Xiling Empire Chapter 273

The 273th chapter of the singularity

In all fairness, I really reached the extreme for Sav’s ability.

Ignore the defense, ignore the attributes, as long as it can be logically described, can be a boxing, even the imaginary can not grasp the various effects, Force Field, also within the scope of this destruction, with unlimited attack power To describe it is far from being able to deserve the ability of this heaven defying. This uncle who used to be a hero is really worthy of the first general who has not lost a battle for 100,000 years. His fighting strength is even superior to A lot of Xiling Emperor, this is the only exception to the Xiling Apostle “subordinate Apostle can never beat the superior Apostle”.

But this does not prove that he is invincible, as Shandora said, the ability called “destruction” is just a pseudo-rule power, Della used to chat with me – well, I admit that it is unilateral Education, I am always educated by a group of big and beautiful women around me, even the little beanie that is not much higher than a lollipop counts – in short, Della once mentioned the biggest difference between pseudo rules and rules, that is The rule is that under any circumstance, “absolute truth” can be unconditionally established for any target, such as Della’s living thing – even if it is absolutely empty, Della can easily create living thing in it. However, the establishment of pseudo-rules must be limited. The same is true of the power of living thing. The possession of the pseudo-rule of the pseudo-rule requires a restriction: there must be a goal, even if it is a living thing, but it is absolutely It is impossible to create living thing in an absolute void, because things like “nothing is born” have already been involved. The sway of the origin of World, and whether it can shake this source, determines whether a force is a rule or a pseudo-rule.

Savvy’s “destruction” should also follow this restriction. Of course, perhaps it is subject to other conditions, such as the destruction of the target has energy intensity or volume, the scope of the upper limit, which is almost certain Otherwise, he only needs to punch on the ground and let the entire Azeroth planet fly with us. Isn’t this book directly finished?

Huh? Did I have any strange words just now?

In short, no matter how strong Savi’s ability is, I have the confidence to restrain it. It can even be said that for any non-God goal, the trick I will use is absolutely lethal.

Just… I hope I can stop the move smoothly…

“That’s the end of the battle… use your so-called strongest blow!!!” Savi said, moving around in the air, as if he had just completed a most unusual morning exercise, and then put on a Offensive posture.

This fighting mad, from the very beginning I have never seen this guy have any defensive time!


Savi made a thunderous trench, and the black lines on his face were distorted in his face like some ancient totem. He slammed into the air and then lifted it like a black lightning bolt. I rushed to me, visible to the naked eye, and even the air produced a ripple of ripples under the impact of this moment. The loud and explosive sound of the gas rushing into the vacuum was like a salute blowing in the sky.

Faster speed, at least 30% faster than before, and without any auxiliary acceleration equipment or space equipment, just relying on the body’s instantaneous force to reach more than ten times the speed of sound?

It’s a Monster.

However, it is not impossible to hide – although the sole view body strength, I may not match for Innate reinforced iron Xiling people, but in the case of preparation, doing a small dodge is not a problem.

Muscle shrinks instantly, but it is not the action necessary to dodge in the midst of nowhere in the air. It is just the habit of Innate. Then in the air on my body side, various free energy gathers rapidly. The space on the other side instantly became nearly vacuum. With the driving force that broke out like this, I flashed a quick blow to Savvy at a speed that was not slower than the space teleportation, even though the internal organs were suddenly slamming. Under the acceleration, it seems to start a riot like a collective rebellion, but the moment I saw the mistake of the bald head of the uncle who passed by, still made my heart feel slightly proud.

Bye bye, uh…

I secretly sighed, then extended my right hand and patted it behind Savvy.

The strength can only be used to destroy a mosquito, but it is still not enough to kill a cockroach.

I started the charge from Savi, and when I shot his back, and then stopped at the other side, it only took less than a second, just like a blink of an eye, Qianqian and sister on the ground. I didn’t even see anything, and Lin Xue just saw Savi into a black phantom, passing by me, and then standing still in the air. The whole process was like a good actor who was doing a good job. The martial arts scene, to be full of inexplicable pseudo-spit.

Only Shandora saw my slap in the face, but she didn’t understand what was going on.

“Sure enough, it will be a very painful death sentence.” After a few seconds of sculpting, Savi slowly turned around with a strange smile on his face. “Finally, I realized this feeling of powerlessness again. As if I was in the abyss and was swallowed up…”

Sawyer’s words didn’t go on, his face began to distort violently, and the alloy armor of his body made a squeaking sound under the influence of some inexplicable force. The surrounding air emitted a light blue shimmer in the electrolysis. Under the influence of the smell of a rotten egg, the scent of the rotten egg gradually spread, accompanied by a low-pitched energy humming. After a dozen seconds, Savi began to appear with energy sparks from where they did not know. A slight popping sound, then frantically poured into the in the body of the bald uncle.

Lin Xue’s eyes suddenly opened the boss, and exclaimed: “The dead wood! Big Idiot! He is crazy Oh!?”

This dead girl is not forgetting to give me two adjectives in the first sentence when I am exclaimed!

“How…” Qianqian just wanted to ask, but soon, the energy flow was so obvious that she could feel it, “what’s going on?”

The flow of energy in the air has gradually reached the level visible to the naked eye. The occasional flash of energy has gradually turned into a continuous stream of bright light, from the earth under the feet, the sky above the head, the mountains in the distance, from any direction, turbulent The various energies that have come together have become raging floods, with increasingly high-pitched energy whistling sounds, and their goal is Savi, which has gradually turned into a hot ball of light.

The current Savi is like a bottomless energy black hole. No matter what kind of energy, it is attracted by some mysterious force, and then madly poured into his within the body.

Because his with the body has been buried by me as a “seed”, a seed that grows into an energy vortex.

The energy that this seed attracts is so large that it can’t escape or resist, which is far beyond the limit of Savage’s “destruction.”

It is like a high-spirited boxer, and it is impossible to break the layer of air on the surface of his own body.

What is my capability? This problem has not been clarified even by Shandora, but it is certain that it is related to the control of energy. I can use my mental power and any energy or energy-carrying things to generate resonance, which can control or attract the latter. This mental power effect can even break through the obstacles of Endless Void, summoning satellite cannon fire from the distant Xiling Origin Star, and for higher-level applications, I can also use mental power to cut the World barrier directly from void. I used energy for my own use, but when I first tried to extract energy from void, I encountered the trouble of neither too big nor too small… Well, well, the trouble with the void energy is never small. Trouble, in short, my mental power was out of control at the time, and the rushing void energy almost swallowed me away. Of course, since the book didn’t suddenly eunuch, it meant that I was walking shit. Yun, even miraculously unharmed, and still mastered such a at the same time I could not try to limit its power to have much skill.

Its principle is very simple, is to compress mental power, and then temporarily implant a target within the body, before the small piece of mental power dissipates, it will automatically play its own function: attract energy.

But to launch this trick, I must first contact the parasitic target, at least for now I have no ability to transmit my mental power to the enemy’s body.

The second limitation of this skill is that the parasitic target must also have mental power. It is very brain-destroying to parasitize mental power on a stone. There is no environment in which mental power exists. ?

In this way, this capability is a bit sloppy, because although this trick can not be stopped once it is officially launched, in many cases, the strong has a way to exclude the mental power that invades his body, if I use this trick to deal with it. Other Fallen Apostles, they can force them out before the “seed” sprouts, so from the very beginning I did not put this ability in the alternative means of destroying the World Loop.

But perhaps World has a “balanced” nature, and Savi, who has near-invincibility, can’t do this.

I have noticed such a strange thing from the previous battle. Although Savi can easily destroy the external energy, but his own control of various energies is almost zero, even floating, it depends on that The role of the body of the Battle Armor, my mental power countless times to scan his body to predict the next move of the opponent, Savi does not know anything about it, it seems that his “destructive” ability is also at the same time Destroyed his own control of energy, so I was so confident in the half-chicken abilities that I named “Singularity Outbreak.”

Now it seems that the effect of mental power from control has dropped a lot, at least it does not directly attract the overwhelming void energy, but this is enough to satisfy me.

A minute later, the madness of the energy has reached an amazing scale, the magic elements in the air, plague energy, light, electricity, magnetism, and the Psionic flowing in the following buildings, these energy Separated from its original orbit, it merged into the beautiful torrent that covered half of the sky, and expanded outwards with us as the center. The Xiling buildings running in the park gradually quieted down, and the energy furnaces in the distance stopped one by one, flashing lights. Gradually extinguished, the darkness of the Xiling Base, the darkness suddenly filled.

Only the most central point, the disturbing glare ball is expanding rapidly.

Savi is already dead. As early as ten seconds ago, he has already died in the annihilation effect of energy. With the body, the first meltdown caused him to make a sound without even dying.

Now, all I have to do is take this opportunity to destroy the already-completed World Loop under the earth – even behind dozens of layers of steel armor, the World Loop is unlikely to gather here. Tirisfal was spared from the explosion of all energy.

It’s a shame, I would have liked to see what an equivalent machine of the size of the entire city looks like.

But I can’t care about sighing, just as I am worried, although the part of the uncontrolled mental power has dissipated, but the energy black hole is in a dangerous chain reaction, if you do not rely on the special nature of the World loop to the frenzied energy flow Truncate, I am afraid that the entire planet will be drained soon, and if this energy black hole has a capacity limit, then it is possible to have World End.

As the nearby energy furnace has collapsed, the gravitational trap set by Fallen Apostles has naturally lost its effectiveness. I quickly fell to the ground and then licked a few girls who were already a little bit stunned: “Remove!”

“Wait.” Shandora suddenly caught me, and then she summoned a faint gray shadow, a lost shadow.

“If Fallen Apostles escapes ahead of time, this shadow may be able to sneak through their transmitter to find their nest.”

“I will report everything that happened here to the truth!”

Near a shuttle ramp that was about to leave, Bellavilla said to the person in front of the ice-cold voice.

“This is really beyond our expectations… Savi can’t fail, unless he is exhausted, otherwise he can’t be defeated in front, but…” Occam’s voice seems to be too full of annoyance. “We don’t even know what the carbon-based creature is doing. It doesn’t make sense. He shouldn’t be able to gather such a large scale of energy…”

“Listen, Occam,” Bellavilla suddenly turned back and stared at the other’s eyes before boarding the ramp. “God Clan has begun to block the World’s void channel, and we have nothing to gain, even because of You and the Idiot’s infighting, we watched the opponent destroy everything under our eyes, I have begun to wonder if you have an idea that should not exist for us, so –“

Bellavilla did not go on, but turned to the ramp.

“It’s really a headache,” Occam and other other’s shuttles took off on their own shuttles. Before boarding, he looked back and looked at the slowly expanding hot ball in the distance. “Is the energy siphon phenomenon that can’t be stopped when it’s started? It’s really… it’s a headache…”

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