Xiling Empire Chapter 239

Chapter 239โ€”Walimasas (1)

I was stunned at the Qianqian’s fighting style, and then I finally realized one thing: this evening, I don’t have to eat…

Black Qianqian’s means is really disgusting…

Although we didn’t understand the enemy’s strength at the beginning, we lost a lot of Xiling soldiers and Azeroth mortal warriors, but the other party obviously didn’t expect this time we have several big bosses will be hands-on, this is definitely for the enemy. Itโ€™s like killing a mob in the wild and bullying a newcomer. When Archimonde comes out to make soy sauce, itโ€™s like tears. The power of Xiling Apostle at the leader level is quite extraordinary. Even if you donโ€™t take it seriously, you need to eliminate these assembled Demon. Not much effort, very quickly, thousands of assembled Demon will be damaged in the hands of several of our bosses who have violated the rules. Undoubtedly, the enemyโ€™s attempt to use the elite warriors to frustrate us has failed.

I certainly don’t think that these are the whole contents of this attack. Thousands of assembled Demons are really powerful, and they can certainly achieve amazing results in the confrontation between ordinary Soldiers, but in this World, wars not only include ordinary Soldier confrontation, In many cases, the real thing that really reverses the situation is often the top-ranking strongman, a heroic figure, who can play a role in the battle no less than a medium-sized army, such as Sword Saint with a blade storm. Into the peasant forces, such as the full-scale white tiger mm in the base of the central to reduce the meteor shower … cough cough, seemingly produced a subtle concept confusion … In short, in front of those enchanting strong, ordinary Soldier even stronger, only Can be the end of cannon fodder, like these powerful assembled Demon, they can easily fight against Azeroth’s mortal warrior, even the Xiling Empire’s machine Soldier, but to fight against our leader-level Apostle, they are still not enough to see, Moreover, itโ€™s just a few thousand assembled Demons, and the amount is far less than one. Blocking action standards, needless to say, these should be assembled Demon is just the first test the strength of the head of our team, but the real True Master, I am afraid will soon turn.

When the assembly Demon of the surroundings is gradually reduced, I have begun to pay attention to the situation nearby. At the same time, I informed Carrow to focus the defense forces on each mothership surroundings to prevent the other party from being a guy who likes the wretched flow tactics like me. The Bubbles in the central computer room also started the dimension barrier that was added three days ago. The last time Visa’s sneaking made us sweat a little. Before we figure out how the enemy enters the central computer room, we must always take this weak link. Grab it in your hand.

The battles around are still going on fiercely, but several of our leaders have gradually stepped out of the battle group and gathered together.

“Pandora, to scan surroundings space.”

Shandora suddenly spoke out after dozens of controlled assembly Demons were detonated from the bomb.

The Pandora purple-red’s eyes immediately went out and quickly turned into an ice blue in the state of high-speed data calculation. A burst of energy flowing from her belly did not know where it came from.

“Thirty degrees to the right, a wide range of gravitational faults!” Pandora reported loudly, at the same time the weapon in the hand was replaced again, from the rectangular Anti-battleship Cannon to a length of more than four meters, the back is a giant gun The front end is like a quirky weapon like the golden trident, “‘ek3-broken faraway’ space cutting gun!”

This girl is simply a mobile weapon library Oh!

The eccentric weapon known as the space cutting gun released a dazzling golden halo, and a black energy ball at the top of the trident at its front end quickly expanded with the electric spark of zฤซzฤซ, when it was swollen to half a meter in diameter. This energy ball quickly disengaged from the artillery, as lightning strikes the direction of the gravitational fault.

All this is complicated, but it happened in a matter of two seconds. When I reacted, the sky five hundred meters away was covered with a spider web crack like a broken mirror, black The space fragment continued to fall from the crack, and two unlucky assemblies Demon accidentally were rubbed into the body by the space fragment. As a result, even if the screams did not come out, they were instantly sucked in and sent to the real twisted void.

Again, the leader-level Xiling Apostle is a enchanting Oh!

Space The perturbation of the cutting gun ended the enemy’s intention to launch a sneak attack on us through the Space Jump. When the deadly Space Crack gradually closed, a translucent enormous figure gradually became clear in the air. It seems that Pandora’s attack is not correct. How much damage this powerful guy has done.

When an object transitions from the illusory state of the parallel space to the physical state, it is detached from any energy or material form. In other words, any form of attack cannot hit an object in this short time, so when that is absolutely When the guy was still a translucent phantom in midair, we didn’t launch the attack. Of course, all of us, including Alaya, who just flew over from the mortal army, were ready to go, for the attack that they are best at. Be prepared, as long as this guy is out of the way, the guarantee is a smashing fireworks show. From this point of view, our gang has reached a striking agreement on whether to implement the sloppy flow tactics.

Anyway, I have no psychological pressure at all. Who told this guy to attack us first – although it was a sneak attack.


When the air finally appeared a small piece of skin with real colors, I immediately ordered a satellite cannon at least three meters in diameter at the same time, followed by Pandora’s armor-piercing projectile, Shandora’s soul annihilation shock wave, Elder Sister’s disaster command, and Alaya’s holy light sword, whichever can be thrown out can kill dozens of things. Under the acceleration of Qianqian’s time, there is almost no jet blast in the stun caused by the space cutting gun. Come over, I haven’t seen the unlucky situation of the surroundings. To be honest, I watched the gorgeous energy explosion, and I was so painful for him.

“This is not dead, but also has to be disabled Oh!” The sister suddenly said coldly next to him.

Qianqian gently snorted: “Hey, a pleasant killing – unfortunately itโ€™s too early to end.”


A loud roar suddenly came out of the smog of the explosion, and then a large shadow of the arrow rained in the direction of us.

“Sure enough, as a Commander, there should always be something that is life-saving.”

Qianqian slowed down the speed of the Shadow Bolt, and we easily escaped the wave of attack, and then the sister said as calmly as a crowd.

The smoke dissipated, and we finally saw the true appearance of the tall and unusual guy, an assembled Demon.

Of course, this is an extra-large assembly of Demon. The average height of the Demon we just destroyed is about three meters. Although it is tall, it is still within the range I can understand, but the guy who is at least six meters tall in front of him I am a bit too super visual…

When I saw this unusually tall enemy, I felt that Pandora on the side suddenly burned like a real arrogant war. It felt like she saw the biggest enemy of her life. I can almost hear it. Little girl within the body’s energy flow is saturated with the zฤซzฤซ sound, and it is conceivable how powerful Pandora is now.

It seems that as long as you see an enemy higher than your own, Pandora’s warfare will always show an abnormal state of excitement.

In fact, Pandora’s warfare is very exciting every time… This is really an ethereal tragedy for her…


I looked at the Demon in front of me more and more familiar, carefully identified for a long time, I suddenly recognized the other party, could not help but called out.

That’s right, this guy! In the dark city, the exposed man and muscle man who never wears a shirt, can only provide less than five missions of the dead soy sauce party NPC, from the very beginning and the old Demon that I did not deal with but I almost scared, At the same time is also the main suspect in this betrayal of Sylvanas.

Didn’t expect I have been so tall for a few days, and I am still developing Ah?

Cough cough, did I just have a mental shift?

Pulling back the already a little lost mind, I put my attention back on the giant version of Wali Marthas in front of me, at the same time retracting the initial contempt mentality.

This guy is much stronger than the original…

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