floating in the night sky.

I remembered the Eternal Level information I just downloaded from Pandora. I know that this is a large battleship that looks like a coffin. The Eternal Level not only has a tens of kilometers of majestic shape, but also has a heinous combat configuration. It is a typical embodiment of the Xiling giant artillery, the absolute ship is strong, and because of the advanced core thinking terminal, most of the Eternal Level operations can be handed over to the warship itself, so the shipโ€™s The minimum configuration staff turned out to be – 0! Of course, this is a limit case. In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the Eternal Level’s horrible fighting strength, the minimum personnel configuration of the battleship is 300 people. As the most typical high-efficiency war machine with less manpower, this ship is big. Some of the space is occupied by the heinous weapon system, and the rest are a large number of different space energy reactor output ports set up to drive these weapon systems, continuously collecting energy from the reactors in different spaces, those The purple crystal array occupies a quarter of the battleship! The Eternal Level armor system is heavy and complex, with various energy shields and physical armor nesting one another. At these armor intervals, there are automatic defense counter-attack weapons against short-range landings and long-range strikes, making this big killer a There is no way to stop the hedgehog, the only available means to deal with it is estimated that only the sparrow harassment tactics match the consumption war, after all, such a big guy is inevitably lacking in flexibility, and its energy system is not advanced enough to drive so many super weapon long-term Running. Of course, this is a tactic in conventional combat. It is also a good idea to rely on the leader’s Xiling Apostle’s metamorphosis strength to fight against this war meat grinder. The Eternal Level armor, although heavy, certainly can’t hold Pandora’s Helium Flash, but That’s not what I’m going to do. Although Pandora is also known as a war machine, but one person and a giant battleship are hard to resist. How can this bridge be a bit too Sci-Fi? If you can rely on yourself. If the small and medium-sized warships are getting the big guys, I still don’t plan to let the people around me take risks.

Itโ€™s just such a big strength. Even so far, there are no signs of attack. This really makes me feel puzzled. Doesnโ€™t the other party care completely about the โ€œfriendsโ€ who are falling into the endless night sky like dumplings?

โ€œXiling Apostle is actually a pretty cold-blooded race,โ€ Shandora sees my doubts, explaining, โ€œTo treat people other than friends, a standard Xiling Apostle has never had any feelings, and Fallen Apostles is definitely better than This is even more serious. Those variants of Demon and the Undead Air Force are not friendly to them. I am afraid that even the tools are not counted. They will not feel bad when they die. The big guys are still not firing, they must have their own. Intended, after all, our main force fleet is under the protection of energy shields. Even with the Eternal Level’s firepower, it is very difficult to break a fleet’s joint shield in a short period of time.”

At this time, the enemy who had suffered heavy losses in the long suicide charge finally rushed to us. I also saw the frosty Huge Dragon in the legend for the first time and several other Monsters that were just nouns to me.

“It’s really ugly…” We sighed in unison on the side of the Hologram projection.

The pale skeleton, the deformed body, the rag-like wings, and the dandruff that flies down while flying… Oh, itโ€™s ice, this is the most powerful air unit in the undead race, Frost Huge Dragon, and Compared with the look of life, now this look is really more chilly, and I have been worried about the original dragons that I have never had.

Even the top-level frost Huge Dragon has this virtue, and other gargoyles, scorpion gryphons, Ghost giant wings and the like are certainly not much better, especially the gargoyles. I saw it in the dark city. Yes, Sylvanas let these unlucky guys keep the stone statues in the corridors of the Royal District for 24 hours a day, as decorations, and add a rich Gothic horror aesthetic to the already gloomy Undercity. I have long been vocal about Sylvanas’s aesthetics.

Compared to these undead air forces that play the role of horror film in the night sky, those flying Demon are equally ugly, but at least they have not reached the level of not going out to mosaic their faces, they have to be dragged out, these long enormous bat wings The violent naked men who have the same muscles as the governor of California have an altitude far beyond the average height of Demon. The strange and complicated black magic lines are almost full of 80% of their exposed skin, and the faint black mist is from These magic lines rise and show their identity as Demon.

Didn’t expect those Fallen Apostles technicians are so crazy that they have put this biochemical technology into practical use in such a short period of time.

With the first frost Huge Dragon screaming a fierce frozen storm toward a welcoming fanatic-level attacker, the melee finally unfolded.

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