Xiling Empire Chapter 272

The 272th chapter

“Destroyer Savi,” Shandora’s tone-unprecedented ice-cold, “The former First Emperor of Empire, although not Emperor, has won the respect of all Emperors of almost the Empire with amazing power and unrivaled combat. Didn’t expect, even the one who was once the strongest hero has fallen…”

“Degraded?” Savy sneered with disdain. “Itโ€™s a superficial view. What I am pursuing is just a hearty battle on the edge of life and death!! Now I can feel that feeling at any time, so I am very satisfied with my current state. If this is what you think is the fall… then you come up to fight me Oh! War Song Princess! Great Emperor Shandora your majesty! Use your power to let me admit your thoughts Oh!!!”

“Don’t yell at my girlfriend, big bald head.” My voice rang behind Savey, and then on his left, a gorgeous colored light burst out without warning, and the chaotic energy shock wave would directly After the other side flew out hundreds of meters away and smashed through two energy buffer towers along the way, Savi finally stopped the momentum of flying out.

“Although I don’t know what’s going on, but according to Shandora’s words, you used to seem to be a fighting hero who makes the heart better than the little Niuzi. If so, give you the respect you deserve.”

The two buffered towers were shattered by the blue sparks. From the back of the smoke, Saviโ€™s excitement laughed: โ€œSure enough, you really didnโ€™t do your best!! Hahaha, I know, even if It’s a low carbon-based living thing, and you should also have the power to match your Emperor title!”

“Be careful! A’Jun,” suddenly heard Shandora’s voice in his mind. “His ability is destruction, ignoring any defense and nature of the target, directly turning the things that the double boxing attack into a ‘broken’ state. It’s the power of almost rules! Even if you send an attack, he can be destroyed as a target!”

“Wow! It still has to fight!?”

I was vomited by the other kind of cheating “infinite attack power”, ignoring the defense, ignoring the nature, as soon as I got a little bit, I immediately finished the egg. According to this, this violent person can not kill any size by one punch. Giant battleship! ?

Of course, I know that his power should not be so heaven defying. This can be seen from the fact that he smashed the energy buffer tower but did not damage the earth under the tower, but I am not interested in testing him. The upper limit of the capability is because the other party has already rushed up again.

The surrounding scenery quickly receded, and the wind in the ear seemed to sweep across the cheeks, but the opponent in front of the eyes gradually enlarged. Sure enough, the other party did not do their best, only after I got serious, he played out his true speed.

Instant satellite connection, the target does not need to lock at all, I waved, then the body flashed, around a small semi-circular arc, and then again – satellite connection!

The Space Crack and energy agglomeration that appeared on the top of the head allowed Savi’s subconsciously to flash off, then a white light beam of several meters in diameter whizzed past where he had just stood, and directly hit an unlucky black spire, almost even There was no process of destruction. The black spires evaporated into a part of the air, and then a more intense energy burst. The shock waves generated by the satellite cannon whizzed past and easily tore the two energy buffer towers nearby into fragments. The scattered pieces of metal and all kinds of pieces were splashed out like fireworks, and the sound of Tintin was struck on other towers nearby.

The danger of Savi, which has avoided this attack, has just stood still. The second energy beam has come one after another, but this time he did not choose to avoid it, but he slammed his fist at the moment when the light beam appeared.


It is still the suspicious muffle that sounds to be full of the spit point, and the light that is completely condensed by high energy becomes a black fragment.

This metamorphosis, he turned the light into a fragment!

This ability is too heaven defying, right? There are still things on World that you can’t beat badly! Uncle! ! !

“Is it really okay?” The two men who were fiercely fighting in the sky, my sister could not help but ask.

Shandora’s expression is very dignified, but it is obvious, it is not worried, she heard a worry from the girl next to her, she showed a relief smile: “Don’t worry, the power of A’Jun is not the one that is now showing, and, a little With proper pressure, it is quite valuable. Maybe A’Jun will give us a big surprise.”

“I believe in you, but if A’Jun is in danger,” Qianqian’s voice sounds less pleasant. “I will launch an indiscriminate time storm, even if it is you, I will not let go.”

“Hey…” For Qianqian, because of fear and a bit too heavy tone, Shandora can only use a short interjection to express depression, well, don’t worry, it is not the first time this situation has happened, it will not last long. When the Qianqian character changes back, she will definitely be entangled in her continuous apology for three days and three nights…

At this time, I am fighting with a fighting madman, I am already more and more depressed.

Too jerk, that kind of ability.

No matter what, all the boxing, material, energy, fluctuations, field effects, magnetism, light, kinetic energy, potential energy, wind, and anything that exists in my mind, no matter how invisible, all in that Under the influence of a punch, it becomes a scattered black fragment. Is this the power of pseudo-rules? The pseudo-rules have been so perverted, to what extent is the power of the rules used by the gods in the legend? What is the power of law above the rules? That still makes people not live!

Maybe Della is there, she will have any way, although the positive fighting strength is not good, but as God Clan, her law power may have an unexpected effect, and then she can also respond to such a situation. Solution…Unfortunately, the little thing that lost the chain at the crucial moment still has 24 hours of sleep every day. Although God Clan is powerful, at the same time there will be many restrictions, in a World that is not his own. Della’s power is greatly limited, not to mention that silly innocent little things usually do not have the habit of recruiting believer, relying on sleep to replenish energy, God knows when she plans to wake up!

“Happy, come again!” After another hard-won destruction of the extraordinary blade that void can condense, Savi screamed.

Damn… It seems that for this guy with special ability, itโ€™s hard to work hard on the front, and itโ€™s half the effort!

Intense flashes illuminate from a distance, and the amazing energy fluctuations are clearly felt here.

Two figures hidden in the black cloak were standing in the air, observing the explosion flash that was constantly produced in the distance. One of the cloaks voiced hoarsely, with a genuine care.

โ€œLet Savi deal with the invaders alone. Is it really okay? From this energy fluctuations, itโ€™s a pretty powerful guy… oh, isnโ€™t it just Psionic shelling comparable to the main gun? Even with void energy You can trust it…”

“Put up your hypocritical set,” Bellabella, standing next to him, was indifferent. “I know what you are thinking.”

“Ah, Ms. Bellavilla,” Occam exclaimed exaggeratedly, as if he had really suffered a great grievance. “You are really jealous of me, although I have always been out of sync with that arrogant guy, but we After all, it is a partner in the same camp. You were there at the time. You know clearly who is proposing to solve the intruder alone. Moreover, the brave Savi is resolutely rejecting the request for support. ……”

“Is this your real side? ‘The honest man’ Occam… You and Savy are really contaminated with too many unnecessary habits in the wandering of the main material World…”

“I apologize if it caused your dissatisfaction,” Occam pretended to be a gentleman etiquette. “But please wait and see, how difficult it is for Savi’s ability, we are all very clear, even if it is several times stronger. The enemy, with that ability, he never lost, even if he was fighting with the God Clan centurion… Oh? It seems that something interesting is going to happen, this energy fluctuation…”

“You are very strong.”

After the attack was invalid again, I finally said depressed.

“You are not bad.” Saviโ€™s face was madly smiling, and the empty door stood open in front of me in the air of less than a few tens of meters.

This guy, it really is a pure combat mad, completely free of hostility or something else, just for a battle, so I stand here.

This has been confirmed, this guy really did not bring a subordinate, he came over, just to fight.

It seems to be a brain-dead action, but this big bald head has the qualification of arrogance. If it is not an enemy, it may be a very interesting guy.

“I don’t have a good feeling, your ability is too difficult.”

Coming from the enemy’s convincing praise may be quite eye-catching, but now I am really a bit depressed.

“I didn’t irony what you mean, the mysterious Emperor, although you are just a carbon-based living thing that I have always considered to be fragile and low, but your strength is worthy of my respect,” said the bald uncle. I rushed to the side of the court. “If it is not my ability to be special, I am afraid that a soldier who is several times more powerful will not be able to resist your kind of attack. The satellite orbital gun will be considered, and the dangerous void energy can be used as a finger. … However, if you really don’t have more powerful power, I am afraid I will have to destroy you personally, even though you have brought me a lot of fun.”

“Cut, mad.” I muttered, then rushed to the three girls who were already worried about it, yelling? You ask me why three are? Do you really want to know how a certain ojou-sama is now a hateful look?

“That’s the end of the battle,” I said with a big smile. “In fact, I have already thought of this trick, but for some reason, it has not been used… It is very painful and not suitable for a warrior to execute the death penalty. โ€

Well, more than a grandiose, but… the real reason is certainly not so simple, Savi is a very powerful opponent, aside his “destructive” ability close to the rules, his fighting consciousness, experience, reaction, and even subconscious The subtle changes that can be made are far beyond the half-way me. Although I am depressed, I have to admit that from this seemingly totally unfair battle, I have gained more experience than before. There were countless times of technical bombings in the cannon fodder, so I did not use the last move.

However, the reason I mentioned is not completely false. Even though it is an enemy, this Sawi is also a bright and admirable place, although this kind of person is rushing to run and invaders. The behavior of a duel seems to be brain-destroyable…

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