Xiling Empire Chapter 255

The 255th chapter of the Tower of the Fury

“Catch her!”

A big drink came from the front, and the small figure flying around suddenly increased its level under the stimulation of this loud drink. Even with the innate sensitivity of Elf Clan, the speed of this little brat is also quite impressive, but Unfortunately, despite the agility, this little brat is obviously a bit sloppy, and the little figure who has no choice but to see the road ahead, hits me.

But I don’t know if it is my illusion. I seem to see the other’s mouth showing a hint of Qianqian’s curvature, as if it was a plan.

A panting Elf guard ran to us, the other’s equipment was not complete, and the Leather Armor and shoulders were obviously coming from two different styles. The once powerful high level Elf race can only use this now. A kind of patchwork way to armed forces their own Soldier.

Just like most of the blood Elf Soldier, the ordinary Soldier who is responsible for maintaining law and order in Silvermoon City is only an armed force civilian who has not been trained for a short period of time or even a trainee. He sees Kay standing in front of him. After the prince of Princes, the expression suddenly stunned, and then saw our eye-catching Supreme Alaya, the expression was even more sluggish, until the sly Kael’thas coughed to let this panicked guy come back.

“what happened?”

Kael’thas had an unpleasant question, and his solo Soldier’s so rude performance in front of God’s Envoy made him feel that he couldn’t hold his face, and then he looked down with a dissatisfied look and held me tightly. Waist child – a little girl with short blond hair and dirty organs, the face is covered with dirt, almost no appearance, only a pair of bright green eyes flashing agile light Let Little Girl look a little more cute.

Noticing the sight of His Royal Highness, the little Elf girl unnaturally removed her sight, and then she suddenly noticed standing on the side, looking at her Alaya with a puzzled look.

I felt that Little Girl’s body trembled and seemed to be quite afraid of the Angel sister who was looking at herself with a gentle look.

This makes me a bit confused. It seems that this World Angel is not a terrible thing?

“His Royal Highness,” the nervous Elf Soldier had been busy for a while before finally remembering how to respect the military salute, hurriedly after a ceremony and pointed to Little Girl, “This child is infected with the plague!”

The word “plague” is like a signal. As soon as the voice falls, our surroundings sounded a commotion, and Kael’s eyebrows immediately rose.

The plague, now these two words have only one meaning: natural disasters.

Little Girl is infected with the undead virus, and it is a plague virus of the high-level undead that can’t be dispelled or healed at all, so she has to fight hard, because at this time, any civilian infected with the incurable necropsy can only Accepting “purification” is a sacrifice that has to be made for the safety of the entire race, but basically no one will be willing to make such a sacrifice.

I finally found out that Little Girlโ€™s tattered clothes were stained with dark red blood stains, and behind her there was a wound that didnโ€™t know when to leave, the wound was not big, and it was already scarred, but it didnโ€™t look like this. There are disturbing black patches near the severe wounds.

“God’s Envoy, I am sorry…”

The voice of Kael’thas sounded beside, but I didn’t look back: “Alaya, can you cure?”

โ€œItโ€™s easy,โ€ Angelโ€™s soft tone has a hint of self-confidence. โ€œAs long as her soul is still there, itโ€™s not a problem to heal the flesh.โ€

In the view of the priest or Paladin, the infection that was directly invaded into the wound by the natural disaster virus is basically equivalent to being a part of the undead, but Alaya, which is ninety-nine percent of the body condensed by divine energy. In fact, dispelling this level of viral infection is not difficult, and her accuracy in controlling the holy light is completely unimaginable for ordinary Human Race priests.

The dirty Elf Little Girl heard the head immediately, and the eyes shimmered with surprises. However, I found a little confusion from it, and it seemed quite unexpected to say something to Angel.

A strange Little Girl.

But this is just a small episode. The natural disaster virus on Little Girl is easy to dispel for Alaya, but it needs a quiet environment, so we brought a little girl and came to the palace of Kael’thas. .

The Tower of the Fury, one of the only preserved buildings in Silvermoon City, at the same time is also the most magnificent and powerful Mage tower built by Blood Elf, if not after the resurrection of Kel’Thuzad in the Sunwell Sass does not want to waste time, this precious tower certainly can’t survive. Today, as one of the few intact buildings in Silvermoon City, this huge Mage tower is used as the new palace of Blood Elf, at the same time. It is also the place where the Magisters who support the enchantment of Quel’Thalas live โ€“ they must ensure that the entire enchantment is provided with magic, so it is impossible to leave this tower that serves as the magic hub of Quel’Thalas.

And the goal of our trip, the magic network node, is below this tower.

I first asked Elf Little Girl for a room where Alaya took her to the purification ceremony and then let Kael’thas retreat from the accompanying guards.

“I think you need to see someone first.”

When Kael’thas asked us what kind of help we needed for blood Elf, I said this, then gestured to Sylvanas who had been following us to remove the hood.

“General Sylvanas!?”

Expected, it sounded like this exclamation.

But soon, Kael’thas calmed down from the shock of seeing the already-dead general, and then remembered the final ending of the respectable woman in front of him.

“I am a dead soul now,” Sylvanas was not as rude as the other side. Although she returned to her former hometown to make her mood have a rare fluctuation, she still well concealed this point, “at the same time, I am also working for God now.”

The shock that this sentence brought to Kael’thas was no less than the shock of seeing the former Ranger general who had died in battle. In fact, although it was heard about God’s Envoy’s joint mortal formation of the Salvation Army. However, Kael’thas did not fully understand the situation of this new coalition. The enronic crisis faced by the entire race made him not have the energy to pay attention to other things, so when he saw the former Ranger General as the undead, he now stood in the gods. When he was around, he felt that the whole world was crazy.

No matter who it seems, the gods and the undead are together, which is quite an incredible thing.

It seems to be the blood of the Prince Elf, oh, now it should be the king of blood Elf. It is very pleasant to show such a shocking expression. Sylvanas very rare reveals a mischievous smile and says: “The god is more than you think. Be fair.”

Although the former Ranger General appeared in front of his own identity as an undead and told himself that she was already a member of the Gods camp, Kael’thas was a bit worried, but he was the leader of the blood Elf, and he was in this position. He should be calm and wise. He is wisely not entangled in this issue, but has made the most appropriate response based on the status quo.

“I think I can imagine… sorry, now my mind is a little messy…” Kael’thas licked his forehead and smiled. “In any case, I can see each other again. This is really a Happy things, respectable Ranger General, although the situation here is already terrible, I still have to say, welcome home.”

Welcome home, the most common saying, but here it is said to be in an unusual sense, to be killed in the battle to defend the homeland, to be resurrected as the slave of the Lich King, on the ruins of Lordaeron The people who led the yearning for freedom struggled to survive, betrayed, drove out, and were rejected by almost every race on Continent, and here, finally someone would say something to her: Welcome home, this sentence Will the weight of the multiple?

But Sylvanas’s expression didn’t change much. It wasn’t indifferent to this sentence, but the long-lost loneliness made her almost forget the feeling of moving, so that she habitually revealed the coldly indifferent expression, but soon She smiled.

“I guess, if this time I didn’t come as an ally of God but just as an undead, you wouldn’t say welcome to me.”

Kael’thasโ€™s smile was a bit embarrassing, but he soon found out that the Rangerโ€™s mouth was full of smiles, so he let go of his heart and let go of this embarrassing topic for himself, saying “I have heard about what happened in Undercity. Then, what do you want me to do this time? Is it to conquer the Undercity? I am afraid you will be very disappointed. You have seen the status quo of Quel’Thalas, blood. Elf has been self-sufficient โ€“ โ€‹โ€‹although it makes me jealous, we can’t do anything about it.โ€

Sylvanas glanced at me and said, “I understand your situation. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make any sacrifices. I don’t want to see the old compatriots suffer more casualties… We just want to borrow this one. The tower, to be exact, is the energy source of the tower – the magic network node.”

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