Xiling Empire Chapter 248

Chapter 248—The Land of the Undead

I have always said that I can’t understand the high-quality science and technology terminology.

And Shandora naturally knew this, and almost before I showed my doubtful expression, she took the initiative to explain to me what is the “World Loop.”

“Simply, it’s an equation that can completely overlap two points on a World. From a functional point of view, it’s like a portal.” Shandora’s expression is very dignified. Obviously, this is The equipment called “World Loop” brought her considerable pressure. “Of course, the role of the World Loop is much more than simple. The conventional space transmitter uses space folding technology to build a zero-distance tunnel. The substance is sent to another coordinate in the space. Such a transfer definitely requires a cooling time to restore the space. This technique also has certain requirements for the individual being transmitted. However, the World loop is different. It is not Something is transferred somewhere, but…turning two addresses into one…”

“The space coordinate is unique. This is the rule that any World space has to follow. It is like a coordinate grid line drawn on a white paper. The points determined by the two lines are unique, as long as the vertical and horizontal coordinates are fixed. Then this point will be fixed, and there will never be two phenomena that are far apart but have the same coordinate value. Of course, this is based on the fact that the rule is not broken, and the role of the World loop is positive. It is to break this rule. Every World circuit is a pair of devices. Even if they are together for hundreds of millions of light years, as long as the two World circuits are in the same World, they can set their own internal space to the same at startup. The space coordinate, which sounds incredible, but Xiling science and technology does have the ability to rewrite rules in a small area. Under the interference of the energy field of the World loop, two distant spaces will become the same place, a simple For example, if you place a World Loop on Earth and Mars, then as long as you stand in Earth’s W In the orld loop, you are at the same time on Mars. This is a miracle that cannot be achieved by any so-called space transmission equipment. This signify that the Space jump through the World loop will not have the cooling time of the conventional transmitter, nor will it There is a delay in the transmission process, and there is no limit on the number of transmission units and the degree of power. It is easier to travel between the two planets than to open the bedroom door. It does not even take a second. It takes a little extra energy – do I need to explain more?”

Lin Xue bit his nails and said in a tone of indifference: “It is equivalent to turning Azeroth stars directly into their post-garden.”

“So what is this thing for?” Pointing to the black metal pillar that Qianqian holds in his arms, my sister asked us our common questions.

“The Uldra beacon, which is the most important component of the World Loop, in fact, its structure is very simple, even Earth’s Human Race science and technology can replicate something with similar functions – it is an energy The probe is used to collect the various energy radiations that are surrounded by the surrounding. The start of the World loop requires two parameters, the space coordinate of the surroundings and the nearby energy field parameters. The former determines whether it can transform two locations into one. The latter acts as a basis for loop initiation, because even in the same World, the energy concentration between two distant space points is different. If no precautions are taken, once the two space points are Connected, the high-energy region will definitely release catastrophic energy dumps into the low-energy region, and in order to avoid this, the World Loop must be input into the fluctuation range of the nearby energy field before starting. If I guess it is correct, let’s go today. It’s a surprise to meet the enemy. This guy is just ordered to collect near the World Loop. The energy fluctuations only happened to be a high-profile shot of the disaster star. Of course, this guy is also lucky. If this high-energy energy probe was not resisted by our first round of attack at the time, this guy I am afraid it has already evaporated completely. I said yes, Demon?”

All of a sudden the most unfortunate thing was raised. The old face of Walimasas couldn’t help but be a little red. He said with a depressed head: “This is indeed an accident. I received an order to retreat before I met you. but……”

“Do you want to try to see if your new strength is strong enough to take revenge?” I looked at Wali Massas’s depressed face with a funny look. This is quite a strange thing because of Demon’s face and The Human Race is very different. Walimasas’s enlarged face is more than double the size of the infrastructure. It is far from the standard of the Human Race, so a face that seems extraordinarily strange to me is now exposed. A clear and depressed expression, should I say that my observation ability and association ability are superior?

I was fascinated by my fascination with Wali Marthas—although he had covered the anger with a perfect sincere expression in an instant, but still could not escape my eyes, I volleyed on the air. In a few steps, I patted the head of the big Demon, who is six meters tall. I said in a very kind tone: “My question is over. Next, I wish you and my scientists a happy weekend.”

From the space Prison, standing in the base that has gradually become more and more lively, our mood can not be as relaxed as the surrounding people of the various ethnic warriors.

“The ignorant is really happy.” Looking at a bunch of Human Race Soldier with a disguised pride and excitement from the front, Qianqian exclaimed.

My sister made a more appropriate comment: “It should be said that you don’t have to face the darkest truth, these guys are really happy Oh!”

“You can’t expect these indigenous people to fight Fallen Apostles,” Shandora’s spiritual connection sounded in the minds of each of us. “They can hold back the enemy’s attention to this world.”

“We need to plan the next action,” I frowned. “First, what World Loop must be destroyed before it starts, a transmission channel that is about the size of Undercity and has no opening restrictions at all.” It’s too bad in the hands of the enemy. God knows how many troops they have prepared on the other side of the World Loop to invade the planet. Second, we need to find out if Fallen Apostles is still building something like this, World The exposure of the circuit must be outside of their plans, but we can’t expect that the idiots like Walimasas have been assigned to the task by Fallen Apostles, which really makes me sleepy…”

Upon hearing my worries, Shandora showed a signature sun smile: “There is no need to worry about this. It is impossible to mass-produce the World Loop so that the rules can be modified. Fallen Apostles can build a World loop in the Undercity. I expected that I thought they could fix their own transmitters, but now it seems that I still underestimated their technical strength, but despite this, they are unlikely to create two sets of World. Looped.”

Small star line in response to the plot

Later in the day, we sent the latest scout troops that had just come down from the production line, a pure energy invisible unit called “The Lost Shadow”, which is always in phase stealth. The undead ghosts are as good as the Scout talent, and they have a rather abnormal ability: to integrate themselves into any form of energy flow, thus achieving pervasive penetration and amazing transfer speed, with the efforts of these excellent scouts, short Within a day, our “eyes” extended to every corner of the East Continent, the lightning of the sky, the underground rock formations, the streams in the river, and even the breeze to be everywhere, as long as there is energy flow, it leaves “The shadow of the lost” are wretched… cough cough, swift figure, and the situation in the entire plague coverage area is gradually appearing before us.

“Tirisfa, Silverpine Forest, Plaguelands, Ghostlands… These areas have been completely covered by the Undead Plague, and the undead army that wanders in these areas has been confirmed to be a member of the Scourge, they are transmitted Together with the Demons of this World, they formed the largest and most widely distributed main force force in the plague zone, protecting the locations that could not be seen by the lost. After our preliminary speculation, these locations should be Fallen Apostles. We built the base.”

In the security control hall of the fortress, Sivis is introducing the information recently collected by the scouts, except for the fact that Della, who was depressed in the dead, did not come out of his room, including all leaders of various ethnic groups. The classmates participated in the temporary meeting, and behind Sivis, there are hundreds of floating screens of the enormous curtain wall, which is the first-hand information returned by the “lost shadow” that has penetrated the enemy’s hinterland. The scenes displayed on the sub-pictures convey a rather pessimistic message to us.

In the circular monitoring hall, the needles are audible, and hundreds of floating pictures show scenes that everyone can’t be happy. The wandering bodies and the muddy black soil make everyone wrinkle. brow.

“It is now certain that there are no living thing bodies in the above three regions, and all the creatures including the Human Race survivors have been transformed into undead, but due to the short time, the enemy has not had time to expand their territory. To more areas, but the plague of the undead is spreading very fast. Once the breakthrough is found, they will easily destroy the defenses in the surrounding areas, such as the high level Elf country that has recovered from the destructive attack of the last invasion. Quel’Thalas.”

Sivis said, zooming in on the images behind him, and presenting a sneaky sight in front of us.

The rotten black earth, the dirty and gloomy sky, and the disgusting carrion and skeleton that wandered around, just looking at this picture, I just smelled the rotten stench of the scene.

A little further away from the picture, a faint light blue glow is the magic barrier that the surviving high level Elfs support. The once brilliant and powerful high level Elf kingdom can now rely on it. Such a Magic barrier that can be extinguished at any time can be delayed.

There is no high level Elf in the messengers of the various tribes present. Although they were once part of the Alliance, due to the catastrophe of the almost ruined country and the opposition between Elf and Human Race caused by Arthas, high level Elf – Perhaps now called Blood Elf – does not appear in these messengers.

A dry hand bone suddenly appeared on a certain sub-picture, and then the picture quickly retreated. It turned out that a newly recovered warrior was breaking the land and drilling out from the ground.

“Their number is still expanding. Years of war have accumulated a large number of skeletons for those areas that were once battlefields. Soon, the entire plague area will be filled with dead bodies and kaka bones.”

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