Xiling Empire Chapter 249

The twenty-fourth chapter

From the north to the Ghost Land, to the Silver Pine Forest in the south, almost half of the East Continent has been completely covered by the plague forces of the undead natural disasters. This plague is not only a virus that can turn the soul into a dead creature, but also contains Magic, the curse of power, under its influence, the earth that had just recovered from the erosion of the undead natural disaster has once again become a wasteland filled with deadly poisonous mist, earth rot and black, and the low sky is gradually filthy. Covered by heavy clouds that cannot be dissipated, those plague viruses that have been modified in the clouds, even those who accidentally pass by, know that far away from the millions of kilometers of dense poisonous clouds, in this polluted Under the sky, it is difficult to see a pure sunshine in the entire land.

But in the mountains on the west side of the Ghostlands, there is a scene that is completely different from the surroundings.

The rotted earth suddenly disappears at a certain limit, and the stinking smell of to be everywhere can no longer go further after reaching this invisible boundary. The undead animals with carrion and broken fur are also some inexplicable force. Under the influence, avoid this strange valley far away, and at the other end less than five meters from the invisible boundary line, the green grass and the wildflowers that bloom together are covered with the earth, rich Living thing miraculously to be full of this valley in the plague of plague, the power of death stops here, and the thriving life dominates the entire valley.

Seen from the air, this vibrant area inside the decaying land is like a striking emerald in dirty mud, and the surrounding deaths and plagues are clearly drifted out.

Not only is this living thing oasis on the earth, the sky above the oasis, the black and green polluted clouds are also miraculously dispelled, and the thick clouds filled with plague viruses seem to escape the scourge and escape the oasis far away. Over the sky, the clear blue sky has revealed its true beauty from the clouds for the first time in years. The bright sunshine shines from the big hole between the thick clouds like a waterfall, shining on the only black background. Fresh green.

In the center of the valley of lush and green, it is a city of metal shining in the sun with a silvery white glow.

I admit that I have always underestimated a diced goddess whose height is less than fifteen centimeters, although it is called a god but its character is closer to that of a domestic pet.

Cough cough, an accidentally tells some kind of habitual description in my heart…

In a word, this miraculous sight is Della’s credit, and when it all happens, the little things don’t even know.

In the land of ghosts shrouded in death, Della’s own divinity was involuntarily inspired, as if the tightly sealed gas tank would leak in a vacuum, and Della in the dead zone also Unconsciously, he released his own power of the gods. In the first three days, Della’s divine power release did not cause any obvious phenomenon because he had been sleeping in his own miniature room, but when three days later Della once After accidentally coming to the square for a lap, the miracle was buried. In the early morning of the next day, the majestic living thing and the will of the gods swept the entire ghost land and dispelled the western mountains. The plague, even the sky above the sky, formed an enormous cloud void in this violent violent walk. So, when the excited Qianqian dragged his arm from the bedroom all the way to the square, the bright sunshine sprinkled from the sky was almost stabbed. I smashed the eyes of the golden dog.

Ok, I admit that I am still a little lazy when I still sleep in the room at ten o’clock in the morning.

The miracles that occurred between the nights were not perceived by many people. In fact, the living thing storm caused by Della is only a destructive impact on the undead creatures. For the goal with living thing, Della’s power is soft to order. People don’t know anything, so when the morning Soldiers saw the surroundings, they were all stunned by this shocking scene, then cheered, and the Soldiers who had the privilege of witnessing this miracle process due to night duty. Then with a near-fanatic expression in the incoherent way to tell the partners what they saw, walking in the wide square, I saw a lot of excited to gather together to talk about the miracle of the various warriors, those serious For the first time, the Commander did not reprimand their own subordinates because of Soldier’s slack. Instead, they joined a variety of temporary celebrations in the Azeroth aborigines who were almost destroyed by the undead natural disasters. Thoroughly purifying the plague forces throughout the region and even forming such a huge living thing After a miraculous victory, the Human Race fighters who were once hit hard by the plague were even more excited, and the dark night Elfs who were born to believe in the journey of living thing regarded it all as a gift of the gods. In some ways it is true – these mysterious and gentle Elfs gather together in twos and threes, praying in a traditional way.

Unfortunately, the gods they thanked now have no time to take care of them…

I licked Della, who was screaming on her shoulders and making a cute little snoring from time to time, which was quite helpless.

This little fool, even if he didn’t know it, he was so helpless… Did she never control her strength? I don’t even feel it when my power is completely gone.

Speaking of it, when this guy just ran to say hello to me and then fell to the ground without warning, it really scared me a big jump…

“So it’s called low-level goddess…” Shandola, who knows a lot more about God Clan’s, looked at the dark peas that slept on my shoulders with a sullen and funny expression, and said with a shrug, ” In fact, in terms of strength, this little point has reached the middle level of God Clan’s level, but when it comes to control… I really don’t know how she graduated from the college…”

At this moment, my sister and Lin Xue came over from the other side and looked at their expressions. It didn’t seem to be much happy because of the vibrant surroundings.

“Sister.” I raised my hand and said hello from afar.

My sister has already seen us. She walked over briskly and said, “A’Jun, didn’t expect it to be so bad… It seems to be exhausted?”

“She is comfortable sleeping,” I lifted my shoulder and Della didn’t wake up. Instead, I licked my mouth and went to sleep in another position. “We have a big problem…”

Lin Xue immediately showed a surprised look: “Yeah, you thought of it too? I thought that you guys who have no heart and lungs have no brains in this regard!”

After countless encounters, I have gained a valuable experience, that is, don’t take care of Lin Xue in this situation, or the guy who looks good in this wind will definitely be more arrogant.

Looking up at the sky, the clouds and clouds that sprinkled the bright sun, the increasingly unequal plague clouds around the hollow naturally entered my sight. In my perception, the black dark energy that permeates the outside of the valley is gradually coming out of control.

“This is really… a sneak peek at the whole map…”

The various types of energy-detecting radars in the base record Della’s magical runaway. According to the latest data, this energy storm has swept at least three-quarters of the area of ​​the ghost land and killed tens of thousands. Weakly undead animals, but unfortunately, even Della’s power has been weakened by countless times after being scattered throughout the Ghostlands, not to mention that she did not realize what happened at the time. The curse-like energy burst was completely uncontrolled, so most of the undead creatures in the Ghostlands were not fatally damaged in this baptism.

In other words, the cleansing storm that Della unconsciously launched is actually just a sneak peek at the entire ghost land.

At least tens of millions of undeads cast their gaze in the depths of the soul into the valley where we live.

At the beginning, Della was still awake. Although the little things were not noticed, her constant exuberance and the power of the living thing controlled by the subconscious were suppressing the undead creatures on this land, even if Gently gnashing teeth, those pork belly and high calcium tablets are absolutely not afraid to move forward to the valley that emits endless danger.

But now, as the small bean buds go into sleep because of the excessive power consumption, the living thing Force Field, which is shrouded in the ghost land and temporarily suppresses the undead power, has become weaker…

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