Xiling Empire Chapter 25

Chapter 25—The Tomb of the Soldier

Is there anything more surprising than knowing that Alien exists?

Of course! That is to know that an old Grave Robber dug up Alien’s relics from an unknown tomb.

Looking at the black metal plate that is constantly shaking and making a slight humming sound, my brain is instantly filled with various movie novels, and strange stories are constantly coming out.

Coming from Universe The powerful warriors in the depths have fought fiercely, and they have been seriously injured in Earth, when the fashion is in an uncivilized period. Soldiers who have been unable to return to their hometowns have been worshipped by local indigenous people, leading the earthling to fight tyranny and dictatorship again and again. In the end, he left his lonely life in this distant planet. His legacy was taken as a sacred object by the respectful earthling, buried in the long river of history, until one day, a name is…呃, forgot to call What, anyway, a wretched old man found a forgotten grave, the story of the Alien warrior finally revealed the tip of the iceberg, and then subtitles…

“A’Jun?” Qianqian’s voice suddenly rang in my ear, so I quickly returned to the imaginary mode.


“What are you doing, how are you in a daze?” Qianqian looked at me with dissatisfaction. It seemed that I was always helpless when I was in a daze. Lin Xue even said: “You should not be given the ancient items here.” Cursed? As far as I know, some ancient mysterious items can make people feel awkward – do you want to check it out?”

“Oh… no, I am just thinking about things… how can I confirm that the item can be resonance with Qianqian, then what is this thing Ah?”

Everyone’s eyes are concentrated on Gu Zhengfeng.

Old Grave Robber coughed and said: “In fact, I am not very clear…”

All of us together slandered him.

Old Grave Robber hurriedly narrowed his neck and said, “But I can confirm that this thing is useful. I found the ruin with a few friends, and found this thing in the depths of a grave inside. There was this on the wall of the grave. The introduction of things, saying that this is the ‘beacon of the lost’, only the selected talents can take it away. At that time, I was greedy, and I did not listen to the dissuasion of my companions and took it out of the box. The result ignited the organs. Several companions died in the tomb. Only when I relied on the guidance of this thing, I escaped, but I was chased and killed and landed in this field…”

After listening to Gu Zhengfeng’s remarks, I generally understood the history of this “empty spirit signal” and said: “So you set the rules, only those who can make some connection with this ‘missing beacon’ can take it away. it?”

The old man nodded, said: “This is the case, in fact, at the beginning I also didn’t expect that someone can resonance with this thing, just trust the Esper Organization with a try, if there are people who want to go to the ruins I brought them to me, and I actually met an archeologist who surnamed Xu… Unfortunately, that person didn’t listen to my advice, but swears me a pass… oh, I’m so hard Doing good things in your life…”

Lin Xue snorted in disapproval and said, “If I were you, I would throw this thing away early.”

“If he really throws this thing away, then our troubles are not big?”

Lin Xue was cold again, but this time she did not habitually refute what I said, but stood up and shifted the topic: “In any case, this thing has already arrived, let’s go quickly, stay here. I have a feeling of being buried in the grave for a long time.”

Going to the ruins

“It’s there.” From the special desert buggy, Lin Xue pointed to the front not far.

“Where? How can I not see?” I looked around and found nothing but a sand dune.

Lin Xue walked forward and said: “Stupid, how can the mysterious relics be placed in a place that people can see at a glance – it is under this desert!”

Is it underground? Did the ancients have the same hobbies as Lin Xue, and like to build underground bases?

At the bottom of the dunes, we saw the entrance to the ruins.

A two- or three-meter-high ramp supported by gray-white stones, standing in the entrance of the ramp, looking inward, only to see the long stone steps under the foot continue to extend downwards, gradually engulfed by deep darkness, making people An illusion that “it won’t go directly to hell here.”

Lin Xue closed the eyes and seemed to be seriously feeling the environment of the surroundings, and then said: “Sure enough – the sand dunes here are still, so the hole is not drowned by the quicksand.”

Without the reminder of Lin Xue, I have already got a more accurate description from Pandora.

Centering on this hole, all the sand within one kilometer of the circle presents a strange “pseudo-stationary” state. The reason is that it is “pseudo-stationary” because they are not really still on the spot, but still Because the effect of the wind moves slowly, but after a period of time, the sand will return to their original position under the influence of a mysterious force. Therefore, this hole exists here for many years, but there is never Was swallowed by the flowing desert.

A place full of surprises.

“Carrow,” I said to the uncle of the knight’s face by a spiritual connection. “Improve attention and give priority to the protection of Qianqian and Lin Xue. Their self-protection ability is the weakest.”

At this moment, Lin Xue also completed the perception of the surrounding situation. She opened her eyes and said, “Be safe in front, let’s go in.”

I felt my clothes were caught from behind, so I went back and whispered comfortably: “Don’t be afraid, Qianqian, here are six Esper to protect you.”

This ramp doesn’t know how many years have existed. The stone steps under our feet have been smashed by the years, and many places will collapse when they step on it. Then the broken stones will roll down in a burst of noise. In the darkness, we held the rough stone wall and walked cautiously through the slightly dim light of the blue-and-white cold light tube. Lin Xue opened the road at the forefront and perceive the surroundings with his ability. The danger that arises.

“Weird…” Lin Xue suddenly said, “How long have we been?”

“It’s been about an hour.” I am not sure, because of the darkness of the environment and the depression of the atmosphere, I feel that I have been in this strange place for a long time.

“Twenty minutes,” Pandora’s calm voice sounded in the minds of all of us.

“Well…” Lin Xue whispered. “In this repressive environment, people feel wrong with the passage of time. Lily is blind person so it is not affected. In other words, we have already been here. Half an hour…”

“Sister, what did you find?” Lin Feng asked.

“Air – we have gone so deep, the air in this ramp has not become thin and has not become turbid – this is absolutely an abnormal thing in an ancient crypt.”

Is it the strange “pseudo-stationary” phenomenon?

“Although it is a very abnormal phenomenon, it is better than no air. At the very least, the respirator we carry is temporarily unavailable.” Lin Xue said, stepping up and moving forward, we are close behind.

I don’t know how long it has gone, just when I have to wonder if this almost endless ladder can always reach the heart of the earth, a glimmer of light suddenly appears in front of us.

After Lin Xue confirmed that there was no danger ahead, we immediately rushed to the vague light.

“Ah–this is…” Lin Xue looked at the sight in front of him and exclaimed.

What appeared in front of us was anenomous stone hall!

Pandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind with a clear excitement: “This is the graveyard of Xiling Soldier!”

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