Xiling Empire Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Black Pandora

“Finally… you can take it back…”

The eccentric cloak girl in front of me said, slowly turned around and opened the wide hood that covered her face.

A fairly familiar face appeared in front of me, and then, and Qianqian at the same time, I couldn’t help but exclaim.


That’s right, Pandora is Pandora! In any case, I will not make a mistake at this time. The face that appears in front of me is Pandora!

However, it seems that there is still a little difference.

Even though it is almost exactly the same face, this “Pandora” face in front of me has an expression I have never seen before: anger, excitement, expectation, and faint madness. Such a rich expression appears in the one I am used to. The small face, always like a sculpture-like ice-cold, makes me feel so uncoordinated, and her eyes are different from the Pandora I am familiar with. Due to the “model”, Pandora’s eyes are always in the usual It’s a gray state with no focus. It can hardly see anything like eyes. In battle, Pandora’s eyes will become bright purple-red, which can improve her dynamic observation and attack accuracy by dozens or even Hundreds of times, when calculating and processing massive amounts of information at high speed, Pandora’s eyes will turn into beautiful ice blue, and there will be a little bit of glimmer in the inside – here is an extra sentence, at this moment Pandora’s belly It will send out a very interesting “Drip” sound Oh~~

Cough cough …… I mean, this Pandora in front of her, her eyes are completely different from the well-behaved sister I know, her scorpion is like a cat-like blood red 瞳! I clearly remember that Pandora’s eyes are not in this state!

However, despite the difference of so many, the girl in front of me really has the same face as Pandora, and the cold in manner face that always appears around me, I will never misunderstand.

“Pandora? Hehe…” “Pandora” in front of me whispered, and smiled at the same time, but the next second, the crazy look completely occupied her expression, the girl violently waved With my own arms, I yelled at us loudly with angry voices: “Pandora!? Why?! Why do you even have to be taken away?? Why do you want me to call Pandora!!! Why Pandora can have it? The name, and I don’t even have a meaning of existence!? I am also Pandora! I am also Pandora! We are all tens of thousands of Pandora! But…we don’t even have meaning in existence…”

The madness finally reached the end, and gradually became a sob of sobs. The girl in front of the eyes was full of sorrow, and the sound was to be full of choked, but there was no tear in the strange cat.

“Pandora, you…” I hesitated to speak. To tell the truth, I didn’t understand almost every word that the girl said. Even though I understand every word, how can it be so complicated after they are combined into a sentence? Is my baby sister crazy?

“You are not allowed to call me Pandora!” The girl in front of her suddenly said to me in a tone that was as threatening as the beast’s low-pitched voice. Although she did not have any movements, my heart suddenly appeared. A strong sense of crisis, almost subconsciously I took Qianqian and suddenly jumped to the side, almost at the same time, two dark energy beams from the bottom up the ground we just stood, whistling and disappearing in the endless gray-black sky.

You are a big snake Oh! You give me a shot of the aura! Oh, will you still have a sunny sun Oh!

Well, the above is the confusion in the brain when the home is unsettled. Please choose to ignore it.

The sudden attack made me appeared for a moment of disappointment, Pandora? She even attacked me? !

“You are not Pandora,” Qianqian looked at the girl in front of her with ice-cold. The attack on her just made her angry. “Tell me your name, I don’t like to make a body without a name!”

…Qianqian, you scared me…

But Qianqian’s words suddenly made me understand, the strange action of this girl from the very beginning and her special eyes finally explained – she is only very similar to Pandora, but she is definitely not true. Pandora.

I finally let go of my heart, as long as I am attacking this person is not Pandora, otherwise I will really not accept this fact, but my doubts are more and more, the young girl and Pandora are so similar, the body There isn’t a slight gap between the appearance and even the length of the hair. I can’t help but wonder if she has anything to do with the real Pandora. It involves my sister, and I can’t help it.

More importantly, I want to know that our actions have been accurately controlled by the enemy all the time. Even this time they can give us such a huge trap in the endless sea, is it because of this girl? – Since she can easily sneak into the central office set up in parallel dimensions and have no password locks, it is certainly not difficult to master our intelligence, but we attacked the territory of all ethnic groups. Still can’t explain, especially Pandora and Shandora. They were with Dragon Clan at the time, and we didn’t even know where the place was. Didn’t this girl still keep up with them?

I remembered Lin Xue’s prophecy: In the near future, Pandora stood on Demon’s fortress and launched an attack on us. It seems that the girl in the future scene that Lin Xue sees is not Pandora, but the girl who has exactly the same appearance as Pandora.

At this moment, my heart finally has a feeling of seeing the clouds, although it is still doubtful, but as long as Pandora can get rid of this quagmire, I am already satisfied. Now it seems that I was firmly skeptical of Pandora. Sure enough, it is quite prescient. Oh! Who said that the sixth sense of a man doesn’t work? ε’±The seventh sense is so effective!

Very good, please call me as a premonition emperor in the future, thank you…

To my surprise, the girl who just launched the attack on us didn’t take me and Qianqian’s horrified effort to pursue us. Instead, she suddenly squatted on the spot and looked at us with panic eyes, as if I didn’t believe that I had just seen the scene, and then she rushed to us in a panic: “I’m sorry, sorry! I… I don’t want to attack you… I really…”

“She won’t be crazy?” I whispered to Qianqian.

Qianqian didn’t answer me, but opened her hands slightly and looked at the front with more cautious eyes.

The girl with some abnormal nerves apologized to us in a panic, and walked toward us in a small step, then stood at five meters in front of us, suddenly revealing a look of expectation, laughing and saying: “Brother Come home with me!”


Qianqian came over and said: “Well, it’s crazy.”

To be honest, I am at this moment ready for all battles, Super Space-Time FireWire connection, mental power barrier, various energy summons across Space-Time, basically I can use the same combat skills at the same time. Already ready to go, as long as the other party’s intention to show a little attack, I can quickly launch an attack before her, but thousands of calculations, I did not count this crazy man would say such a sentence!

“You… aren’t you kidding?” I think my mind is cold sweat.

“Can’t you?” The other person showed a disappointed look, then suddenly showed his expression of determination, said with a smile: “Let’s stay here with me!”

I said: “Hey?”

“A’Jun, behind!”

Qianqian suddenly yelled, and then I felt that the hair on my back suddenly stood upright, because I felt that something amazing in energy was rushing toward me.

“Disappear in the wrong history!”

A violent explosion came, but the strange thing was that, except for this really blast, I looked back and saw nothing. Just everything was like an illusion.

“Oh…” The cloak girl laughed. “It’s really Elder Sister Qianqian. It can tamper with history and let the glutton’s missile explode before it launches…”

“Who are you?”

Qianqian’s voice is unprecedented in ice-cold. Two consecutive sneak attacks have exhausted her patience. No matter what kind of answer the girl in front of her makes, she can’t let go.

“Oh, I am…”

“I am… I am…”

The strange young girl seems to be suddenly caught in some kind of wrong infinite loop. The eyes are dull and repeating two simple syllables. When I and Qianqian are ready to start, she suddenly returns to God. Shouted: “I am Pandora, I am Pandora! We are Pandora!Haha!!Hahaha…”

The crazy girl shouted, laughed wildly, and then burst into tears: “We are Pandora… good how good Pandora… The name originally given to us is Pandora…but there is only one Pandora…so We can’t be Pandora, I don’t have a name, because my name is Pandora, so I don’t have a name…”

What is this everything in disorder?

I looked at Qianqian at the same time, feeling that I was in a madman at the same time, and it was a real madman. I don’t know what other ideas Qianqian had, but I also got a word in my mind: system error.

No name, so called Pandora, how is it good? Are these words really connected without grammatical errors? If the Little Girl in front of her is Fallen Apostles, has her Artificial Intelligence module been burned?

I hesitated whether I was going to slap the other person into madness, but hesitated without a reason. The other party repeatedly repeated the words Pandora, and more than once mentioned the “name”, which made me enmorous curiosity, she What does it have to do with Pandora? Did she know Pandora before she went crazy? Is she really hostile to us?

This last point sounds very strange. It is clear that there have been two sneak attacks. The conclusion should be unquestionable, but the panic and embarrassment she showed after the first attack was so real, and the second attack She is obviously a bit mad, I really don’t know what this young girl means.

Moreover, looking at this face that is almost exactly the same as Pandora, I really can’t go…

The Qianqian on the side obviously has some hesitation. After transforming the character, Qianqian will be very cold, but she has not lost her feelings for relative, and she is still very powerful. She still can’t do this very much. Pandora has a very big girl to start with – especially the other is a poor madman.

“Brother!” At this moment, the crazy girl suddenly came normal again. She stared at the red eyes and stared at me with a straight look. “Name!”

I said it was very confusing. Really, a madman’s remarks are usually very confusing.

“Name!” girl repeated again, “Brother, give me a name! I want to know who I am, I want to know who I can be besides Pandora…”

Retracting the words just now, this guy is not coming over!

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