Xiling Empire Chapter 27

Chapter 27β€”Different World

When I recovered from the vertigo, the environment of the surroundings has changed dramatically.

Here is a forested open space covered with fallen leaves. Surroundings are surrounded by a towering ancient wood. Looking beyond these tall trees, all I can see is the evercuous forest, and occasionally from the branches of the forest. The shattered sunlight leaking from the gap, looking up, the clear sky reveals a beautiful silhouette in the intertwined ancient branches, which is in stark contrast with the secluded surrounding forest.

This pure sky, I have never seen it.

“Where is this…” I muttered as I swayed my groggy head.

Pandora’s unique mechanical sound is unique to me when I analyze the problem: “Discovering environment parameters change … recalibrator … gravitational overload… atmospheric data overload… environmental energy analysis… full-band to scan system startup… Brother, it seems that due to the unusual start of the empty spirit signal carried by Elder Sister Qianqian, we came to a new World, there is no relevant record in the existing database…”

In other words, the crossing in legend finally happened to me?

Is this too too? !

I just panicked a little at the moment I heard the news, but I immediately replied to calmness – since Pandora can directly jump from Xiling Origin Star to Earth, she must have a way to go back from this World.

I am still quite confident about Xiling Empire’s technology.

β€œΔ“n? Others?” I looked around and found that only me, Pandora, and Lin Xue, who were still unconscious, and other people, including Qianqian, disappeared.

Pandora closed his eyes and waited for a while to reopen. He said: “The distance between World and Earth is not too far. It has been successfully connected with Carrow. The only ones who were accidentally transmitted to the planet are us. Others have successfully left the ruins and are now on their way back to base. I have let Carrow help us report peace.”

“When can we go back?” I asked, I don’t have any interest in exploring this strange world. If you don’t have anything to do with Pandora, then you can have fun, and you can listen to the outside world. It’s pretty good, but it’s better to go back as soon as possible. An accidentally hanging here is too irresponsible for Qianqian and Elder Sister.

Pandora’s within the body made a slight current sound and said: “The Space Jump System needs to be cooled, and it takes 72 hours from the next start.”

It seems that I have to spend 3 days in this World – I hope this World food is something I can digest.

In order to spend peace and quiet in the next three days of travel, I need to have a preliminary understanding of this World, and the best way to understand is to ask about the Loli-type multi-function radar.

At this moment, a soft voice interrupted my thinking, it turned out that Lin Xue had already woke up.

β€œε””β€”Chen Jun?” Lin Xue sat up a little hard, and at first glance she saw me standing on the side, and then she perceived her sharpness and immediately found out that the surroundings were not right.

β€œ…what is this place?!” Lin Xue cried in surprise. β€œHow is the environment here so strange? There is still a lot of strange energy in the air.”

I reached out and pulled Lin Xue up and said, “Welcome to the World.”

“Different World?!”

“It seems to be because of a little accident, let’s go through.”

Lin Xue’s face quickly appeared a panic look, and asked somehow: “Chen Jun, what do you say? Crossing?! Are you kidding?”

For the sake of mischief, I decided not to tell Lin Xue for the time being. In fact, we will be able to return to the original World in just three days. Instead, we will take it for granted: “Of course not a joke, can you still feel the abnormality of the surrounding environment?” Do you feel that you haven’t felt it in Earth?”

Upon hearing my answer, Lin Xue finally accepted the fact of crossing and could not help but ask: “What do we do now? If you really can’t go back, everyone in Earth…”

“That is something to consider in the future. Now our priority is – I am hungry.”

Of course, I have to be hungry. From the exile of the town to the ruins of the ruins, I have not eaten anything. After a long time, I have already been hungry. Under my reminder, Lin Xue’s belly is also very suitable. “ε’•ε’•” got up, so she couldn’t help but yell.

β€œThings here, can you eat?” Lin Xue looked around the plants that could not be named, but did not find anything that could be with the food.

I found that when I arrived at this strange world, Lin Xue, who was used to bickering with me, finally stopped looking for trouble. Instead, she began to rely on me. It seems that even Lin Xue, who has a little female personality, has a girl’s weak side.

“Warning – found a strong energy response, there is a large carbon-based creature close -” Pandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind, and at the same time, Lin Xue immediately hid behind me, with panic The tone said: “Chen Jun, I seem to feel something very powerful!”

Crossing one of the three laws: the protagonist encounters the enemy scene…

Just as I was feeling weak about the appearance of such a dog’s blood, a low bark came from us obliquely. The next second, we felt the sky above the head dark.

“Ah–” Lin Xue was shocked. “What is that?!”

“Trouble you usually look at the novels and movies. Isn’t that the dragons that are used to give the protagonist a post-leveling experience in various novels?”

“Crap, of course I know this is a dragon. I just exclaimed it just to match the atmosphere!”

I have been defeated by Lin Xue, who has a bad temper and wants to face…

At the mouth of our conversation, the enormous black lizard in the sky had found three foods that looked nutritious and preservative-free, so it snorted and swooped over to us.

Doesn’t it mean that dragons of different worlds are guys with high intelligence and arrogance? How does this dragon look like a hungry beast Ah?!

In the scream of Lin Xue’s, I quickly stepped forward and yelled: “Amaterasu!”

The three light beams to drop out from the sky, at the same time, are blocked in front of the Huge Dragon and in the left and right directions – but to my disappointment, the big belly lizard is obviously more than I expected. To be agile, it quickly closes its wings, slanting its body, and slamming through the gap between the light beams.

Such a fast and unexpected attack can easily escape. It seems that if I want to knock this guy down, it is impossible. However, I was scared by this hand. The dragon in the sky was obviously more careful, and slightly retreated. One point, began to hover around us.

Just as I was still stunned by the slamming blows that I was determined to have, Lin Xue’s strange voice came over: β€œChen Jun, don’t you say that you have a lot of restrictions on this attack? How do you seem to be so easy to start now?”

Oh, I have forgotten that there is still a Lin Xue here…

Is it going to kill?

How could it be… that is too unharmonious.

Anyway, this is not Earth, even if you use some foul means, isn’t it? As long as Lin Xue can keep a good secret – although this guy has always been not dealing with me, but I can still be assured of her confidentiality, it is not good, wait for Earth to let Kay Kyles make a memory modification for her.

So, I showed a very serious expression, staring at Lin Xue’s eyes and said: “Comrade Lin Xue, there is now a big event related to Human Race, I hope you can promise my request.”

If you don’t agree, I can’t tell how the Xiling Empire’s war-mongers will deal with the Human Race that knows the truth…

Looking at me with a serious expression that I had never seen before, Lin Xue swallowed nervously and said, “Would you not be asking me and you to complete the mission of multiplying Human Race in this World?”

This girl didn’t have a starting point…

“I just let you keep a little secret for me,” I played on Lin Xue’s forehead without hesitation. There was some helplessness in the tone. “About me and Pan Lily’s secret.”

“Oh, I thought…” Lin Xue had a red face and didn’t care about the way I played her head. “Just keep the secret, you can rest assured!”

“Good…” I smiled a little and went back. “Pandora-ZERO!For the Empire, I bake the attacker!”

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