Xiling Empire Chapter 242

The 242th chapter after the episode

This is a wonderful victory, full of enemy forces, captured the enemy, and occupied a landing point on the edge of the ghost land with a small casualty, such a victory is indeed satisfactory.

Of course, the most satisfying thing about today’s battle is to count our eternal little war-maniac Pandora. This is a high-level Commander, but always busy with the little brat. Today I finally satisfied myself. It’s a big personal hobby, even when eating at night, this hoe is still in the second place – it’s a miracle that the law of ordinary life is just like the Pandora of Robot.

In addition, Xiaoxiao revealed that when Pandora took the bowl and came over, Shandora was destroying the third roast whole cow in front of her. Looking at a Queen’s bones with a plate and eating it together can be described as spectacular. Dining scene, my sweat…

Of course, not everyone can be as heartless as Shandora. In fact, at least three people at today’s celebration party are completely out of appetite. First, they are finally converted into normal character, Qianqian and sister. The “gentle and good” “ordinary young girl” recalled what she had done before, and then began to spit it out as I expected, especially Qianqian. After the darkness, she almost It’s all about killing those Demons in a way that kills them. There are almost hundreds of enemies that rot into mud or split in her hands. This way of fighting and the formation of Qianqian’s face in my arms. A sharp contrast – just now, this girl almost spit out the dinner three days ago…

In addition to Qianqian and my sister, the third one with no appetite is the one who watched the Qianqian battle scene all the time.

That scene is really disgusting…

“Hey, as Xiling Apostle, who is heartless, they are really happy…”

Looking at the group of Empire Military Personnel who were eating a seaweed, I and Qiqian and my sister were in a corner like the poor insects abandoned by World, so lamented.

“That is your psychological endurance is too low.”

Needless to say, the source of this voice is my dying enemy of 10,000 years, the eternal opponent, known as the dark evil, the insidious and sinister, the demon king…


Qianqian lifted me up distressedly, blaming the big bag on my head and blaming it: “A’Jun, don’t think about these things on the public channel in the future.”

“…well, I deserve it.”

Although Lin Xue’s tone is very unpleasant, she said it is true. Qianqian and her sister don’t say it for a while. Even me, just a year ago, it was just a normal high school student who died, even though it is now top. Xiling Emperor’s name, but from the bones point of view, the biggest goal of my life is still to eat and die. To talk about the vision, insight and heart, I think it is better than Lin Xue. Joining the organization to participate in a variety of life and death missions, this is nothing to be shameful, and it is.

But this must not be the reason why Lin Xue is arrogant in front of me!

This insidious, embarrassing, violent, black belly, troubled Prophet Ojou-sama, I want to rely on my poor life experience to make this Emperor bow down, it is really delusional! I want to let her know that an otaku’s mixed heart is absolutely unshakable!

With this in mind, I immediately clamored for high-spiritedness and then challenged Lin Xue with a determined eye.

Our Prophet adults at this moment are busy comforting the Qianqian in a serious downturn, but suddenly I was shocked by my sight. I immediately leaned over to Qianqian’s ear and said, “Hey, Qianqian, is that bastard? I have finished what Everything in disorder in my mind Ah? How suddenly it burned inexplicably? You are careful to sleep this evening.”

. . . You can’t use the volume that everyone in the room can hear, and you can make such a whisper! Oh!

“A-Jun–” Just when Lin Xue and I were about to enter the battle, a screaming but extra-penetrating call suddenly came. I turned my head and saw a green unidentified The flying object is rushing to me at an amazing super speed.

I was in the state of preparation for combat, and I immediately entered the innate realm of the legend. I looked at the nose and nose and asked me, and the illusion of the green shadow appeared in my eyes in a clear trajectory. I am attached to the soul.

“There is a hidden weapon!” I screamed, then the left leg bowed, the right leg squatted, stepped forward and stepped forward to grab the green flying object in the hand, and then turned back to a maneuver.


The hidden weapon came out of the hand.

A sharp scream gradually drifted away: “Yeah-“

The audience was shocked.

Two seconds later, I calmly asked Onee-sama next to me: “Sister, what did I throw out?”

“Della.” The sister replied briefly and firmly.

“The family goddess.” Qianqian also followed the short and firm answer.

“Incumbent God.” Lin Xue looked at me with a look at the dead and answered briefly and firmly.

Three seconds later, with the scream of “Della biting you!”, I was thrown into the ice cream bucket in front of Little Bubbles. I was almost again (why say again?) The peas that I ate came back. And did not hesitate to “snap” and bite on my finger.

“Ah…you are really biting Oh!” I immediately started to rub my hand, but this weak little beanie had an amazing bite, even though the little body was smashed in the air. When I came and went, Della didn’t mean to loosen my mouth. Instead, I bite harder and harder. Finally I hugged my fingers and started to squat.

Is this guy hungry crazy? ?

“It’s so cute…” Just as we were here because of the too much movement and gradually caused the surrounding attentions, a delicate voice that made Della screaming in the air suddenly sounded behind me.

As soon as I turned back, a purple-haired salty creature was staring at the small eyes that were swaying in my hand with the shiny eyes that could shake the dog’s eyes. I also used the miserable pleading eyes to sweep me. The fish tail, which is flashing with a pale golden light, is slapped on the ground, and the frequency is high like a triple-loaded Green cannon that is fully fired.

…Oops, was infected by Pandora…

I slammed my head and completely cut off the strange connection between the mermaid and the Green cannon, and then stretched my right hand with an unprecedented smile. Of course, some little things that are still loose are still hanging on me. On the finger.

“I am willing to take it back to raise it, remember to take a bath for two days, feed three times a day, often take her to the garden to go shopping, idle to touch her head, and remember to prepare more candy and nicknack… ”

I haven’t finished this yet, Della has reacted, and immediately exclaimed: “Don’t!” Then chΔ« li slammed into Qianqian’s behind him, revealing a pair of frightened eyes watching the mermaid Princess who was already eager to try. Come Oh! Della bite you! Della is really amazing!”

It seems that these days, this somewhat off-line Princess is really scaring Della. Ishana seems to try to take Della back to raise it as soon as she gets the chance, although due to the alertness of the small bean, This saltwater creature has not succeeded at one time, but she has succeedfully become the second most dangerous person in Della’s mind. Here, the first dangerous thing in Della’s mind is that he is now leaning against the plate in front of him. Talking Little Bubbles…

So many days of getting along, the representatives of all ethnic groups have found that our aliens, called “God”, are actually quite easy to get along with, even though there are many temperamental guys, we are not as tall as the legend. It’s cold and harsh, so now our relationship with these Azeroth aborigines has become more and more harmonious. Even a lot of Xiling Commander and mortal generals have become good friends. This is really an unexpected result. – Of course, I don’t think this is the reason why Carrow sells pirated discs in a bunch of dark night Elf mm.

Then again, despite the change in the way of getting along, this Isa Na’s amazing move will still make her followers scare into the cold sweat Oh Oh!

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