Xiling Empire Chapter 235

The second leg of the thirty-fifth chapter was delayed

As the bleak sun slammed through the filthy clouds on the land of Tirisfal, the massive airborne fleet finally completed the long journey of the endless sea, reaching the edge of East Continent, when the distant horizon finally The shadow of the land, all of us have a feeling of relief.

Of course, except for the warriors who have been a little too excited about the “Glory of God”, they also feel that our speed is so fast that they have not enjoyed the kind to be full of The battle between glory and epic, for the unfortunate aborigines who have been beaten by Demon and the undead army, it’s hard to get the battle to step on the other side of the game. Thanks to them for finding an absolute Strong enough backing, although this backing is now a bit of a collective madness.

The time has passed more than three days since the initial mega ambush.

I admit that the first sentence of this chapter was used to mislead. In fact, this is not the morning of the next day, but the dawn of three days. In other words, we spent nearly four days. Cross the endless sea of ​​this Rush.

For the warriors of all races, this is already a miraculous speed. The breadth of the endless sea is the most insurmountable distance in the world, and the central one is the one that makes the most sturdy seaboats have to circumvent. The vortex extends this distance to a point where it can be seen. In general, it takes at least a month for Azeroth’s aborigines to cross the vast sea. The goblin’s Airship may be a little faster. – If you can ignore the danger of turning into fireworks on the way.

The science and technology of the goblins are always going to explode.

It took an unbelievable miracle for Azeroth’s indigenous people to travel through the endless sea in less than four days. They even called this speed a miracle of the gods, but for us, this speed is real. It is too slow, even slow to the point where people are itchy.

Originally in accordance with the speed of the Xiling spaceship, even the most common cruising flight, it takes only one day to cross the sea. If the MicroSpace Jump Accelerator is activated, we can even circle the entire Azeroth planet in a few hours. Turning around, but the awful thing is that the enemy obviously does not want us to come to East Continent so quickly, we have encountered more than a dozen ambushes and interceptions along the way, the scale is very small, but the quantity is just enough for us to put Slow speed can cope, God knows how the other party can still have such a large number of miscellaneous troops after the tragic battle that night, and the Eternal Level ship that does not know which encryption space is hidden is always threatening We, its powerful space interference equipment, let us even use short-distance transitions to avoid the battle, so that we can only use the conventional cruise to fly, and gradually maddened by countless flies.

In any case, their purpose was reached, and it took us four times to complete the journey in Xiling Apostle in the eyes.

Although I don’t want to admit it, this time the black super pirate dealer of a knight’s face showed the ability to make me look good, because there was no real large scale ambush, so the leader of Shandora and Pandora did not need to participate in the battle. And all the commanders are Carrow, who is good at defending against counterattacks. This black super uncle is an excellent position defense expert. As long as he has enough manpower, he can let his troops avoid it as much as possible under any circumstances. At the same time, it brought unforgettable damage to the enemy. This excellent talent was demonstrated when he led the small traders group near the school to successfully subvert the entire K City urban management team. This time, he Finally found a more suitable performance stage, although the enemy sent harassment strength is far from being comparable to the first large scale ambush, but a dozen times of miscellaneous harassment is also a force to be underestimated, Carrow relies on his own The commanding talent and the unique Apostle ability make us unscathed in this series of interceptions, even In the absence of a loss of a large soldier, the interception force formed by the Frost Giant Group was eliminated seven times – I must admit that this is a rather amazing record.

In this way, although we have been delayed for three days, we have succeeded in letting the elite warriors of all ethnic groups burn an unprecedented war, and impressed Xiling Apostle’s powerful into each of them, being intercepted ten times. Without any injury, or even destroying the enemy’s incoming troops, such power is enough to raise their morale to an incredible level. From this point of view, Carrow has always served as a defensive counterattack Commander. It would be better if he could not go to the representatives of various ethnic groups to sell the so-called “magic discs that condense the power of light” after the end of the battle.

“They are delaying the time.”

Standing on the top platform of the airforts command tower, looking at the edge of the land that is gradually clearing, my mood is very depressed, and I know that except for the various fighters who don’t know much about the truth and are already a bit overly excited. There are still many people who are as depressed as me, like Shandora.

We have been counted by the enemy, and perhaps we can’t say that it is a calculation, because it is simply a conspiracy of the red fruit. The other party has not concealed its strategy of delaying time, so it intercepts us in a straightforward way, not asking for killing. Just seeking obstacles, and they succeeded, we were dragged by the endless miscellaneous soldiers for three days, and it took four days to pass through the damn endless sea.

Pandora is standing behind me, silently saying nothing like usual, people who are thin and always inadvertently ignore her, but I still faintly realize that today’s Pandora is very worried.

“It’s not your fault,” Qiangian, more careful than me, noticed Pandora’s heart more sharply. “You didn’t do anything.”

At this time, Lin Xue, who was a messenger, once again played her special ability to speak regardless of the occasion. This guy almost did not say through the brain: “But the enemy is actually positioning us through Pandora…”

I and Qianqian immediately slandered her very viciously.

Under the gaze of almost the strongest husband and wife in history, Lin Xue quickly lost, she raised her hands and made a capit, and said, “Okay, I am wrong, but I am just telling the truth?”

This is the second point that makes me a headache. Although Pandora has closed the soul upload port, the enemy obviously still holds our position. In the past three days, we have been continually and accurately ambushed to prove everything, even though we count Changed the course and tried various camouflage Force Fields, but those undead soldiers would suddenly pop out from the space gate or behind the clouds, giving us a big surprise and making me even more crazy, and for this phenomenon, Shandora gives a reasonable explanation.

There is some mysterious flaw between Pandora and Viska, which is similar to the spiritual connection between Acida-Acidora Twin. It has no dime relationship with the so-called upload port, but should be classified as mysterious. Power, through this connection, Pandora and Viska can sense the other’s presence at any time, and our location is exposed.

The same is true. With the help of Shandora’s, Pandora deliberately sensed the unexpected sister, and then found the faint breath of the other party. The position is now the dark city of the enemy base camp.

This seemingly equal information sharing is actually not good for us, because the enemy is there, from the very beginning, we know that the Undercity is our target of this action, even the pure nature of Little Bubbles and Della. The group knows that our enemies are in the circle, knowing that the other’s leader is stationed in the Undercity does not mean anything to us, but for the enemy, we can accurately grasp us in the endless sea of ​​the sea. The trend is quite a good thing, because they have won numerous opportunities to ambush us…

This is also the reason why Pandora feels guilty, or because she is exposed to the enemy’s eyes.

Perhaps Viska is not willing to hurt us, but the problem is that a mentally abnormal madman is quite easy to use. Even if I am not good at conspiracy, I can think of no less than ten kinds of Viska in a short time. The way she helped me to count the money, the Fallen Apostles old fritters who didn’t know how many years have lived, not to mention, I am afraid that for just a ridiculous reason, Viska will completely tell us where we are, and she is still fundamental I don’t realize that this will bring enormous trouble to my dear brother.

In the future, this is indeed confirmed…

Regarding the existence of Viska, I chose to publish it after careful consideration, because sooner or later we will face the crazy Little Girl, and when it is time to be confused by surprise and doubt, it is better to take a vaccination in advance. Prepare for future actions.

Shandora obviously knows the “indestructible” plan, but she obviously didn’t think that the main participant of the grand but ultimately terminated plan turned out to be a small Pandora. For the generation of Viska, the Queen who used to be happy and happy also endured. Can not help but sent a deep feeling.

I am gratified that everyone has great compassion for Viska and has a supportive attitude towards my decision. Of course, there are also Lin Xue’s prophecies at work, at least knowing that helping each other will be In the future, after giving yourself an helper, no one will be willing to try to eliminate the other party. This is not a game. After the gameover, there is no chance to come back.

“I really want to know what the guys are delaying for us.”

I bent down and touched Pandora’s little head, then cast my gaze on a group of black spots that suddenly appeared in the distance.

Another group of enemies, but this time it should not be the mixed soldiers who came to delay our pace, came to the edge of East Continent, this distance is difficult to carry out any delays, so this time we should face a real Confrontation, regardless of strategy and conspiracy, but a real confrontation.

Lin Xue gave me a look and said, “I try my best, but when I get here, the interference I have been involved is quite serious. Don’t hold too much hope. This kind of occasion is not suitable for Prophet. The desperate thing is handed over to Hello, my knight.”

After saying this, Lin Xue had turned to walk into the entrance to the command tower, and I focused on the increasingly obvious black figure.

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