Xiling Empire Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Return

Many years later, it was fortunate to have observed the end of the catastrophe in the recent catastrophe and the surviving warriors have mostly become heroes of the famous Azeroth World. They are like fighting the remnants of Demon and the Scourge. Invincible symbol In general, the title of “Savior of the Salvation Army” has gradually become the glory of the lifelong pursuit of all combat professions in Azeroth World. This is the strongest and toughest army composed of various races without any gaps. The a period of time is shouldering the burden of eliminating all the wars of the entire World – because that is the last mission that the gods gave them before they left the World.

Of course, these are all words.

And those scenes that the soldiers who have experienced the last battle in their lives have never forgotten have been recorded in Azeroth’s history and various mythological legends to witness the moment that the entire dark God Clan is dying – at least in Azeroth. The indigenous people are coming, this is the case.

The scene that has been turned into a mythical legend is recorded like this:

In the first few seconds, the white light gradually glowed outside the horizon, and all the sounds disappeared in an instant. Only the radiance that jumped out of the horizon and swelled in front of us was silently and slowly diffused in front of our eyes. Then, a round of sun rises slowly from the plague and Demon’s Tirisfal, it is so enrmous, and even gradually covers the entire sky at the end of the horizon, in the round of the surrounding of the giant day, the earth gradually curls Together, together with the sky above, it is distorted into an irritating vortex, as if the entire World was rolled into an egg cone under the influence of the new sun, and then, without warning, the coronous sun disappeared instantly. The quiet World came like a soft sound at the beginning of the creation, like a soft sound when the soap bubble burst: “Hey–“

The curled earth and the sky disappeared with the sun.

This is the birth of the Tirisfal hole, a radical space that connects from the main material plane to the Endless Void. From then on, the entire Tirisfal will be transformed into history forever.

These are the scenes observed by Azeroth’s indigenous people through their own eyes, and as an indirect maker of all of this, I have certainly experienced something different from the indigenous people who can only see a little fur.

My experience is like this:

When all the gravitational traps failed, several of us quickly contacted the Twin sisters who were on standby in the edge of Tirisfal. They left the enemy’s base through space transmission before the Fallen Apostles arrived. At the same time, they would be on the front line. The Empire fleet, which attracted the attention of the enemy, withdrew and returned, and when we returned to the air fortress, we finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Lin Xue suddenly thundered to find me desperately, while using the bug to indefinitely beat the unlucky sprinkling home to the floating side and condemned my various brainless behaviors, so I thought that my brother was attacked by the incident of Viska. Of course, Lin Xue of the Prophet did not easily escape the little madman who had not unlocked the energy. Then Viska slammed into me, and the two of us tweeted four thousand and five thousand degrees from the high command tower. Parabolic decline, when I landed, I was under Viska…

Then I fainted…

When I came out of the “Rehabilitation Warehouse”, we were already on the way back…

The above is all my experience…

What a gnashing god is this Oh! Say why I am alone in the unprecedented World Carnival! Saying why, when everyone is in the high respect of the Azeroth representatives, Zealot smiles and walks through the sky, only I am lying alone in the “rehabilitation warehouse” of the biochemical laboratory, twenty-four hours of boredom Ground to a stupid Ghost maid Oh who will only smirk and scrub.! !

The coffee table that I can’t get rid of in the living thing, what kind of scale do you stand on the journey of my life…

On the way back, the big and beautiful women prepared a hot family dinner for me and the newly awake little peas called β€œCelebrating Chen Damu and Little Della Victory Awakening Conference Meal”. Of course, this disappointing We don’t care if the name is from.

However, even if it is such a warm family dinner, it is impossible to calm down the home. This misses the endless regrets generated by the historical scene…

“You don’t want to be dissatisfied,” Shandora said, biting the steel knife that had been eaten halfway by her. “The mental power seriously hurts you to just sleep for a few days. It is a rare miracle.” .”

Yes, mental power is badly damaged…

Falling down from dozens of floors in the district is certainly not a big problem for me who has strengthened the body to work with the Xiling chariot and has the protection of the mental power shield, even if it adds a dead body. The stupid sister is also completely okay, but the key is that the immature “singularity outbreak” has even sequelae…

The small piece of mental power that splits out as a seed does not completely disappear until all the energy reaches a critical point, and at the moment of evaporation with the World loop, it still has a little residue, and that little residue directly leads to a major collapse. My mental power ontology has been strongly impacted.

Although the impact has been weakened by many times, it is enough to make me coma for a few days and nights, even in the days after awakening, I have to spend in the “rehabilitation warehouse”.

In the ten days before and after, basically everything I missed was missed, including grand celebrations, grand celebrations, grand celebrations, and so on. Didn’t catch up with Oh!

“You just have one, didn’t catch up…” Listening to my indignant complaint, Qianqian said awkwardly, then picked up a small piece of snack and smirked and smirked. “Open your mouth, hey, what–“

Sure enough, the next second, Shandora was stimulated, and the hot-headed young girl picked up the steel knife that was bitten off at the hand and reached me.

This… baby, you still have to keep eating this thing…

“But still really didn’t expect, those guys actually retreated so much. I thought I was going to chase them all the way to a Star Wars.”

This was also the thing that made us wonder at the time. The shadow of Shandora’s release was fortunate. It was really mixed in the chaos and the other’s legion transmitter, but we only got the other person from the lost shadow. Collectively retreating from this Universe, we thought it was the other’s conspiracy at first, but soon, the collective retreat of Fallen Apostles was confirmed by Della.

“Because the Della’s people are coming! Several powerful gods are blocking this World’s void channel. If they don’t retreat, they can only be attacked by both God Clan and Xiling Apostle~~”

At that time, Della gave us a smirk with a look of joy, as if the hero who forced the enemy to retreat was her own. In fact, this little point was all the way to sleep except for the beginning of a mess. The end of the war!

And, somehow, I always feel that God Clan is like the Hong Kong police who are responsible for washing the land after the dust settles in the movie…

“But it’s a pity, Della is finished – I haven’t caught up with the last battle. I don’t know if A’Jun’s singularity is really amazing. It seems to be catching up with Della. God Clan…”

On a small table prepared for myself, Della, who is holding an “enormous” cherry, is so sighed, and I am instantly stunned.

And you are a little thing in the Supreme shrine that can only send tea to the water at a level, really let my face have light…

However, compared with Della, who is curious and regretful, not everyone is optimistic about my performance. Until now, Elder Sister’s face is still lingering, and now I heard Della mention it. My sister couldn’t help but repeat the sentence again: “A’Jun ……”

“I know I know…” I don’t have to listen to it, I know what my sister wants to say. I am quite a bit crying and making a gesture of surrendering. “Sister, I am wrong? After this immature ability I Must first report to the research team to let them demonstrate three or five hundred times to say good?”

“It’s a miracle that you have changed this wood. Anyway, if you want to go crazy next time, I will definitely not be with you.” Lin Xue said, while holding the chopsticks in his hand to tease Della on the table, the latter caught Holding a toothpick like a pike-handler, “Hip-Hop” flashed and moved to the left and right block, and the two idiots played with each other…

You see, I said earlier that a goddess is actually a pet.

However, my sister said that I really went to my heart. The immature power needs to be taken care of. The mental power damage made me sleep for a few days. It was only a small matter. The energy black hole developed to the end and obviously lost. My control, if it is not the big explosion of the World Loop that destroys the main structure of the energy black hole that enters the vicious circle, is it possible that we can happily eat the seaweed here?

The answer is obvious.

But that’s all things that don’t need to be thought about now. In any case, this event is a more complete came to the end of a phase, even though there was a Black Dragon event that made me very sad, but… This is over, no one is hurt, isn’t it good?

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