Xiling Empire Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Carrow’s Join

Before leaving for the missing trace of the Investigation Team, Lin Xue first took us to a small town not far from the base.

The town is small, about a few thousand people, but the building next to the street looks neat and modern, not like a desert town.

It seems that there is no reaction to the people in our town. They just look at our outsiders and then do their own things.

I don’t know why, I always have a strange feeling when I walk in this town.

“didn’t expect there are such towns in the desert.” Looking at the crowds of surrounding people, Qianqian couldn’t help but be amazed. Although he knows that there are people living in the desert, the problem is – here is the central part of the Taklaman Desert. Oh! Inaccessible, resource-poor, even the most basic drinking water can not be solved, how can a town in this place not let her curiosity.

Zheng Yiming seems to be familiar with this place. He introduced the road in front of us and said: “This town is not a normal place. In fact, it is a Refuge – it can also be called Exiled Place.”

“What?” My gossip soul suddenly burned.

“International Top Ranks Bootlegger, Arms Business, the descendants of the big family who were driven out, the hermits who were chased by the enemy, and even one or two Esper who made mistakes and never allowed to leave this desert. Don’t underestimate each of them here. A person, whoever goes out can make the whole World shake.”

“Oh!” Qianqian exclaimed, then grabbed my arm tightly, and the surrounding people who looked like a good-looking desert in her eyes seemed to become a fierce mob.

“Reassured,” Lin Xue patted Qianqian’s shoulder comfortably. “No matter what the big man, it’s going to be honest in this exile town. There are a few rules in this place. First: no matter what you commit outside. How big is wrong, when you get here, you will be written off, that is, you are already ‘dead’. Second: Once you come here, without the permission of the organization, no one wants to leave, unless you are confident and have the ability to escape the whole The pursuit of the organization. Third: no one here is not wanting to provoke a life, no matter how far away you are, here is just an ordinary town citizen, otherwise – huh, in general, some very discord In addition, the town is not completely isolated from the outside world. Occasionally, there are some licensed outsiders coming in, but they do not know the truth of the town. They can know the truth, except for the people in the organization. Chen Jun is a special person like you.”

“Great,” I grinned. “How do you feel like you are a lawless Terrorist Organization?”

“Cut – we are contributing to World!” Lin Xue habitually refuted me. “Most of these guys will be harmful to Human Race as long as they live on World, but it’s a pity that they kill. So we took this approach.

“Organization provides them with shelter so that they are not torn into a fragment by the enemy or anyone else. Correspondingly, they are honestly staying here and serving the organization with their own ability, whether you believe it or not, in front of you. There are examples of this: they use the Internet or other means to direct the flow of billions of dollars from outside World, just to be able to eat a full meal here, so here is Refuge, at the same Time is also Exiled Place…”

Refuge ……Exiled Place ……

I carefully understand Lin Xue’s words and once again carefully observe the desert inhabitants who seem to be unremarkable.

From the outside, they are just the most common residents, but when I look carefully, I still find the difference in their eyes.

Some coldly indifferent, some numb, some unwilling, and some cast a naked sly color to us.

But here they can only press these emotions deep in their hearts and try to make themselves an ordinary desert inhabitant.

Just then, “Big Brother, what?” A familiar bass came from afar.

“Hey–” My body is petrified instantly.

Along with the sound of “giggle”, I turned my already stiff neck, and then a knight-faced uncle dressed as a hacker Empire greeted the passerby with a pirated disc.

… Carrow, Empire’s excellent Commander, was sentenced to death by Empire Emperor on 2010 12 Day 6 Day, on the charge: too Idiot.


But I really want to do this, bastard! Is this guy really Xiling Empire’s Commander? Are you really not out of the funny extras or the undercover of the enemy? Have you not received any training from intelligence personnel in the military? In addition to wearing a hacker’s Empire suit to sell CDs, can’t you think of a better way to hide your identity? !

At this moment, I have no hope for the IQ of the knight’s face.

“Hey? How do I feel that this uncle who bought the face is so familiar with Ah?” Lin Xue, who had accidentally seen Carrow in the car, talked to himself strangely.

The key to the problem is not here? The key to the problem is how can there be a big uncle who buys pirated disks in this place?

“No – how come there is such a person here?!” Zheng Yiming first reacted, “Catch him!”

“Wait!” I hurriedly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xue asked me strangely. “Do you know this person?”

I am really brain-dead, what do you say Oh!

In the face of Lin Xue’s gaze, I quickly organized my inner language, but how can I explain the relationship between the uncle who sold the pirated disc in exile town and me?

“He is a friend of his brother.” Pandora suddenly spoke up.

… Pandora, do you know that I am trying to find a way to associate with this uncle who looks suspiciously at the sight of Oh!

“It’s also an Esper.” Pandora continues to break the news.

“What?!” Lin Xue, Lin Feng and Zheng Yiming exclaimed in unison. Is Esper worthless this year? How can a suspicious uncle who buys a pirated disk on the street become Esper?

At this time, Pandora’s voice was transmitted through the spiritual connection: “Carrow is an Empire Military Officer who is very good at defending the position. His own fighting strength can not be ignored. I hope that he can join us in later action – I think The event was not that simple, and one level of insurance is always good.”

“Chen Jun,” Lin Xue’s voice interrupted my conversation with Pandora’s. “Do you know this person? Is he really Esper?”

“Well…nothing!” I replied in a panic, then said with a gesture: “He will add blood!”


After a few minutes, it is said to add blood… cough cough, it will treat Esper’s Carrow and we will take together.

“Chen Jun, is this guy really okay?” Lin Xue asked with a worried look as he looked at the knight’s face uncle who was selling pirated discs along the way. “Suddenly a person of unknown origin joins.”

“I can guarantee with my own personality, he is absolutely reliable!”

“A traveler-loving Esper accidentally lost his way to the exile town protected by the Esper Organization when he visited the Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert and fell to sell pirated discs for a living – do you think I should believe it? The weird name, Carrow, isn’t this a real name?” Lin Xue didn’t trust the uncle who dared to sell the pirated disc in the town of exile, but she finally sighed and said, “Forget it, Anyway, my instinct tells me that this person can be trusted. I hope my ability does not lie to me this time.”

“Who are we going to find Ah?” Qianqian finally couldn’t help but “can’t go to the end of the town. When do we go to the ruins? One day, my father will be more dangerous Oh!”

“Don’t worry,” Lin Feng smiled softly. “Now the person we are looking for is very important. Without his help, I am afraid that we will disappear in the same ruins as your father.”

“Who is so amazing?” I was curious, “Is it Esper?”

Lin Xue shook his head and said, “No, he is just an ordinary old man, but he has something unusual. It has the power to make the remains settle. Unfortunately, the Investigation Team is too convinced of the so-called modern science. Their disdain for the mysterious power led to an accident.”

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