Xiling Empire Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Cloak Trio

Dim Dawn – This is the most appropriate way to describe the early morning of the Tirisfal area.

The bright sunshine is covered by thick clouds, and then diffused. When it finally shines on the decaying earth of Tirisfal, the bright golden light is like the old man, only It is possible to declare the beginning of a new day to the land of Tirisfal with a little dim glow, but this is not a very pleasant morning. It obviously will not make the residents here feel any wrong, and the body is strong and far-reaching. The super-common sense of the ordinary Demon has a mechanical limb installed with a blunt technique, patrolling in groups of black and rotten earth, twitching the nose from time to time, as if enjoying the rancid smell in the surrounding air, their faces With a twisted smile, they show off each other’s strong and powerful new body, or with a happy smile, smashing the head of an unlucky dead soul, watching the other side rushing to the pile of broken bones on the ground. Then I fell on the ground with powerlessness, making a burst of hoarse laughter, and monitoring Farlen Apostles in the distance. We have not stopped speaking about such behaviors. Perhaps in their view, such entertainment activities will enable Demons to maintain strong energy and good mood at all times, so that these novel killing machines can explode more efficiently, or They didn’t put such a small commotion at all, just as the occasional collision between tools didn’t attract anyone’s attention. The powerful Fallen Apostles didn’t have any interest in the occasional friction between these tools.

The Eternal Level crash and the disastrous situation of the main force forces have been uploaded to every Fallen Apostles database, but the Demon and the undead forces have been Supreme confidential, they are infinitely loyal and never know how to surrender. Xiling people are different. Although Fallen Apostles doesn’t understand what the morale of carbon-based creatures is, they still know that these things that will seriously shake the hearts of the military cannot be known to the cannon fodders. They destroyed the whole west. The enviromental explosion of the Plaguelands, which the Fallen Apostles interpret as a collision of the god-level weapons, does not mention the loss of the enemy of the airborne fleet. This interpretation makes the Demons who are advocating power excited, the entire Burning Legion – – Well, even though it was already a complete deprivation of power by Fallen Apostles, the demon-like Demon Legion – morale reached its zenith, they were confident, rejoicing in the battle against the mighty god of darkness, but for those who were in the Western Plague The comrades who evaporate in the explosion don’t care, this Demon is in line with their nature.

Such deception must not last long, but Fallen Apostles had long planned that the value of the Burning Legion’s use had basically come to an end. The assembly thing that assembled Demon was the last remaining value of the powerful Demon Legion, and those of the Tianli Military Member. ——Although courage is commendable, the undead creatures with limited potential for transformation are even completely abandoned by Fallen Apostles earlier than Demon. They only need to take on the cannon fodder in the last three days and stick to World. Everything is ok when the circuit starts.

In the center of Lordaeron ruins, on a typical Xiling-style tower, the Hologram projection system is presenting the edge of the Tirisfal area, looking at the “funny little games” between Demon and the undead, some The man who hides his whole body in the black cloak suddenly gave off a disdainful sneer.

“Hey, a bunch of idiots… carbon-based creatures are all the same stupid.”

“They are also doing the dream of ruling World under the leadership of the god of darkness…” The young female voice rang, and there was actually a woman in the middle of these suspicious cloaks. The woman who made the voice also secreted herself. Wrapped in the cloak, only a long, bright silver hair leaked from the edge of the hood, but it looked like it was deliberate. “It’s a ridiculous lower creature… they didn’t even realize that they had been abandoned… …even the gradual collapse inside the body is not noticed…”

“When the tool is always damaged,” the man who spoke earlier said in a low voice, then he tilted his head slightly to the other side and said to the cloak number three, “Occam, when will the World Loop start? You can’t think Do you want to get the damn thing moving one or two days in advance?”

Known as Occam’s cloak No. 3 is like a solidified statue. It turns a deaf ear to the question. It is not until ten seconds have passed. When the other party is already impatient, he responds with a hoarse voice: “Pay attention to the tone of your speech. , Savi, I am not your subordinate, and you are not qualified to dictate my work…”

“The tone of my voice!?” The man, known as Savi, turned quickly without warning. He grabbed Occam’s neck before everyone reacted, and held it in the air with one hand. With unrecognized anger, “Who gave the energy probe to a stupid and reckless Idiot Demon? Who put the important data on a lower carbon-based creature? Because of your Mistakes, debugging of the World Loop has to start from scratch, if not for you, every inch of this World has been occupied by our army!!”

Occam, who was raised in the air, seemed to be completely unconcerned about his current state. The tone still replied steadily: “Savi, I think you made a mistake… The bad state is not just because of that Idiot. Demon… Your memory core is really aging to the point where it happened three days ago? We have been painstakingly transmitted to this World fleet, under the madness of the little traitor, almost vanished, our aerial fortress Even falling from the sky in the most humiliating way, now it still smokes in the land of the West… So who agreed to let the traitor act as the commander of the interception force?”

“You!” Savi’s body shivered slightly, apparently having turned real anger, but the young woman suddenly spoke with a clear sarcasm: “Ah, man, it’s really good at shirking responsibility in this situation. The creature…”

Although there is no obvious hierarchical distinction, this woman’s speech obviously has some effect. Two men who are almost smashed up – or almost unilaterally opened Savi finally coldly snorted, will put the cloak on the opposite side. Down, as for the latter, from the very beginning, it always shows incomparably indifferent, as if everything that happened to him has nothing to do with himself.

“A lot of things are beyond our expectation.” Seeing that the two men are temporarily calm, the young woman slowly opens her mouth. “We didn’t expect to suddenly meet God Clan’s squad, but didn’t even think that Empire should have completely disappeared. There are still surviving Emperor-level forces, they even traced this World… I didn’t think that 7535 would suddenly betrayed because of a reason why no one could understand… I originally liked the little brat, huh, huh This is really regrettable…”

The woman said this in her mouth, but it didn’t seem to have any regrets, as if she had just lost a good toy and sighed a little.

“The spirit of 7535 is not normal,” Occam said with a tone that seems to be irrelevant. “Oh, it was originally an imperfect replica. If you use a more accurate description, it would be a rude. The alternative tool is only so it is normal for her to be physically disabled. Of course, her strength is still of some value, but to be honest, let her enter the group at our level, I still have reservations…”

“That’s what adults mean,” Savy said provocatively. “Or do you doubt that adults make such decisions?”

“When are you going to quarrel?” The young woman interrupted the battle between the two again. It seems that such a thing happened in the past. “Now we have another thing, God Clan has already paid attention. At this point, we have to get what we want before they block all of the World’s void channels. Success or failure is here – the World Loop will take at least three days to start, and only then will we be able to determine ourselves. Absolute advantage, but I don’t think the enemy will give us enough time, their fleet has already set off, I am afraid the next moment, they will…”

“Let me interrupt your speech, Ms. Bellavilla,” Savi suddenly burst into the air, with a slight frivolity in the slightly upward tone. “I don’t think they can break the steel I set in three days.” Defense – When necessary, I will go to the battlefield and give the little brat a little lesson.”

It seems that there is a slight dissatisfaction with the frivolous tone of the other party. Bellavilla’s voice is severe: “You are too confident, Savi, I know that you like to fight, but this time there are many enemies that we don’t understand. The few carbon-based creatures – although their living thing forms are very low-level, their ability to grasp is something we can’t explain, especially the male carbon-based creature with the Emperor Authority, God knows why Xiling Empire’s Emperor will be a carbon-based creature, he makes me feel very uneasy, you should be able to find that he rarely shot, and never even showed too much strength on the frontal battlefield, even if there is fighting, he always It is in a very short period of time to solve all the problems in front of them. They seem to be deliberately keeping the strange Emperor’s fighting strength secret, so we have too little information on his data, which can be different without any external force. What is the ability of World to summon firepower? What is the way of attack like void energy? Students? Through what it means to predict or avoid? We know nothing about, so …… “

Just as Bellavilla continued to preach, the white light suddenly bursting on the Hologram projection interrupted her.

“Oh,” Occam exclaimed exaggeratedly. “It seems that we will soon be able to appreciate the power that makes the distinguished Princess Bellavilla feel uneasy. They have come…”

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