Xiling Empire Chapter 223

Chapter 223 is very dangerous

In the distant clouds, an enormous black shadow floats there, like the island of Ghost in the night sky. From the beginning of the battle, the enormous spaceship with dozens of kilometers of body has been quietly hovering there, like a crouching The beast usually looks at our killings with cold eyes, and now, it finally shows off its own fangs, ready to completely shred the enemy in front of it.

The light of the stars is like the stars in the night sky. It appears on the front of the ennormous shadows. These stars are moving around each other and are getting brighter and brighter. They are gradually connected to each other to form a bright track like a circuit board. The lines cross each other in a complicated way, and then all converge on the center of a ring, and inside the ring, the brighter spots move faster and gradually form an ellipse. The whirlpool – just like the galaxy of the galaxy.

“The Eternal Level’s ship’s main gun is a high-energy-type material quenching generator with an effective diameter of half a kilometer.” Looking at the clear scene from the Hologram image that seems to be close at hand, Shandora’s tone is still smooth, even though It’s World’s end, and I can’t let this cool and wise Xiling Queen shake it. Well, I’m deliberately not going to see the popcorn particles on her clothes. “This amazing destructive weapon can be in five seconds. Inside, a medium-sized city is completely melted. After two stages of recharging, its power can be doubled. Because of the energy disturbance of the main gun at the start, it also has a nice name: Galaxy. ”

Ah, how beautiful and powerful the weapon is, if this thing is not aimed at us, then it is better – I said it is time to speak in this calm tone! ?

Looking at Shandora’s expression as if nothing was wrong, the coffee table in my heart was instantly overturned.

“Don’t worry too much,” Shandora still maintains a calm expression, glanced at the Eternal Level main gun that has been integrated into a rotating galaxy on the Hologram projection with a careless look. “Although this thing is very powerful, But the joint defense of the entire fleet, Force Field, is not something that can be easily broken, so at least in the 30 minutes before our energy is exhausted, the enemy has nothing to do with us.”

In other words, must the reason for the collapse of the fleet command system be found within 30 minutes? This is really a race against time.

Looking at the readings of the protective cover whose energy intensity is declining, my forehead is also slightly sweaty.

“A’Jun,” Shandora’s voice suddenly passed. “I am afraid.”

I looked at it strangely, but I met Shandora’s calm waters.

“I am afraid, I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid that I will be separated from you, but I must be so calm, because if the most powerful Xiling Emperor is timid, our army will be finished, so, A’Jun… ”

Looking at the blue eyes that are still calm but I was amazed by the blue eyes, I suddenly opened my mouth and said cheerfully: “For a long time, the big thing is to charge the main gun to scare and scare. Let’s not believe it, the Fallen Apostles who have been killed by God Clan can also destroy these ace of the trumpets!”

Yeah, I am afraid, I am as scared as Shandora, and Shandora is simply afraid of death to separate us, but I am afraid of more, after all, by my side, there are Qianqian, and sister, Della, Pandora… The departure of each of them is not acceptable to me, but now I and Shadora must not care, or even ridicule the big spaceship that is arrogant, because we are the only ones who can’t be afraid.

As long as the IQ reaches double digits, people can think that the current situation is definitely not a normal system failure – Xiling Empire’s science and technology has not fallen to the same level as the cottage phone, no doubt, our command system is subject to The destructive blow of the enemy, but – what exactly did they do?

The Supreme control system of the entire spaceship formation, how perfect protection measures should be completely destroyed when we have not reacted, even the simple control of manipulating spaceship to evade is completely shielded. Is this World? There is also a more powerful science and technology civilization than the Xiling Empire! ?

But now that we don’t have time to think about how the enemy broke through our control system, it’s imperative that the spaceship formation that has been completely smashed be reactivated within thirty minutes.

Sivis stood on the adjutant’s seat and said loudly to the operators who had become a mess below: “How about, why did you find the reason? How can spare energy last for only half an hour?”

“Reporting Senior Officer! The core command source still has no response! The spare energy is unknown!”


“What is this core command source?” I suddenly found out that the original coming from has been listening to the book, and the next Qianqian and sister are also a confused expression.

Shandora frowned and said in a worried tone: “It’s Bubbles.”

“Now the connection between us and Bubbles has been interrupted,” seeing my expression still a bit confused, Shandora explained. “The core computer of the airfort is Bubbles, at the same time. She is also the command center of the entire fleet, but just now The command that has been continuously transmitted from the central computer room has been suddenly interrupted, and it has not been contacted until now… I am afraid that the enemy has destroyed the communication channel between the central computer room and the outside world, and used the Bubbles as a springboard to invade all the instructions of the entire fleet computer… Like a computer virus…”

Qianqian immediately said anxiously: “That is not going to the central computer room!? Bubbles may be dangerous Oh!”

Shandora’s face was a bit gloomy. She shook her head and replied: “It’s useless, because here is the central computer room…”

Here is Yes? I looked around strangely, but I didn’t find anything that could have something to do with the little otaku girl.

“You can’t find it. The central computer room uses the plane overlay technology. It is hidden in the same position as the command room but in different dimensions. I want it to appear in our material plane unless it is the dimension of the entire command room. Twisted or Bubbles actively detached, but both operations must have Bubbles’ participation – originally designed to make the core computer safe and secure, but didn’t expect Bubbles to be trapped in parallel space .”

“plane overlay?” I struggled to understand the terminology in Shandora’s mouth and translated it into an explanation I could understand. “In other words, Bubbles and her computer room are our halls, and she is standing by them. However, because the dimensions are different, we can’t see each other, and now the Bubbles’ command can’t be passed to the external system of the fortress, so she is trapped in the parallel space, right?”

Shandora nodded.

“Is this design too brainy?!” I immediately exclaimed. Whose idea is this design? Once the door is locked, even the brain bugs that people inside can’t get out are reviewed by Xiling technicians! ? Did the designer not consider what to do once the system has an error? ?

Shandora glanced at me and hesitated a little, then said: “This air fortress was temporarily modified from the turret of the planetary orbital gun. Although it is powerful, there will always be a loophole…”

… I understand, it seems that I was in the whim to convert the planetary orbital gun into an air fortress. Now I am guilty, I regret it, I am white…

“Although this vulnerability exists, the chances of it actually appearing are still very small,” Shandora seems to be looking at my face that doesn’t look good. Then, “Xiling Host’s own protection is no better than a well-designed fortress control.” The hub is simple, although it usually doesn’t look very reliable, but Bubbles is indeed an experienced senior Apostle. It is impossible for any foreign system invasion to break through the information barrier of Bubbles within the body, so the enemy must have mastered what is more effective. The trump card, I am afraid that even if we bring the Savior-class celestial fortress, they have to be invaded by them… Hey, this shame, I recorded it in Shandora!”

Shandora’s voice just fell, and suddenly a sharp space wave appeared next to us, Acida – Acidora Twin appeared in the command room in a dazzling white light.

How did they come? According to the previous plan, isn’t it allowed to be stationed on the island of Theramore?

Seeing the doubts on my face, Shandora explained: “Acida and Acidora have a lot of skills to interfere with space. I want them to try to convert us to phase, maybe we can send us without destroying the host room. Into the same dimensions as Bubbles, as for the Serramo, the actions of the sisters are completely ignoring the spatial distance, and they can arrive at any time, so you don’t have to worry.”

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