Xiling Empire Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Interrogation

“Kill meโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

The weak voice of Walimasas once again sounded beside me.

โ€œIt seems that our researchers are really tossing this old Demon.โ€

Looking at the criss-crossing scars of Walimasas and the various types of testing equipment sewed up with violent techniques, I have some sympathy for this unlucky guy who falls into the hands of the most dangerous gang of scientists in the world. He really is … made an indelible contribution to Empire’s research career…

Shandora said nothing about this result, but said in an indifferent tone: “This is normal. It is the mission of the Empire technicians to study new types of enemies and get a response. This Demon is working with The day we were enemies was destined to be a victim of the Empire research lab, blaming him for being captured when we were in desperate need of trials.”

Itโ€™s really a matter of thinking about the Emperorโ€™s perspective.

“Walimas, we have some questions to ask you,” I looked at the old Demon, who had been dying under the torment of Xiling technicians, in a calm tone. “I hope you can choose to cooperate.”

Walimasas spit out a few words: “Oh… God… Did I say, can you let me go to this Demon?”

“Of course not,” Shandora’s tone is indifferent and ice-cold, “you will still be executed.”

Even though she had already thought of such a result, Walimasas did not think that the “God’s Envoy” in front of him would admit it in such a straightforward and simple way. He stunned and then made a hoarse laugh. : “Haha… then why should I promise you?!”

Shandora has completely restored a coldly indifferent and decisiveness of Xiling Wang, and the usual off-line looks like two people. She looks at Vallimasas without a trace of temperature until the other party is here. Under the gaze, I had to remove my eyes and then said, “The reward you will get is a happy death, or do you prefer the day as a test article?”

Itโ€™s really arrogant….Shandora’s naughty cute will only appear when facing us, and now, obviously, this unfortunate Demon has no such blessing.

This unreasonable condition makes the old Demon of Walimasas feel incredible. He really can’t think of any conditions that are even more shameless than this. At this moment, he has no shame to the guys in front of them who are called gods. A deeper level of cognition…

Seeing that the other’s expression is changing, I am hot on the railway: “Whether you believe it or not, the humiliation and pain you are suffering now are just the beginning. Those technicians can’t imagine the enthusiasm for research. In their hands, as a test. The products you will face are probably endless sufferings. You should know how the cursing sects of the sects have studied the undead Monster. In fact, even the craziest cursed believers are in you. The little apprentices in front of the Xiling technicians I saw today are not…”

Qianqian’s voice passed from the spiritual connection: “Have you said your own hand?”

“This is not to set off the atmosphere…”

“I really don’t know who is Demon.” It seems that he completely accepted the fate of mortality. Walimasas has not cared about his words. “You guys who are called gods are really more greedy than the most treacherous. Big Demon is shameless and greedy!”

โ€œItโ€™s really fascinating to be attacked by a Demon from an ethical point of view,โ€ I sighed, and then showed a brilliant smile. โ€œWell, I can give you an opportunity to die, as long as you are honest. Tell us all the things we want to know, and I will give you a chance to survive. In this case, how would you choose?”

I believe that after Shandor’s arrogant conditions, I will throw such a tempting choice. Should Walimasas cooperate?

But I still guessed the stubbornness of this old Demon. Walimasas sneered with disdain and then said hoarsely: “Oh, I will not believe any promises of your despicable gods, you kill me. !”

I nodded: “Oh, yes.”

The old Demon’s expression instantly solidified, then yelled in a panic: “Wait! Wait! You don’t plan to persuade again?”

I shrugged: “No time.”

“What, in fact, you can try it, really, or do you want to persuade another one?”

My attitude is very firm: “Pandora, kill him.”

Walimasas is already crying out: “I just said Oh playing! You still took Oh!”

I know, how can this guy who can run away on the battlefield might die at this moment? Demon has few exercises.

Looking at Wali Marthas, who has nothing left in front of Demon’s leader, I feel a bit funny: “Is this honest? Is it not dead to face?”

Walimasas squinted and tried to squeeze out a variant of the smile: “I was really just kidding…”

The Demon in front of me was finally honest, and I also showed a satisfactory smile. Of course, the Pandora next to it was slightly dissatisfied. It seems that the cartilage head of Walimasas made her lose the chance to vent and let this little violent madness Disappointed.

โ€œFirst of all, I want to know who is in control of the situation in the Undercity?โ€

Walimasas hesitated, then said: “I don’t know their origins, but they seem to be the new allies of the Burning Legion… They are very powerful, and… there is a mysterious power, they bring me a lot. The powerful Demon I haven’t seen, and let me obey their orders.”

“So,” I pushed Pandora, who was in the middle of my sigh, forward. “Is there an impression?”

From the very beginning, Walimasas has noticed the existence of this little girl, but since he puts most of his attention on me and Shandora’s, plus Pandora’s own sense of existence halo and silence. Attribute, he did not notice Pandora, the insignificant little man. Until now, Pandora was pushed to the front by me, and Walimasas finally focused on her.

“7535 adults!” Old Demon made a cry of horror. “How are you here!? Wait, I can explain, you must listen to me…”

“Boom!” A loud bang, a dazzling white light beam rubbed Wali Martha’s head and disappeared into the distance. Pandora retracted the cannon in his hand and then returned to the wood man state again.

7535? Is this the name? ?

After contacting Walimasas to see Pandora’s reaction, it took only a moment, I thought of who this 7535 refers to, no doubt, that is my cheap sister, Viska, and 7535 is not a name at all. The name is probably the name she originally gave herself – she is the number of the Pandora avatar container.

“It seems that my troublesome sister has caused you a lot of psychological shadows.”

I waved in front of Walimasas, who was scared by Pandora’s refueling, and let the other person come back, then sighed.

“Sister…” Valiliusus subconsciously repeated, as if I hadn’t responded to what I meant, and then quickly hanged a damn expression, “Sister!?”

“Maybe your instincts will not be very bad. You should have discovered the similarities between our fighting methods and ‘they’, especially…”

I said, knocked on some of the alloy components on Wali Marthas.

“This, ‘they’ have made such a transformation to you. You are not a fool. You must have discovered that this power is similar to our Xiling Apostle’s. How do you have any association now?”

Of course, Walimasas is not a fool. In fact, he has already produced a vague idea. Now, this vague idea has undoubtedly become a reality.

“you guysโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

“The same family,” the sister who had never spoken suddenly spoke up, though with a gentle smile, but in the tone she was be full of almost dangerous danger. “Those who are controlling the Undercity are called For Fallen Apostles, they are traitors among us, I think, now you should know what role you are playing?”

“Chess pieces,” Shandora faintly spit out two words, “a piece that was used in the hands of the betrayal to disrupt his former people, and it has become an abandoned child…”

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