Xiling Empire Chapter 256

The second hundred and fifty-sixth chapter magic net

Kael’thas agreed very quickly to our request. This is somewhat unexpected. In my original vision, even if the other party can agree to our request, it should be inevitable that there must be some negotiation. After all, for the blood Elf The magic net node is their most important thing. It is also the only source of Magic energy that they survive after losing the endless energy of the sun well. But Kael’thas has promised us so easily, which makes it ready. I have a lot of punches on the cotton.

“I believe that after lending something to the gods, I will definitely get a good return.”

Kael’thas answered my doubts so much. It seems that this king of blood Elf is really smart. He keenly grasps the biggest opportunity for the whole blood Elf race, which is to tie himself to God. On the battleship – and the premise is that there is no price.

We just borrow the magic network node, and it is not impossible or impossible to take away the magic net itself. Blood Elf will not have to pay anything, but what they will get is a human owed by God. No matter how you look at it, it is better than buying and selling. It is a big profit.

Kael’thas is not a fool, of course he sees this.

Of course, this also depends on the name of our “God”. This name represents too much meaning, and no matter what the meaning, as long as it is not against it, the things that touch God and represent the benefits ofenomous.

Magic Net, although understood and used by the vast majority of Mage in the World, but what kind of existence is it has been debated, as far as is known, it is an invisible energy The system is like a radio signal that is on the Earth to be everywhere and has already blasted the sky. It is a stable pure magical path that contains the magic energy of the whole world, but because it is a component of World itself, the existence of the magic net It can’t be observed by conventional means at all, and only the most profound Arcane masters can resonate through Magic rituals. It runs through the whole world, not only in the earth, but also between the ocean, the sky, and even the stars, the intangible energy structure. Filled with the Universe, it forms an energy form of Azeroth World. Xiling technicians try to portray a small part of the magic net they have detected. We have seen a magical scene: one in its original form, without any external force. Azeroth silhouette.

The magic network node is the pillar of this energy World. Like the key point of 3d modeling, their state determines the final shape of the entire magic net, and it is the only entrance for foreign forces to intervene in the magic net. Of course, it It is also impossible to observe in the conventional way.

Under the personal leadership of Kael’thas, we came to the forbidden place at the bottom of the Tower of the Sun Fury: Quel’Thalas enchantment control.

It must be admitted that the artistic talent of blood Elf is absolutely unmatched by any race. The long living thing gives them more time to concentrate on artistic creation, and this has even become the collective habit of the Elf family. In this grand tower, the mysterious and beautiful Rune is almost full of every corner, all the objects are artistically crafted, and even a simple and elegant Elf text is engraved on the door handle. Let me have some doubts about whether this gang of ears usually has some sexual symptoms such as paranoia…

And this enthusiasm for art is also reflected in the enormous array in front of us. In this wide hall tens of meters deep underground in the tower of the Sun Fury, a large ruling with a radius of at least 200 meters occupies The entire floor of the hall, on the edge of this complex Magic array, the delicate gold Elf text floating in the air, slowly rotating around the law, and the only role of these words, is just an ornament! ?

Only the Elf who is close to the demon of Arcane Magic dare to add a useless Rune that could cause the entire Force Field to explode on the Magic array? !

Therefore, although the blood Elf has fallen, I still dare not underestimate the development potential of these long ears. Knowledge is not a valuable war wealth that can be measured by the population.

This large-scale array of hundreds of meters in diameter is the control center of the enchantment of the entire Quel’Thalas. It dispatches the energy output of all Mage towers located in Quel’Thalas and is responsible for Silvermoon City. The underground is the same as the city, the ultimate defense defensive capacity of the ultimate – of course, due to the destruction of the crypt Demon, the latter has now fallen into a complete state of paralysis, before the reconstruction of Silvermoon City, we did not see that The largest mathematical scale of the largest scale in history.

This array is also the largest intervention window for the Quel’Thalas magic network node. After the launch, this array will be partially switched to a pure energy form, thus extracting endless Magic energy in the magic net, which is why Such a “small” array with a radius of only two hundred meters can support the current demand for all Elf energy needs. In a common sense, the background of this array is too hard…

In order to prevent accidents, we have already instructed Kael’thas to suspend the operation of this squad. Anyway, there are Sivis and the fortress-level battleship defense on the Quel’Thalas border. The enchantment can be temporarily closed, so except for the edge In addition to the decorative Magic text, the entire array is now dull. Eleven Magf, wearing the gorgeous Mage robe, is waiting for us in front of the squad. It must be that Kael’thas has already given the relevant personnel in advance. The needles were vaccinated, so when they saw us, these Magisters were very excited, but they didn’t show much.

But when Sylvanas appeared in front of them, the little commotion was still appeared.

Of course, it is not hostile.

The former Ranger General, that is how the famous heroes are famous. These Magisters, as the nobles in the blood Elf, have no reason not to know her, but now they have become a stranger. The former Ranger General has now become the lonely undead Queen. The splendid blood of Elf Wangcheng was also broken and broken. For a time, everyone’s hearts were sentimental.

“Get started, what should I do?”

In the end, Sylvanas opened his mouth calmly, as if there was no fluctuation in his heart, only the red light in his eyes became more intense.

The Magisters looked at each other and then silently nodded and walked to their respective positions. Finally, a Magister who stayed in front of us gave a slight salute to Sylvanas and said, “Please come with me, General Sylvanas.”

Just like the tone in the palace of Silvermoon City.

“So I don’t like tragedy.” I lowered my head slightly and said to Lolita, who was on the other side of the general.

Pandora raised his face and looked blank, then bowed his head and continued to be in a daze – or, of course, was conceiving a new war plan.

Sylvanas was placed in the middle of the circle, she stood there, her expression was very calm, but I could still see from her tight body that she was a little nervous now.

Standing in the middle of the full-fledged magic net control circle, this is definitely the most unsuccessful breakthrough of through history.

Eleven Magister stood in his own position, and then began to carefully charge the entire array. They will modify the operation of the array slightly, forming a mana vacuum without Arcane flow in its central region. This mana vacuum may be less than three meters in diameter, but it is the only safe place after the launch of the entire Faction. This small safe island will be the safe protection of Sylvanas in the Faction, so every Magister has paid ten Two points of energy to adjust their own output.

Time passed by, and finally, the huge array of tactics slowly started in constant recharging. The dim golden Rune on the ground gradually lighted up, and the powerful Magic energy gradually formed a faint halo in the air. I think The earth under the feet is shaking slightly, and even the whole hall is shaking, but it should be an illusion. It is not this hall that really shakes. It should be another energy World that is completely coincident with this space. World’s turmoil had a slight impact on my mental power, which gave me the illusion that the surroundings space was shaking.

As the large squad on the ground of the hall gradually brightened, the low humming sounded from all directions of the space, and the magic net hiding in the non-material level formed a preliminary blend with the material World, and the ground of the Sylvanas surroundings suddenly became Unreal, it seems to have become a poor oil painting, only a small area under her feet remains unchanged, which proves that the magic net has been connected through this array and the main material space of our surroundings.

Immediately, I felt an enormous… No, it should be a totally indescribable amount of energy that appeared in this hall, and even made me the illusion that the hall has been energized.

Blood Elf is really a pretty talented race. They can use this method to extract energy from World’s deep space. This approach has already touched the edge of Xiling science and technology, because Xiling Apostle’s most commonly used energy is actually It is also drawn from another level of World – of course, to reach that level, blood Elf is afraid to have a very long way to go, and even they will never be able to explore the area that already involves the essence of World.

Standing in the middle of the circle, the pressure on Sylvanas is unimaginable. Although the energy of the surroundings completely avoids the range of one meter around me, the pressure of the world’s energy system still makes her feel. Sweat on the forehead – if her sweat gland can still work.

Carefully, Sylvanas sensed her mental power to the boundless oppression, and although she knew that the energy would never hurt herself, she was careful every step of the way.

Then, the overwhelming energy surged toward him, and it felt like it was falling into an endless abyss, and beneath the abyss was the horrible underground lava.

Just an illusion.

Sylvanas tells herself that this is an illusion that mental power is isolated and inside the magic net. In fact, those energy are still a meter away from themselves, but despite this, her body is still slightly shaken.

Just then, a burst of warm energy suddenly appeared on his side, which restored Sylvanas to the Qingming.

Alaya opened his wings and protected behind the undead Queen.

Angel’s sudden move shocked the Magisters who maintained the Magic array, but the expected mana collapse did not happen. Alaya turned himself into a pure energy body as he flew past, just like a ray of magic into the array. Like ordinary sunlight, it did not cause any interference.

If you ignore the headache of the cat character, Alaya’s strength is indeed not to be underestimated.

Although the holy light also made Sylvanas less comfortable, at least it allowed her to regain her stability. She was nodded, and then put all her spirit into the perception of the magic net, and the Magisters immediately started the magic net. The connection extends to the vicinity of the Ghostlands.

When Sylvanas’s situation stabilized, Alaya turned into a brilliant light and returned to me. I noticed a confused expression on her face.

“Alaya, what about Little Girl?”

“She is sleeping,” Alaya replied with her characteristic soft voice, at the same time the expression on her face was even more confused.

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