Xiling Empire Chapter 22

The twenty-second chapter is still less bloody

The next morning, in the base lounge, we saw the Esper that Lin Xue said was good at defense.

A seemingly inconspicuous youngster, about 20 is up and down, wearing a casual outfit that looks like a stall. The face is a bit white, and the short and medium hair comb is meticulous. It doesn’t seem to like talking very much. Seeing that the three of us just ordered it. Nod, just sit aside.

Lin Xue stood up and began to introduce to us: “This is Zheng Yiming, Esper, who is best at Defense Ability in our organization. Although I don’t like talking very much, it is actually a very enthusiastic person.”

“Hello.” Zheng Yiming showed a polite smile, nodded said.

“This is my brother, Lin Feng, the ability to manipulate compressed air for attack.” A seemingly awkward male student next to Lin Xue stood up and yelled at Pandora and said: “Last attack You are very sorry, it’s all Elder Sister’s idea, you can retaliate without mercy.”

… It’s really the younger brother of Lin Xue’s, what hides under the sly appearance is the heart of a black belly!

“Little Feng, I will marry you when I have time.” Lin Xue smiled at Lin Feng and then pointed to Qianqian and said: “This is Xu Qianqian. In this missing Investigation Team, there is an archeologist called Xu Feng. The family is her father, and she will act with us in the following actions. The main task of Zheng Yiming is to protect her safety.”

“Hello,” Qianqian smiled and said to Zheng Yiming. “Although I still don’t know what I can do, I will definitely work hard!”

“Lin Xue, you have been saying that Qianqian will help in the next move. Can you tell me what she can do now? I don’t want her to be in danger.”

“This will soon be known, and Qianqian’s security can be assured that Zheng Yiming’s protection ability is not a joke.”

Protectionability ? Can it be positively resistant to Xiling against star anti-phase impact guns?

I have already decided that no matter what the Zheng Yiming has, I will protect the Qianqian as the first priority in the subsequent actions. Even if the task fails, it doesn’t matter. The soldiers with the Xiling Expedition Force Force help me. I really don’t. It is necessary to let Qianqian take this risk in person.

“These two,” Lin Xue pointed to me and Pandora. “It’s a pair of brothers and sisters, all very powerful Esper.”

“Esper?!” Zheng Yiming, who has always been very indifferent, finally showed a surprised look, and then he suddenly looked at us with the same expectations as Lin Xue.

“Don’t think about it,” Lin Xue said, “I told them long ago, but unfortunately, they resolutely refused to join the organization, but they promised to help us when needed.” – Just like now.”

“Oh.” Zheng Yiming nodded with a disappointing expression. Lin Xue continued to introduce: “This is sister Pan Lily. The special ability is thoughts conversation, which will play a minor role in the team’s actions.”

Zheng Yiming’s eyes lit up and praised: “Good performance… Oh? Your eyes.”

“I can’t see.” Pandora said calmly, Zheng Yiming suddenly awkwardly said: “Ah, sorry…”

“There is also this, minor character A, the ability to generate high temperature Energy Attack locally, and seems to have the ability of remote control such as attack, fighting strength is very strong.”

“Hello, minor character A.” Zheng Yiming said very well.

… Should I be angry? !

“Okay, no kidding,” Lin Xue saw that my face had a green trend. When I saw it, I said, “His name is Chen Jun. – Why is he and his sister not a surname? That’s because both of them are orphans, they were adopted by different families from an early age, and they finally recognized each other when they grew up. Their ability was also awakened after recognition.”

After one by one, Lin Xue proposed: “Now everyone knows each other. For the convenience of future actions, we should be able to familiarize ourselves with the companion’s ability.”

“That is, show off their respective Esper?” I am nodded, this is a good opportunity to see the real Esper.

Qianqian listened to Esper, and also came to the interest, excitedly shouted: “Oh, good Oh! Let me open my eyes, I always listen to you said Esper Esper, but in addition to Lily’s ability, I have not seen you yet. Esper!”

“There is a closed walkthrough here,” Lin Xue said. “We can be there…”

“Wait,” I interrupted Lin Xue’s. “My ability has a wide range of influences. Can it be done outdoors?”

Of course, it is going to be carried out outdoors. The Xiling space weapon is launched directly from outer space. If it is launched in the drill field, can I afford to make a hole in this base?

“That’s good, anyway, here is the desert, there is space in the outdoor space.”

Beyond the base, our five Esper and one of the lively Qianqian are ready.

“First of all, my ability is perception,” Lin Xue said. “I can accurately perceive the environment of the surrounding and the flow of energy, and judge what will happen in a short period of time based on the sixth sense – of course, I have not yet reached the prediction. The exaggerated ability is just a rough idea of ​​the probability of something happening. For example, after 3 seconds, there will be a strong wind blowing, and Qianqian’s hat will be blown off.”

“Ah?” Qianqian subconsciously pressed the hat on the head.

3 seconds is a very short period of time. Almost Qianqian just pressed the hat, and the wind whizzed past. Of course, because Qianqian had already pressed the hat, the wind did not play the role of Lin Xue. Effect.

“That’s it. I can predict that there is a strong wind after 3 seconds and the wind is enough to scrape the Qianqian’s hat, but the fact will still deviate from my intuition. As for my observation ability – just Qianqian’s action on the hat The energy is 0.132 kilojoule, but unfortunately this data I can do nothing about it.”

Pandora’s voice passed through the spiritual connection: “It’s 0.13185 kilojoule, the so view’s perception of energy, Lin Xue’s ability has reached the level of a general Xiling explorer, and her short-term Ability [Precognition] is more powerful than Perception Ability.”

It’s really amazing Esper! This is simply half a Prophet Oh!

Seeing Qianqian and my astonished look, Lin Xue smiled smugly and said, “Well, who is next?”

“This is my ability.” Pandora’s voice sounded at the same time in the hearts of the people, and then there was no more.

… is really a short display that fits the Pandora personality.

“My ability is wind blade edge – I’m gonna come over and match me.”

Zheng Yiming nodded, stood at a distance of more than ten meters from us, and then nodded to this side, indicating that I am ready.

Lin Feng is slightly relieved, then slams his right hand forward!

“wind blade edge !”

I saw a few almost transparent twisted air flew in the direction of Zheng Yiming at a very high speed. At the same time, Zheng Yiming also had a protective layer of light blue and translucent film in front of it. The wind blade edge hits the protective layer and provokes a wave of ripples that are calm, while a few Lin Feng deliberately deflected wind blade edges fly from Zheng Yiming, a few hundred meters away. A sand dune is split directly into two halves!

Do not think that the sand dune texture is soft and despise the attack power of these wind blade edges. It should be known that the loss of sand to various external forces is quite strong. A sand dune with a radius of hundreds of meters is the strongest. Big sniper rifles can’t be worn!

“It’s like making a movie…” Qianqian couldn’t help but whisper to see the sight like a stunt.

“If the role view attack is strong, I am not the most powerful.” Lin Feng smiled modestly, then said with a look of fear: “You will see Chen Jun’s ability in a moment, I will not feel that I am strong… …”

I smiled a little and then went a few steps.

Since Pandora Heavy Armored Regiment came to this World, my connection with Xiling Origin Star’s has been strengthened. Although I haven’t reached the point where I can chat with Gaia every day, I want to make that 100.00%… Unusable instruction set. The point effect is still possible.

After confirming that I have successfully connected, I look good, and I look at my nose and nose and look at my heart. I feel as if I am stiff, and I am mad at the moment…

“You have to put the poss up and we will go back.” Lin Xue said on the side that he was not salty.

“Amaterasu!” I yelled quite a bit, and my right hand waved forward. At the same time, I said, “Request Cross Space support.”

I saw a dazzling white light beam with a few meters thick, with a low-pitched sound to drop out from the sky, and then quickly fell into the sand 100 meters ahead.

A magma pool with a diameter of nearly ten meters…

There was a sound of coolness coming from behind me.

Worse! Play big!

“Chen Jun… Is this your real strength?” Lin Xue asked, twitching in her mouth. In her heart, she had already turned up the waves: God, this power, can this be explained by Esper? I really didn’t really annoy the Lord on the day of the loss, or else…

Lin Feng is also a cold sweat, but he was chased all day and night! Oh!

Zheng Yiming is also stupid. He was still very confident about his Defense Ability, but now it seems… can he stay for one second under this attack?

Only Xu Qianqian, who had no heart and lungs, could not realize how exaggerated this power was, but instead looked at me with a look of admiration.

“This… In fact, my level of attack is subject to a lot of restrictions,” I explained with a smile. “The first consumption is too big, I can’t use it continuously, and the range is very bad. I have to work hard every time I start.” Long time – just when I put poss…”

“Oh–” Everybody nodded, and it seemed that the balance was finally balanced.

Lin Xue seems to have acted as the captain from the very beginning. After everyone has returned from the scene, she said loudly: “Okay, now everyone has a certain understanding of each other, who is still Do you have any questions?”

I looked around for a while.

Pandora, using thoughts conversation to convey intelligence, Lin Xue, using detection capability and short-term Ability [Precognition] to map, Zheng Yiming uses the Defense Ability to be the master of the team, and Lin Feng is the team’s main force dps, plus On Qianqian this key NPC, um…

“Lin Xue,” I said with a raised hand, “Let’s add a little blood!”

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