Xiling Empire Chapter 251

The 251st chapter of the Battle of Quel’Thalas (on)

Quel’Thalas’ high level Elf, or blood Elf, is the only race force that the Salvation Army did not receive. Although the Alliance’s army has high level Elf Mage, in fact these high level Elf have Belongs to the “traitor Elf” from Quel’Thalas, most of whom are long-lived in Human Race World or who support Sola Ding’s Elf and Human Race hybrids, in addition to their inherent Elf features. They have completely regarded themselves as Human Race, and Quel’Thalas’ blood Elf is the true “pure blood” high level Elf. They are the proud race under the leadership of Prince Kael’thas. It was because of the ancient agreement that symbolically provided certain Mage support to the Human Race Alliance, but when Kael’thas was humiliated and returned to his home, the former Human Race Prince Arthas led the undead army. Destroyed most of the Elf kingdom, the blood Elf and the alliance formed an absolute confrontation. When the Human Race Alliance joined the Salvation Army, this group of pride Elf even turned down our invitation.

This was really unexpected at the time, but it was a common sense to think about it. Elf was a pretty proud race. This is especially true of World’s blood Elf. They are proficient in Magic and have insight into the world through research on Arcane. The essence of the knowledgeable blood Elf astrologer even has the concept of a stellar principle. They are like scientists in Magic World. The profound knowledge has always been the greatest power to destroy the faith, its own power and the mastery of Arcane Magic. Those blood Elf’s belief in “God” is far no match for their esteem for Magic, and the history of high level Elf, whether it was the ancient times using the Well of Eternity to recruit the first burning, or in Illidan Under the leadership, despite Malfurion’s dissuasion, he insisted on rehabilitating Arcane and even triggered the Magic Storm in Ashenvale, as well as the original history of Kael’thas rebuilding the Sunwell to summon Kil’jaeden-toilet madness, blood Elf’s enthusiasm for Magic Obviously, they have completely surpassed their hearts and fears of this World and the gods. They and other Worlds are gentle and Distant relative of contention is completely different, the World Blood Elf is an impatient and not law-abiding race, and – weak faith.

This directly led to the Salvation Army failed to succeedfully bring the big bunch of handsome guys to the flicker.

Of course, this has something to do with the fact that we didn’t go to Silvermoon City to have a “miracle”. No matter how we look at it, let the Human Race who just just blasted the prince back home to “inviting” these high-spirited Elf joins the coalition, how to behave in such an afterthought.

In any case, the blood Elf failed to join the Salvation Army or our original planning mistakes.

But this time we seem to have found an opportunity.

Sylvanas can control low-level undead creatures, and the Scourge does not place too high-level units in such a less important place as the Ghostlands, if you can use Sylvanas’s undead race skills to control the corpse of the entire Ghostlands. In the words, we can not only resolve this crisis, but even use this million cannon fodder to make a beautiful counterattack. How to see it is a beautiful dream to make people dream.

Originally this idea was just a good idea, because the power of Sylvanas is limited, and millions of undeaded forces say that control can control it? Except for Northrend’s hail brother—and, of course, he has thawed—I haven’t heard of anyone who can do this.

However, Sylvanas put forward his own idea: using the magic net that runs through Azeroth to be everywhere, and integrating his own spirit, thus greatly enhancing his mental control and commanding the million undead, although it is impossible. Controlling the undead of the entire East Continent, but it is possible to take control of the undead in the ghost land closest to the magic network node in a short time.

And the location of the nearest magic network node, naturally in the Magic civilization unprecedented development of the Elf kingdom – Quel’Thalas

“How big is the chance of success?” I asked with a serious expression. I have heard about this thing in the magic net these days. According to Xiling technicians, this magical energy system runs through the whole world and takes on all The Magic element runs and shunts, and not only on the Azeroth planet, but even among other galaxies in the universe, there is a larger and more sophisticated magic net that is the energy carrier of the entire World, just like gravity. Be everywhere, and the energy they contain is the basis of this World operation. Integrating your mental power into the magic net and carrying out the power of the limit beyond the mortal limit is definitely a crazy idea, even if it is The most insane blood Elf Arcanist, they are only studying the magic net and carefully extracting energy from it. No one dares to risk the mental power to integrate mental power into it.

Sylvanas certainly knows the danger of doing this: “I don’t know, no one has ever tried this, but it is a shortcut, and we have no time to waste.”

I quietly looked at the other party’s shining red eyes and sighed and said: “Well, we can try, but you have to be careful, if necessary, I will force the termination of the ceremony, you have to be prepared.”

“That’s best,” Sylvanas stood up. “So I have to go back and prepare.”

Sylvanas went out, and we started to discuss the recent route from here to the defensive barrier of Quel’Thalas.

I have already guessed that the purpose of Sylvanas is not so simple, and her other idea should be to save her old home.

Even though she is already a dead soul, even though the heart has stopped beating, even though the blood of the coming from high level Elf has cooled and solidified, Sylvanas still cannot forget her hometown. In this undead riot, Quel’Thalas is inevitably affected. It is a miracle. For the Elf kingdom, which has already been ten rooms and nine empty spaces, it is a miracle to insist on three days in the sudden riot of the undead.

And if we want to use the magic net node of Quel’Thalas to control the undead army of the ghost land, we must help those blood Elf.

However, this is exactly what I think. If I can take this opportunity to pull the blood Elf to my side, it is definitely a big good thing, although the latter is not as strong as it used to be, but they have mastered it. Deep Arcane knowledge is still an intangible property that cannot be underestimated.

The plan to send troops to support Quel’Thalas has been unanimously approved by us, and the messengers of all ethnic groups have expressed their support for this plan. In fact, apart from the dark night Elf and their blood Elf distant relatives have a series of historical grievances, Azeroth There is no hatred between World’s various races and blood Elf – of course, we have to rule out the trolls, which is one of the tricks that may come after the blood Elf is received.

As for the second embarrassment, naturally it is now the blood race Elf hates the Human Race in the bones…

To my surprise, Human Race didn’t object to this plan, but I thought it was quite reasonable. After all, the break between Blood Elf and Human Race should be thanks to the arrogant Idiot Garrison. Thanks to Sri Lanka, most of the Human Race is not disgusted with Blood Elf, especially in such a critical period, as long as it is not a fool, it should be able to distinguish the overall situation, plus the representative of Human Race knows that the blood Elf left the league. The fault is on its own side, so despite knowing that there is already an alien gap between the two sides, the Human Race representative has not objected to the plan.

The Human Race Paladin, who is called Victor, is still extremely extreme and annoying in his attitude towards the undead, but at least he is smart when dealing with blood Elf.

The final choice for the support of Quel’Thalas was confirmed, the most fierce Pandora and I was naturally selected, and Alaya was selected for its powerful divine energy, then Sivis, who specializes in the battlefield command, she will always Stay on the warship and be in charge of the whole battle.

In this regard, Lin Xue’s original words are: “A commander who can’t understand even the most basic infantry formation, Idiot, a bloody idiot besides the charge or charge, a dead cat Angel who can fall on the flat ground.” If no one who is really smart is responsible for the think tank, they will definitely flatten the entire Quel’Thalas before the undead attack.”

In order to balance our “serious shortcomings in collective IQ”, this troublesome polymer has volunteered to join our team personally.

I personally think that this is really an ethereal tragedy, and even more tragic is that I have no way to this arrogant gimmick.

“Miss Ben, see you pitiful to help!” Lin Xue said with such a slap in the face.

Except for a few of us and Sylvanas who must come over, Qianqian and Shandora will stay in the base to cope with the millions of undead natural disasters that may launch the total attack at any time. Their mission is not to destroy those enemies, but to delay the time as much as possible. Until we gain control of this countless cannon fodder, by that time, the situation will be completely reversed…

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