Xiling Empire Chapter 231

Chapter 213 After the War

The enemy has retreated.

After consuming almost 80% of the cannon fodder and losing the trump card, the enemy Commander certainly knows that the ambush has failed, so the Eternal Level enemy ship only performed the obligation once and generally performed on us once. After the attack, all the enemies started the retreat of the large scale, our Xiling fighters and fast-breaking interceptors intercepted some of the fish, but the largest enemy enemy ship, the Eternal Level, was under our nose. A high-speed Space jump was made, which is one of the reasons why we were divided after the big win.

If you think about it seriously, our attack is really thrilling. If it is not for Little Bubbles to enter the locked host slot in an inexplicable situation, as long as our energy is completely exhausted after half an hour, Even without the main gun of the Eternal Level, the massive cannon fodder can pack dumplings from the Xiling fleet that has become scrap iron, but the relationship between lucky goddess and me seems to be good, even the little ignorance of Little Bubbles The little Girl who knows can burst the seed at a critical moment, which is really a very exciting thing.

Regarding the mysterious black Pandora’s thing, both Qianqian and I have been silent for a while, only to say that a mysterious anonymous invader has attacked the Bubbles, but it has been eliminated by our two husband and wife files – not that we want Concealing it from others, but I think that such a thing is very important, especially for Pandora. I decided to talk to Pandora before I said it, so I would be mentally prepared because of my intuition. Tell me that there is an amazing truth that is gradually surfaced, and if this truth is not handled well, it may even cause Pandora to suffer damage that can never be healed.

The enemy’s defeat is quite ennomous to the morale of the representatives of all ethnic groups. The strongmen of these ethnic groups have not experienced the cruel war test, nor have they seen the rising people in the world, but they are so grand and even even today. Class and high-level Demon can only be regarded as the super air battle of cannon fodder but they can’t imagine things. The World war mode still stays in the cold weapon era of the ground, although there is air combat here due to the power of Magic. Concept, but how could this World Air Battle compare to Xiling Apostle, a battle that has already entered the supercivilization of the Universe campaign? Today’s ultra-large scale fire-to-bomb and “conventional air units” are destroyed by clusters like a meat grinder. Absolutely shocked the indigenous people who are used to the conventional battle, in “the power of God can not be defeated” At the same time, my thoughts will be further deepened. I am afraid that the entire Azeroth World war concept will change to a considerable extent.

But compared with the representatives of the various ethnic groups who are excited to celebrate the big victory, although we are very happy here, we still can’t reach the level of carnival.

Yes, this is a victory, and it is a big victory, but the composition of luck in this victory is really too big. It can be said that if there is no Little Bubbles’ extraordinary play, one loses all energy. The Xiling fleet is the fate of being killed in the face of an Eternal Level. We can’t always put hope on the lucky goddess who don’t know when it will be overturned. Who knows what kind of depression we will fall into next time? ?

I have no doubt that, as long as there is a chance, the Commander of Fallen Apostles will definitely give us another ambush that will not leave the road. Our whereabouts are still under the control of the enemy, even though the Viska mad guy is against me. Qianqian showed some inexplicable intimacy, but I haven’t been naive enough to think that she will really help us, or even the opposite. In order to “recapture” everything that belongs to her, she should be more desperate to destroy Pandora and her army. Since this enemy can intercept us in the endless sea, they have no reason not to launch the next ambush against us, so in fact, our future situation is really not optimistic.

And even this victory, we are not without paying the price. The guys like the gargoyle and the scorpion gryphon are cannon fodder, but the low-level Xiling warfare is not much stronger than the cannon fodder. The Xiling Host technology is faster than the artillery. The Lich King and the Burning Legion did not know how long the cannon fodder had accumulated. Our army was still in a number of disadvantages. In this battle, we had nearly five wars killed, more than 2,000 fighters crashed, and two frigates. And a main battle-type driving out ship was turned into ashes in the self-destruction of the Ghost giant wing. As for the various spaceships that were damaged in the battle, there were not a few. As for the powerful Avengers sent last, due to their one-off The cause of the weapon is all destroyed. This loss is certainly not big compared to the nearly 100,000 undead cannons that we have destroyed. It also makes me realize that Xiling Apostle is not invincible when facing ordinary arms in different circles. This fact.

After this lesson, Xiling technicians redesigned the central computer room to transform the dimensional commutation system that could only be controlled by Xiling Host into an externally controllable form. Of course, this control authority is limited to the leader level. Xiling Apostle, and a large number of defense systems in the central computer room, at the same time, a full squadron of Elite Level Xiling soldiers stationed as escorts – to be honest, stationed in the central computer room in parallel dimensions The move was the first time that Shandora heard, because before that, the parallel dimension was the safest space that Xiling Apostle recognized. It never happened that the enemy could sneak into the parallel dimension. Naturally, no one would think of it. Space sent defensive forces, and this time the unconventional invasion is simply a shame for those technicians. They have not been able to find out how the enemy has invaded the central computer room with heavy space locks and dimensional barriers, since technically Can’t solve this problem, we can only take someone to see Such a stupid way.

In a big fight, although Shandora did not personally attack the enemy on the battlefield, the command and dispatch in the rear also made everyone tired, especially in the case of one of the two Supreme military commanders, the war Idiot, under the command of Supreme. Shandora and the sister of the temporary think tank were even more exhausted. After simply reporting and scheduling the things in the central office, everyoneapped back to the room, and I went to Pandora’s room alone.

Just like her character, Pandora’s room also reflects the military thought of this little brat in the bones. โ€œEfficient, simple and practicalโ€ is the purpose of Supreme that she sets her own room. In her bedroom, you can’t see any. The thing that can be compared with the normal Little Girl, an emergency map of the battle almost covers the entire wall facing the door. On the wall to the right of the battle map is an identical Xiling military emblem hanging under the military emblem. There is a sturdy and practical table and chair. There is no other thing except the pile of documents on the table. On the left side of the battle map, there is a wall…

…a small version of a small bed for children…


Itโ€™s no surprise to say that the childrenโ€™s version of the small single bed, but why can I just laugh at seeing such a single bed in the same place as a military headquarters?

In order to prevent Lolita from escaping the enormous resentment of my own physique, I wisely chose to sneer, but to be honest… I am already suffocating… maybe everyone can’t think of it, although Pandora is always with Little Bubbles. In a subtle opposite, but in fact these two little brats will always get together, Little Bubbles is simply to find someone who is almost “big” with themselves, and Pandora …… ๅ“ง …… this little Brat is purely because Little Bubbles is the only person around me who can bring a sense of superiority to his height!


Just as my thoughts were once again out of the air, Pandora’s curious voice pulled me back, and I whispered my head, just to the big pair of gray eyes.

Somehow, I suddenly thought of the bloody red cat with a crazy look.

I shook my head, first removed Viska’s figure from my mind, then pressed Pandora’s head and said, “Pandora, my brother has something to ask.”

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