Xiling Empire Chapter 250

The 250th chapter of the corpse strikes

The group taunts that Della unconsciously launched did not only bring us the trouble of enormous. At the northern boundary of the Ghostlands, Quel’Thalas also fell into an unprecedented crisis.

Living thing The baptism of divine power angered all the undead creatures in the entire region. When Della fell asleep, 70% of the undead in the Ghostlands began to advance into the valley where we were stationed, and the remaining undead may be too slow, they I didn’t even remember that it made me feel that the power in the bones came from, but vented my anger to my nearest goal. The most obvious goal is naturally the living thing. El Salas area.

But we really don’t have much energy to care about the safety of those blood Elf, because a bigger trouble is in front of us.

“Now the souls of the entire Ghostlands are moving in this direction,” looked at the small red dots on the inductive radar and gathered constantly. Shandora remained calm, and she pointed her finger at the obvious projections of the entire system. The red plaque that was not properly gathered, said quietly, “I believe that the Fallen Apostles have played a role in helping the back, because not only the land of ghosts, but the undead of the Eastern Plagues are moving in this direction, so Although a large number of undead creatures may not be under the control of Fallen Apostles, it is not difficult to drive away the undead of the brain itself. It seems that even if they are busy starting the huge World Loop, they have not let go of it. We have a chance to cause trouble. It is expected that after three days, we will have the first confrontation with the undead creatures like the tide. In the next week, I am afraid that the army of the dead will not be less than one million. .”


I was shocked by this exaggerated number. What is the concept of a million? As the saying goes, there are thousands of people, even mountains, people over 10,000, no side, a million zombies rushing up a large piece of scorpion, I am afraid that filling the entire valley is not a problem!

But I know that this number is quite normal. I know the size of the entire ghost land. The population of the high level Elf who used to live in this land can be calculated. Under the influence of the plague of the undead, they are now It became a very conservative rogue, and the Fallen Apostles were extremely shameless to drive some of the Eastern Plagues to the Ghostlands, the Millions of the Undead. This is a fairly conservative estimate.

“I think most of them are just fragile wandering bones,” my sister will always be able to analyze the conditions that are favorable to her from the bad situation. “A strong old farmer should be able to deal with that kind of thing.”

“But I can’t stand the number advantage,” Shandora tried to look at his forehead. “Millions, this is really a headache. Although it’s impossible to beat the Empire Army with bone sticks that can’t be used as cannon fodder, it seems that Fallen Apostles. It’s ironic to stop us before the World Loop is completed.”

We didn’t think about using the special ability of the mothership to refold all the buildings into a fleet and fly directly to the sky above the Undercity, but without any back-up of the logistics base, the whole army flew from the air to the enemy’s hinterland. Obviously it is a silly thing, this World is not lacking in the Air Force, not to mention that Fallen Apostles has also transferred an Eternal Level strategic fortress that does not know where to hide, in the case of the enemy occupying the home, the ground propulsion Obviously more than the reality of the air.

But now, millions of cannon fodder are gradually blocking the route we are propelling on the ground.

“Pandora, what plans do you have?”

I am not a war expert, and it is a pity that the magical event of being able to master the high-level command as soon as the protagonist is a pig is not happening to me, so in this case, I can only go to the expert. ask.

Pandora glanced at me with a dull look, then bowed his head to the enemy’s laser gun.

…… I was wrong, I knew that this seemingly calm guy is a bloody little fool who only knows the charge…

Reluctantly looked at Pandora, who had a face full of face, “just let me go to war.” Shandora said: “It is unwise to fight with millions of cannons. We should avoid being passive as much as possible. At least, we can’t Let the Fallen Apostles be awkward in this chaos.”

Lin Xue came in: “Under our instructions, the Alliance’s army has gathered in the southern part of the Yinsong Forest and the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. They will take the opportunity of this undead to move to the Ghostlands and launch an attack on the Scourge. This should The focus of Fallen Apostles can be largely distracted, but the future I see is not optimistic. It is difficult for the forces of the coalition forces to deal with the already mad and powerful Scourge, and with the help of the mutant Demon and the assembled Demon, The coalition forces that are alone will suffer an enormous loss.”

Comprehensive analysis, this news is not very optimistic.

The Salvation Army was formed at the beginning to ensure that no matter where the battle occurred in Azeroth, we had enough allies to launch a joint offensive against the enemy, and now the Human Race Alliance did. But unfortunately, it should have belonged to the East. The Forsaken of Continent’s strongest allies in the north has been disintegrated by the civil war, which is something we expected.

“Sylvanas is here.”

Just as we had a headache for the upcoming Million Undead and Alliance Army to be in a tough fight, Anveena, who served as a vase at the door, suddenly said.

“I hope I didn’t bother your meeting.”

After entering the room, Sylvanas’s face was obviously with a cautious expression, making it hard to believe that even the arrogant and serious forgotten Queen would speak with such expression.

It is easy to understand that even if the status is noble, Sylvanas is still affected by the environment in which he grew up. The concept of God has long been ingrained in her mind, and our big gang…not to say anything else, it is just an Alaya station. There is enough pressure there.

Under this psychological foundation, Sylvanas certainly has a slight uneasiness about his sudden intrusion into the “God’s meeting place.”

“You don’t look very good,” I gestured to Sylvanas to sit next to me and suddenly noticed that the other’s face was obviously tired.

Sylvanas didn’t talk, but looked strangely at Della, who was holding my clothes tightly and snoring on my shoulders – what time is this little thing going to sleep Ah? Is it today? Also be the humanoid breeding ground of this bean diced?

Seeing the sight of Sylvanas, we also at the same time in the heart: for a long time, it is still the credit of a goddess.

Although the Soldiers of the Forsaken were not subjected to the positive impact of the living thing storm because they were under the protection of the base, it was as if the next-door test of the nuclear bomb would affect their rest, and a few hundred meters away from the undead In the case of destructive living thing, the storm also gave Sylvanas an “surprise” of ennormous.

Coughing awkwardly, I said with a serious expression: “Is there anything?”

Sylvanas is the Queen of the Forgotten, at this moment. She has got rid of the sense of restraint that she first interrupted the “God of Heaven”, but said with a confident expression: “I think I have a way to make it happen.” The souls of the ghosts gathered together to transfer the target.”

Sylvanas’s words make us shine, right, to talk about the undead creatures, of course, as the forgotten Queen, Sylvanas is more thorough, as an old-fashioned undead hero, she certainly knows how to deal with this The situation in which millions of undead creatures have gone together.

When I think of it, I can’t help but look at Anveena, who is standing at the door and playing as a tea girl. If it is purely in terms of level and strength, the little Ghost that has become semi-Angel is obviously a more undead hero than Sylvanas, but Why is this theoretically very formidable illuminator only to use itself as a background?

Anveena expressed his incomprehensibility about the situation in which he was still standing still.

β€œMost of the undead are not independent,” Sylvanas apparently did not notice the interaction between me and a Light source. Instead, she began to introduce her own countermeasures. β€œThey only follow instinct, they instinctively yearn for Fresh living thing and flesh and blood, and will act toward any target that draws their attention, so the souls of the Ghostlands will gather here after the power of the living thing, but this does not prove that they have the thought Ability, even because they suddenly enter the action state from dormancy, they are now more susceptible to external information control, I think, I should have a way to control some of the undead creatures in the Ghostlands in this case.”

High-level undead can control low-level undead. This is a well-known common sense, but such control has a ceiling. General ιͺ·ι«… generals can completely control the movements of hundreds of zombies or give thousands of zombies a blur. The command of action, and the undead creatures like Anveena can easily command tens of thousands of high-level undead Soldiers, but this time we have to deal with enemies with a full million…

Sylvanas is again forformable, and it is impossible to control a million undead? She is not a hail, and the specialization of the undead control can control the entire Scourge army once…

“If I use the magic net, I can do this.” Seeing my doubts, Sylvanas immediately said this with a confident expression.

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