Xiling Empire Chapter 221

Chapter 221 The Avengers

At this time, the entire island of God has been surrounded by layers of undead and flying Demon, although the island’s anti-aircraft turrets can smash countless stone ghosts into the dross every second, spreading at the four corners of the island. The Fortress guns put the frost Huge Dragon into an endless meat grinder, but the level of death of these guys is beyond our expectations. It can even be said: even if it is smashed into fragments, they have to let their bodies The block is on the shield of the island of God.

And the number of these chaotic miscellaneous players has reached a level of horror. The enemy targets on the radar have changed from a bunch of dense red dots to large patches of red patches, and the area of โ€‹โ€‹these patches is still Growing up, I even suspect that Fallen Apostles has put all of the cannon fodders that they have accumulated in Azeroth and twisted voids for more than a decade, even though I know very well that the enemy Commander will not take it. Such a dangerous tactic.

As early as the first frost Huge Dragon broke through the fire blockade and came over the island of God, the corps of the various ethnic groups and the escorts they brought were put into battle. These Azeroth World aborigines, though impossible, could not do the same with Pandora. Compared with the Apostle, the leader, but they also have the power of high-level Apostle, and several of them have shown a firepower that is almost equal to that of a frigate after full attack. I can’t help but deal with these originals. The Azeroth people, who have not been highly anticipated, are eye-catching. Among the strong people of these ethnic groups, several Dragon Clan representatives are particularly attractive to us. Perhaps it is the result of seeing the enemy Huge Dragonโ€™s serious provocation against Dragon Clanโ€™s dignity. These noble creatures are completely fighting in a mad-like way, dragon breath, dragon magic, claws, flying, almost all the attack methods I can think of can be used by Dragon Clan. Once again, the enemies who died under them were almost the sum of representatives of other ethnic groups, and the frost Huge Dragon It is accounted for nearly 80 percent of the number of such victories so I could not help exclaiming: Sure enough, even if it is not life, but also afraid of mad ……

However, after deciding to send out the Avengers, I quickly summoned the heroes of these various ethnic groups who had entered the state of excitement. Once they came back, they would no longer be able to fight against such a large army. Too big a role, and secondly, these are important people in all ethnic groups. In the event of a three-and-two short at this moment, I am afraid that the Salvation Army, which has just been established and has various internal problems, is not a small blow. Three times… The unit of the Avengers is really too special…

As the various combat units returned to their mothership protection Force Field, the chaotic sky suddenly became empty. Of course, these spaces were soon filled with beulful by enemies who thought they were victorious. However, there is a strong protection Force Field, these crazy attack guys will not cause too much damage to us for a while, but soon, they will be greeted by the most horrible arms from coming from Xiling.

The original upper armor of the island of God opened a large number of launching ports, and the inside was a brightly-transported passage. The sound of the anti-gravity engine was loud, indicating that a large number of flying Soldiers were coming to the exit.

The first to find out is the muzzle of two redesigned individual Psionic guns. This large-scale single-handed artillery with the same power and energy consumption is rarely assembled even for those Xiling soldiers with large waists. It is the standard configuration of the Avengers. What is surprising is that these big killers appear in the launching mouth, not the big man who is bigger than the Terminator, but one wearing a red alloy. Battle Armor’s…slender female soldier.

Yes, the female soldier, who appears at the exit of the launch channel is a group of female Xiling Apostle, who are not only equipped with the same weapon and armor, but even have exactly the same blood red hair, the uniform height and body, and It’s like the same look carved out in a mold. In short, these Xiling female soldiers, known as the Avengers, are simply a clone army. You can’t even find a hair difference from them.

To be honest, the first time I saw these girls, I was shocked by the fact that the famous Vengence Army turned out to be a women’s army.

I have been wondering why Shadora’s most famous legion was called the Vengence Army, and now the answer has been revealed.

The reason is that these special Xiling Apostles, known as the Avengers, are Shandora’s favorite intermediate combat units and the most terrible force of the former “War Song Princess” under the enemy’s best terror-stricken at the news. It is a medium-level warrior with a lot of high-level than ordinary Xiling soldiers, so Shandora has not let Bubbles produce such expensive war weapons, and I just recently learned that there is such a thing in the Xiling military system.

Perhaps from the outside, you still can’t see how terrible the avengers are – cough cough, dragging out the guy who is screaming for tens of thousands of female soldiers to perform the temptations – after all, they are still equipped with imagination. The “conventional weapons” inside, and seeing their thin looks, can’t make much sense of oppression, but the horror of these guys is not on the outside.

They have two very special skills that will make them even strange if Pandora raises his face.

The first is “Fever and Revenge”. In 10 minutes, the two Psionic guns in their hands are driven at the expense of all the parts of the body, which increases the range of the attack by 300% and increases the chance of hit by 200%. , the attack power is increased by 300%, the attack speed is increased by 500%, and in this state, the Avengers will destroy all the energy safety valves with the body, so that their energy furnace is in an uncontrolled manner. Crazy output, so that each attack they carry is attached to 30% of the proliferation damage, and this damage value will grow rapidly with the gradual collapse of these crazy warriors within the reactor!

Horror? Two individual Psionic guns, in this case can play the power of not being weaker than the main gun of the frigate, in other words, from the attack force, the Avengers who enter the “fanatic revenge” state can even turn one by one warship!

However, any bugs are signify system errors, any plugins are signify to suspend the account, and any gold finger is signing enormous.

As I said earlier, the state of enthusiasm and revenge is “within ten minutes.” This is not to say that the vengeful revenge effect will stop after ten minutes, but… Ten minutes later, the Avengers themselves will be completely burned due to the overload of the whole body, melting into a pile. Energy residue…

This is a skill that must die once it is started.

Their second skill is more crazy than the first one – “Glory bursts”

In short, it is self-destructing, rushing to the most intensive places of the enemy, and then destroying the control center with the body, detonating the specially-made super-capacity Psionic reactor and their explosive materials and weapon ammunition. The power of the Psionic reactor, the power of the explosion can almost tear a light Xiling driving out ship into a fragment, and the outer armor of these Avengers is made of a special cracked shell of Knock Stone, when the energy furnace explodes. This layer of armor that is not so strong will turn into a deadly shrapnel in the sky. An avenger who rushes into the crowd is definitely more horrible than the most insane terrorists!

The most commonly used tactics of the Avengers are also very simple. That is, when you get on the court, you start “Furious Revenge”. After ten minutes of crazy wreck, you rushed up to “Glory and Explosion”, hitting in the most crazy and terrible way.ๅžฎ The physical and spiritual spirit of the enemy.

Now everyone should see that the Avengers are a one-off weapon and an extremely alternative one-piece weapon.

When I first learned about this type of service, I was really shocked. It was so crazy and… the abnormal way of fighting really made me feel that it was difficult for people who have stayed in a peaceful environment for many years. Moreover, Use ordinary Soldier’s living thing as a consumable…

Fortunately, Xiling Apostle is not a madman who kills people. The Avengers are intermediate combat units, but they are not the same as the average intermediate Xiling Apostle. They are all mentally unscrupulous, not to mention basic thinking and independent personality. These simple robots don’t even have a complete memory loop. They can only record up to ten clear commands after activation, and fight under a simple reflective control system, except for the appearance of a Human Race. โ€œFemale soldiersโ€ are just robots without thoughts. Although the original intention of this design is to reduce the cost of this one-off product, for me, the greater significance is to avoid the humanitarian crisis.

Of course, I still insist that it is too bad to make a special semi-Artificial Intelligence bomb into the appearance of Human Race…

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