Xiling Empire Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Duel

Let the time back to tens of minutes ago.

The fierce battles on the top of the head ignited the entire sky, and the flames of the world have evaporated all the clouds. The poison cloud that has been plaguing the entire Eastern Plaguelands for several years is only one in this raging firepower network. Jokes, there is no virus that can withstand the high temperatures on the surface of this star. The powerful master ship of the enemy is even dyed the entire dome into an abnormal dark red. If the Azeroth fighters on the ground have more advanced scientific knowledge, they It must be horrified to discover that this is a harbinger of the explosion of the atmosphere.

Of course, both sides of the war have already taken precautionary measures. After all, a planet burned to ashes has no value to anyone.

Such a scene has deeply stunned the warriors of all ethnic groups on the ground. Although they are too far apart, they can only see the scenes of the huge battle between the motherships. The smaller assault ships are beyond the naked eye. The limit that can be distinguished, but it is the unclear crossfire scene, or the Azeroth Soldier who has become accustomed to the cold weapon combat assisted small-scale Magic showdown. Until now, they really realized how powerful the “God” is. Powerful, Ironforge, Stormwind, and even the most difficult to break the Thunder Bluff on the cliffs of the cliffs, how long can the fortified fortress that seems to be impregnable to ordinary people persist under such an attack?

The huge mothership can even make the whole city fly out with just one shot!

This is the battle between God… The mortal, even if it is a member of the army of God, is only a foil to the role that can be played in this war.

Just then, the explosion of the earthquake suddenly sounded above the earth.

I don’t know where the attack came from, but I still lament the forces of the various gods of the gods, but the purpose of this attack does not seem to be killing, but just a little Warning, when the smoke is exhausted, a petite figure quietly Suspended in front of everybody’s eyes.


Well, it’s the cloak, although I know that it’s actually a cloak, but because it’s too tight, and the other’s cloak is a bit too inconspicuous, the Azeroth fighters in the room have produced “how a cloak Floating in the air, such a weird idea.

When the cloak…cough cough, the moment the little man appeared, Pandora suddenly opened his eyes, 瞳仁… Well, Pandora didn’t have a scorpion… In short, the frosty Lolita showed such a clear expression in the battle for the first time. Not surprisingly, as early as a few days ago, Pandora had already expected that the other party would meet with him sooner or later, nor was it panic. It was not the emotion that Pandora might have, but it was simply… a strong mood turmoil, Pandora himself I can’t describe what it feels like, it’s too complicated, too strong, too confusing, but Pandora knows that some things can never be avoided.

I must fight, and in any case, I can’t fail in this battle, just… I’m afraid I have to catch the other side as much as possible… This is a difficult task, but that’s what my brother wants, so that’s the mission of course. ?


Pandora said lowly, the sound was not big, but it was clearly introduced into the ears of every soldier.

“Pandora adults…” A Beastman shaman sent a question of confusion, although an old Beastman with a beard that could almost be made into a blanket called a little adult who was less than a metre tall and a little bit “alien” was a bit nondescript, but with power Dear Beastman in the eyes, the powerful God Clan that can destroy the entire corps in front of this one hand can definitely be worth any honorable title.

“Retreat, the farther the better.”

Pandora repeated again, and at this same time, Xiling Soldier, who had already received an absolute order, also began a collective retreat.

Seeing that even the warriors began to retreat, everyone understands that this is an order that cannot be disobeyed. I am afraid that the impending battle is not something they can intervene in – even the god warriors have no room to intervene.

This kind of understanding is not very correct. Pandora just wants to solve everything by himself. This battle cannot be interfered by outsiders.

But in any case, the warriors of all races retreated in obedience, and with the help of several Xiling officers, they were far away from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

This is a battle that will surely take place. It is a bit of a dog’s blood. It is a battle of fate, a duel that can only win a victory. Therefore, Pandora wants all unrelated people to leave the battlefield, and the cloak girl does not. The sneak attack on the former was chosen, but a pre-reception was made.

“After today, there will be only one Pandora,” when the last Soldier left the line of sight, and Viska, who was completely wrapped in a large cloak, landed slowly on the ground. She opened her hood and revealed exactly the same as Pandora. But it has the face of a blood red cat, “The mistake of the program… It is finally over today!”

Pandora seems to have heard the other’s words at all, just silently taking out a three-meter-long sniper…gun…

“Boom!” A fierce explosion, Viska escaped the fiery bursting warhead by a millimeter, and then leaped high into the air, a door floating gun emerged in the air, combined into a precisely designed fire point. The petite figure quickly retreated, at the same time, from the cloak she wore, she found a round barrel similar to the main gun of the tank.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The violent explosion sounded, and the two firepowers were comparable to the Heavy Armored Legion’s twins. They were the first to fight, the same fighting style, the same body structure, and even some small habits showed a tacit understanding like telepathy. Different, only two people experience different accumulated combat experience and personal style. Such a battle from the very beginning is destined not to end soon. Pandora and Viska are like a person and her shadow, they are every time. Almost all of the same moves are used to offset the opponent’s offense. All the moves are like the scripts that have already been rehearsed. If you don’t know the facts, you may have to wonder if the two girls are pure. Performance only.

Handguns, semi-fixed turrets, floating gun matrices, missile swarms, laser prisms, and the used weapons are constantly being upgraded, and the types and quantities are also growing to a heinous extent. Two small figures are moving in the air at an alarming high speed. The limbs cut through the air and even produced dense sonic booms. The laser beams and ballistic weapons that seemed to be completely unavoidable were accurately evaded again and again, and then triggered a series of explosions on the distant horizon. Both knew their defense ratio. Attack is an enormous weakness, so it is hard to resist those terrible gunfire.

Once again, Pandora evaded the deadly instant Helium Flash, and although the power of the unpowered Helium Flash dropped by nearly half, it wasn’t the attack that the miniaturized body could hold.

Calmly looking at the cloak girl suspended in the air in the distance, Pandora did not rush to launch the next round of attack.

This is not the way to go, the comprehensive level of the two people is too close, and the telepathy that doesn’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing is even more annoying, although it can give itself a greater chance to see the next move of the other party, but in turn, the other party is also Beneficiaries… In this way, relying solely on such firepower is impossible to decide the outcome.

Within the body’s security system is alerting, not severely damaged or insufficiently energy, but the entire body has been overloaded, while the miniaturized body greatly enhances agility and explosiveness, but in order to maintain superior firepower output, I am not accustomed to this long-term battle. The main energy pipeline has entered the third time since the start of the war. The auxiliary energy line is about to enter the limit cooling. If this continues, I am afraid that it will be broken…

The only thing that is fortunate is that the other’s situation is probably the same.

Unlike the rule of two remote attack occupations, where the distance between the two remote attackers is as far as possible and then bombarded each other, Pandora and Viska are careful to keep the distance between the two within ten kilometers, although they are both Xiling Apostle who are good at remote attack, but They don’t dare to increase their advantage by pulling distance. Pandora, these three words represent the absolute remote suppression ability, but they may not be safe under the same remote suppression, as if the main battle tank is not necessarily Like the shells that they fired, Pandora and Viska could not resist their long-range firepower.

Their Defense Ability is much weaker than their own atmate ability.

This is not a design flaw. After all, the offense is always easier than defense. The Pandora-type Xiling Apostle is a pure attacker, not to mention the fact that two Pandoras are killing each other. This is something that nobody thought of. .

More than one kilometer away, you can use conventional guns and handguns. More than ten kilometers, you have time to prepare directional weapons that require preset time. More than 100 kilometers, Pandora and Viska have confidence to start charging Helium Flash, but relative That, it is definitely the end of the same end. After all, the two people’s fighting strength is too close, and as long as they get the chance to launch a fatal blow, no one can survive.

In order to prevent opponents from having time to prepare such a remote attack, the two men in the battle are very entangled in this kind of fighting medium-range shooting.

It seems that the patience of such a boring fire bombing has lost patience, or perhaps the overloaded energy system has been unable to continue to support the large scale of the artillery array, Viska suddenly bite his teeth, hands in the hands of a two-meter-long alloy knives!

Almost at the same time, the opposite sister who did exactly the same thing with her own appearance made the same move.

The subtle telepathy between the two has once again worked.

Damn… damn… damn it! ! !

Why is it the same! Why do we want the same!

Viska suddenly became angry, and the reason was naturally that the other party did not take the same action as himself.

Why am I just a replica! ? Why can you get that happiness? ?

Viska held the knives in his hand and then disappeared on the spot.

Since we are so similar, then…

“You are going to die Oh! !!!!”

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