Xiling Empire Chapter 233

Chapter 233 The Sad Destiny

Pandora’s tells the story, but I know that the story is far from that simple.

The annihilation of the “indestructible” plan is a body without a sense of sensibility, and these bodies will be in an eternal dormant state before their mother’s death, and the Viska I met has not only awakening, but also has his own mind. – Even though that mind is already crazy – this shows that what happened after the termination of this plan led to the emergence of Viska.

Pandora didn’t keep my doubts for too long. She sorted out the memory that had been around for a long time and had some difficulty in mobilizing, and then told me the regrettable second half of the story.

“Fifty years after the plan was forced to suspend, the colonial galaxies I stationed encountered the largest Abyss Corossion with throughput history. Hundreds of stars became extremely dangerous critical stars under the disturbance of Abyss power, thousands Tens of thousands of small planets ran rampant in the sky, Abyss power even invaded the colony’s mother star, making the originally stable planet mad and on the verge of collapse, and tens of millions of Xiling Apostle participated in the battle against the planet. We destroyed dozens of stars that were completely out of control, but when we eliminated a giant critical star, we had an accident. Due to the violent interference of the formation of the critical star, we fell into the trap of the abyss. All the troops I led sacrificed. Among the cross-energy fields of the Abyss entrance and the Universe Black Hole, I am the only one who survived…”

I have been completely shocked by the grand war that Pandora tells, what is this battlefield of Oh! It is actually fighting the planet of the runaway!

I looked at the doll-like little Pandora in my arms with incredible eyes. It is incredible that this little girl has led such a terrible destruction of the galaxy. Compared with the planet-level battle of the Empire most flourishing period, the crisis facing Azeroth World is now true. It’s just like the guns of an infantry on the battlefield. It’s no wonder that Shandora has never shown any concern about the war. In the eyes of the big guys who have already seen the ultimate war, this little regionality There is nothing to worry about in the riots…

However, there is one thing to be aware of, although the Azeroth World crisis is not a big deal for Shandora and Pandora, but the strength we have now is no more comparable than the Empire most flourishing period…

The story of Pandora’s is still going on. The storytelling ability of this little iceberg is really flattering. The completely open-water account description definitely has the unique hypnotic magic, but because of the shock of the story, I am still deeply attracted. In the past: “…In that ambush, we lost most of the high-level Xiling generals, but fortunately, most of the generals have been given the opportunity to be born again because of the soul preservation technique, but I am here. The accident – I was seriously injured at the time, and even lost the spiritual connection with the base. In this case, the ‘immortal’ system was activated.”

“According to the system settings, after the mother dies, there will be a random avatar activated by at the same time, then my soul data will be transmitted to the avatar by the SuperSpace-Time transmission, but at the time I still Alive, the activated steadicam remains still, and the system makes a false judgment, thinking that the first activation is unsuccessful and activates the second body… In this way, in a short period of time, I am all The alternate body is activated, and the chaos is also generated at the same time, because at the beginning of the ‘immortal’ system design there is such a setting: only one Pandora remains active during the same time period, this Originally to prevent several spare bodies at the same time awakening, my soul could not be accurately placed, but since my soul did not upload at all, all the replicas produced serious systematic errors, and they actually started to implement the one. Initial setting: there can only be one Pandora in the same time period…”

β€œThousands of replicas have started to kill madly. They don’t have the ingenuity, but the program lets them identify the sisters around them as a bug that breaks the rules of the system. All they have to do is destroy every Pandora logo that they see. The copy until the last person is left, when I wake up in the base and sense the confusion between my replicas, everything is already late, and the dead star that is used as the test field is already in the replica. Their battles were torn apart, and the ruins of the Universe space were scattered everywhere, and they were all left as replicas of the backup body…”

“It seems that there is one left…”

I tried to suppress my chaotic mind and then shook my head and smiled helplessly.

This is a very depressing story. I didn’t think that Pandora had experienced such a thing. Even though those replicas are unconscious, thousands of replicas can be called “sisters”. Just killing it under a procedural error is not something that can be accepted by the average person, especially when it comes to knowing that a copy has produced its own personality and escaped. Psychological shocks are definitely not obscured by the calmness of Pandora’s surface.

“Brother, the Pandora replica you mentioned should have produced its own Artificial Intelligence in the process of killing,” Pandora said with a head down and calmly said his analysis. “There is a better innateness than the general Apostle.” Body is more likely to generate self-awareness in the future. For our Xiling Apostle, the most suitable condition for evolution is naturally fighting, and the possibility of thousands of high-level δΊ§η”Ÿ in the fierce fratricidal generation of independent personality It is very high, and Viska’s awakening should have happened in that battle.”

It turns out that since Pandora is so analyzed, the truth of this matter must not be much worse, because no one knows more about his spare body than Pandora, so Visa’s madness has some explanation.

In the cruel self-reporting self-consciousness, such consciousness itself cannot be normal. I can hardly imagine that a newborn Little Girl found herself standing when she opened her eyes ignorantly. In the sacred field of Shura, and her hands are covered with countless blood of the “sisters” who look exactly like each other, what kind of impact she will suffer, Viska may have been mad at the time, when After she escaped from the crashing Death Star test site and wandered the Universe for millions of years, this madness will only get worse, and now I can also confirm that Viska has been eroded by Abyss power during the wandering process. This also makes her mind more chaotic. From the words of everything in disorder she said, I can also infer that the system setting of “only one Pandora is allowed” did not disappear from her mind. Instead, it has completely become a deadly infinite loop, which is why Viska, who already has self-awareness, still thinks that he is just an alternate. Replica, and her only mission is to eliminate Pandora’s reasons.

But there is still a question in my mind that this question is more confusing than any other mystery.

β€œWhy does Viska treat me as my brother?”

This is what I am curious, and it seems that it is not just me. Viska also called Qianqian as “sister”, and even I suspect that, apart from Pandora, Viska treats us all as our “original” family, and it is in this Under the thought, she had the idea of ​​”retrieving” her own from Pandora.

“Because she can share my memory to some extent.”

Pandora raised his face and his eyes were be full of ζ„§η–š.

“I thought that all the replicas have disappeared, so I haven’t been to scan my own thought upload port, but Viska actually scans my memory through this port without knowing it…”

It turned out to be the case!

In an instant, a lot of things that made us trouble have become clear. The leaks of our whereabouts have finally been explained. At that time, Pandora and Shandora in the retreat of Dragon Clan were easily understood by the attack. All the secrets, Viska was stolen through Pandora’s springboard.

“it’s not your fault.”

Seeing Pandora’s self-blame, I showed a gentle smile and then smashed it on the little brat’s head: “You just used it, and you also helped me find the channel for information disclosure. Isn’t it now? At least for now We can avoid similar situations from continuing to happen – yes, you have turned off that upload port?”

Pandora nodded said: “I just turned it off, and I checked the data record for that port. Since my brother and the Visa met, the data leak has not happened again.”

“That’s good, but even if Viska can share your memory, she won’t treat me as a brother? She is already crazy… Hey, maybe crazy is a good explanation…”

Even so, there is actually a possible explanation in my heart, that is, Visa is crazy, but in her heart, there may still be a pure land.

I can’t imagine myself going to be like what I experienced after experiencing the experience of Viska, but I know that as a born meaning is a sad girl who is the soul container of others, Viska’s heart must be very lonely and confused, she does not know I am living for what, and I don’t know who I should trust my future. She will destroy Pandora as her mission. Not only because of the lock-in of the program, but also the meaning of self-hypnosis is there – destroy Pandora. That’s what she means, that is the best way to prove her existence. Only by destroying Pandora can she have a true self – this is how Viska hypnotizes herself.

I have seen a lot of novel films, and I am so familiar with this kind of example.

But now, Viska suddenly shared Pandora’s memory, everything changed. She started to swear, Pandora’s happiness, but more is yearning for a happy life like Pandora – for her, Pandora has experienced It is far beyond the happiness of her imagination.

So, under the influence of chaotic thinking, she regarded us as her own relative, and regarded Pandora as the culprit who took everything away…

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