Xiling Empire Chapter 240

Chapter 214—Walimasas (2)

I think if you can figure out how Vallimasas is more than twice as fast in such a short period of time, Pandora must be happy to go crazy, a 6-meter-high old Demon, this visually The impact felt makes me look at each other. With the complicated mechanical components on the other side, those things know that it is not a high-level cargo that the general Soldier-class assembly Demon can configure. Under these things, the tile has been completely changed. Limasas really has a sense of the bottom of the boss.

Of course, we all know that the so-called boss is actually a kind of unlucky creature used by the raid group to push the equipment manufacturer. Therefore, this seemingly embarrassing enmorous demon is actually in my eyes. A sandbag with an increase in experience is coming.

Of course, the other party can’t think so.

The sneak attack was not countered by two consecutive surprise attacks by the opponent. The face was so angry that Wali Marthas was now angry. He couldn’t understand why he was hiding so well that the other party still found the energy fluctuations that he sent out during the space transmission, but It didn’t matter all. More importantly, he broke “that”.

At the thought of the scene of the horrible big man’s anger, Wali Marthas felt cold and sweaty. At this moment, he had begun to regret why he had not obeyed the command to retreat for the first time, in order to be harmless in that person. God’s Envoy recovered a little bit of face that was deprived of all his strength and then fled. He actually made such an impulsive thing. Instead of hurting the other person’s hair, he gave the adult to himself for safekeeping. The “Divine Artifact” was ruined. Although I don’t understand the use of the strange cylinder that saved me oneself, Walimasas knew that it was a very important part of the adult plan. Once this link is missing, the impact of the adult’s plan will definitely not be affordable!

Only a desperate fight…

Walimasas casts a gaze on the powerful God’s Envoy, only to fight for it, to use warfare to save his mistakes, although the chances of success are not high, but go back and receive Life is better than death punishment, it is worthwhile to take any risks!

not to mention……

Walimasas feels the ins and outs of the body, giving birth to a sense of confidence.

I have been much stronger than before. I lost my strength in standing under the eyes of the man. Now, I already have the capital to fight with God’s Envoy. Perhaps it is good for True Qi.

He completely forgot, just in this state of mind, he rushed to launch a sneak attack, trying to recover the dignity he had lost from the man, and the result was such a bad result.

When I saw that Walimasas suddenly dropped my gaze on me, I suddenly felt very innocent. Why do I have to be able to stand out in this situation every time? It seems that I have not offended this guy except the one that was originally in the Undercity. In the days after that, Walimasas had been walking around with me, and there was no intersection. I don’t think that my ability is strong enough to make a leader-level Demon hate me because of a small matter. .

When I think about it, I decided to attribute all of this to the fact that some of us, Wali Marthas, knew me.

“See you again, old Demon.”

I raised my hand and said hello with the same tone as if I met in the morning and asked each other to eat.

“It’s nice to meet you, ‘Grand’ God Ens!”

Walima Sasspie smiled and said, cautiously watching our actions. She had already sneaked a sneak attack on her face in the vertigo, that is, these are known as “God’s Envoy”. The way the guys act and their fame are not at all. The guys probably don’t know what the knight spirit is. They are not inferior to the most embarrassing Demon, as long as there is a chance, They will definitely take the tactic of sneak attack.

There was also the “Divine Artifact” bodyguard, but now I can’t help but have such an extremely shameless collective bombing.

“This guy gave it to me.”

I pressed Pandora, who was already a little impatient, and then volleyed a few steps forward, raised his chin, and provoked a middle finger against the old Demon in front of him.

“What is this mean?” Vallimasas said, quite incomprehensible to my novel gesture, and the beautiful women on the side began to roll their eyes one by one—except Pandora, the little brat is now sulking. Because I don’t want her to fight.

“cough cough…” I coughed and cried, then glanced at Shandora, who was ready to roll in the sky, and turned his head and said with a serious expression: “This is God Clan’s duel etiquette, used to represent one-on-one life and death duel.”

Shandora’s voice passed through the spiritual connection: “You are not afraid to go back after Della, the real God Clan looking for you?”

My expression is indifferent: “The little beans that the two chocolate beans can buy are not afraid.”

Walimasas looked at me for a while, and her expression was serious. I reached out to the middle finger and said awkwardly: “Good, I accept your challenge as Demon, God Clan!”


Shandora everybody: “Hey–“

Walimasas took the laughter of several girls as the ridicule of our “God” for his unwillingness to accept the challenge of Demon. I couldn’t help but be angry and rushed to me with a scream.

“嗡-轰!” I disappeared from the place where I just stood, and then a bright white energy beam to drop out from the sky, completely glazed Wali Masas inside, of course, I don’t think such an attack What effect can this Demon have gained new power? At the moment the attack is completed, I again use the space of mental power and surroundings to generate resonance, leaving the on the spot with a teleport-like approach.

Sure enough, almost at the moment I left, the energy beam emitted by the space rail gun was blown from inside to outside by the brute force, a feeding shadow shadow arrow that was more than any shadow arrow. Flying in the light, hitting the place where I originally stood at an alarming rate, and then produced a fierce explosion. The powerful shadow energy instantly enveloped the spherical space of a hundred meters.

“Rely, how can the shadow arrow explode!?”

With such an impetuous cry, I was quite embarrassed to appear in the air in the center of the explosion. The power of the explosion was interrupted by my mental power, but in the absence of defense, I still ate a small loss.

Too wretched, this guy actually hides the explosive shadow star energy under a shadow arrow. I said how can there be such a large shadow arrow on World. Sure enough, the shamelessness of Demon is still beyond my reach. Oh!

Walimasas was not surprised by the failure of her attack. He stood calmly in front of me, as if he didn’t care about the charred skin of the satellite cannon, then suddenly opened his mouth and revealed that I almost separated it. The smile of the dinner spit out.

“God Clan, you are very strong. I just thought that the attack is enough to burn any powerful Demon, and it seems that it is just a trick that you are free to send… but… now I have gained new power! I want Use this power to destroy you! I will use your blood to wash the humiliation you have brought me!”

Walimasas smiled viciously, then suddenly opened the avenue of the enowing of the queen behind him.

The Dreadlord can fly, but the powerful Demon like them does not rely on their own ragged wings, but with the energy of their own, as if the sister and Lin Xue can rely on their mental Power is just like a simple flight, so just now Walimasas hasn’t opened the enmorous Demon wings behind her, and now I finally see something hidden under his wings.

It is a myriad of diamond-shaped flakes with metallic luster, floating on the surface of the dark red halo, which is distributed in a regular way, combined in the inner side of the wings of this old Demon into two enormous Like the eyes-like pattern, needless to say, this is the new “science and technology” developed by the crazy Fallen Apostles. As for its power…

I am not interested in trying.

When the red energy array on the wings of Walimasas had just started to flash the red light regularly, I ran away at the fastest speed, two full-diameter red laser beams with amazing The energy intensity is almost rubbing my hair past.

However, I obviously underestimated the imagination of the fallen Xiling technicians. This seems to be exactly a directional array of energy, and there is still a second attack form!

Just as I avoided the at the same time of the attack, the two large lasers split instantly, and the laser beams of hundreds of baby’s arms were emanating from the surface of each diamond-shaped foil on the wings of the Walimasas. Instantly intertwined into a fire net covering the entire cone-shaped space in front of him, these deadly laser beams swept across the sky unscrupulously, and instantly cleared a large unmanned area in the chaotic air battlefield.

“Hahaha !!!” Wali Marthas screamed with a smirk, “How about Oh! God! You have this ability? You can only escape!” In this attack you can escape Which…what!? This is impossible!”

Standing in the dazzling forest intertwined with the laser, I looked at the old Demon with a distorted expression in front of my face. In fact, since this Idiot split the powerful laser torrent into hundreds, I have been standing on The spot didn’t move, this guy didn’t look at the situation and shouted out the lines in his fantasy in advance. Now it’s a shame Oh!

That’s right, don’t evade.

Every laser beam that was facing me was twisted hard under the intervention of powerful mental power. It became a curved and strangely curved in the air, and scattered in all directions. Those beam networks that looked quite gorgeous were not at all. Being able to get close to me within two meters, it is as if the powerless stream meets the hard pebbles and can only deflect.

Seeing such a strange scene, Wali Martha’s chin “click” fell off.

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