Xiling Empire Chapter 275

The 275th chapter of the small Della’s big role

That’s it.

It feels like a dream.

Except for the Xiling Apostle, which has been heartless because of the numerous World Expeditions, any normal Human Race will have such an idea after experiencing everything I have experienced.

Well, although the normal Human Race in our gang is really pitiful, there are at least a few of them – if the time lord curses the Queen’s Prophet, etc., the sisters and sisters who have left the conventional scientific theory are still Can be classified as normal Human Race…

The day before, I was still saving World to launch the Battle of the Hundreds. Today, I was lying on my balcony and chewing on the chips to see the people on the opposite side of the street. For such a god, the size of the family said. The pear is very big.

However, I really like this kind of life. How do you say it? You should sigh like this: Ah, the life of ordinary people I have long lost, you are finally back…

Then a little bean diced goddess fluttered from my eyes and took a burst of green light.

Angel, a cat, slammed down from behind me and raised a feather.

A idiot Ghost wandered from the ceiling and began to recite the alternative recipe for dinner today.

“Scratch”, the picture called “Ordinary People’s Life” is like a glass of broken…

Ghost, Angel, goddess… Do you dare to add some other spices to my life! ?

“God… Chen Jun… Are you looking at me like this?”

A little awkward voice rang behind me, my expression was awkward, and then I saw that Elf, wearing a regular dress, was looking at him with hope.

By the way, you are really dare…

Looking at Lilina’s face can almost kill any unknowing expression of otaku, but I have already lost my battle, because I am very clear, this expression is completely a disguise, of course, it is not Lilina deliberately: As long as she was thrown into the realm for so long, she had already pretended to be the easiest way to confuse sympathy at this moment, except for the night and before the return to Earth. In addition to the few pitiful sentiments, Lilina’s real-life personality is really rare.

Actually speaking, sometimes I am also very entangled in what kind of attitude should be used to treat this stalker who does not know whether it is lucky or unfortunate, because the other party is completely a Lolita appearance, and always let their behavior be consistent with this The identity, which led me to involuntarily talk to the other person when I talked to the other person, but I clearly know that the hidden body in front of this “Little Girl” is actually a mature Cautious and professional research psychology is even older than I am a soulling soul, so that every time I see each other as a child, I will always be extraordinarily tangled, as if I have become willing to be in the other’s trap. Awkward idiots, in addition, the source of this description should be easy to guess…

“Lilina, a little patience,” I decisively killed myself in the neuron by the “Big Brother smile” that emerged from the instinct, and then calmly said, “You will definitely be caught in this way.” Research Institute.”

Long ears, green eyes, and the appearance of the already beautiful to the legend level, this appearance is absolutely not suitable for the streets.

“And, anyway, I have successfully returned to this World, and I am not in a hurry?”

Lilina’s eyes flashed a bit and then nodded lightly.

Despite this calmness, I still remember clearly that after the guy came out from the Space-Time Management Center in Shadow K City a few nights ago, the madman ran to the uninhabited street and shouted, and we were forced to pull back and tears. Smirking in a smirk.

Is the crossing very beautiful? Itโ€™s all nonsense, at least itโ€™s partly nonsense…

“Della,” looked at Lilina’s stunned expression on her face. Although she knew that she had been confusingly succeeded by a pseudo-Loli, I was still stunned and waved and waved around in the air, not far away. The little thing about broadcasting gymnastics, “How is the research going?”

“It’s almost finished!” The little thing “call” slammed into my chest, then grabbed my collar and wiped the sweat that didn’t exist, said with a proud expression, then who seemed to be skeptical Like her, she waved a small fist and said loudly: “Della is amazing!”

…this bean diced, back to your own world, you are arrogant! ? I don’t even want to think about who is at Azeroth for a whole half-month! ?

Of course, the above is just my brain, although the small point has always been quite unreliable, but this time Lilina really depends on Della’s ability to create a new body.

Creating a new body is not a difficult thing in itself. If you use Xiling science and technology, you can build a durable body in less than an hour, or just like Anveena, using Angel’s feathers as the core to build an energy body – of course I’m afraid Lilina won’t like to become a Ghost-like creature, but these are not the main points. What’s important is that Lilina’s situation is too special. Xiling science and technology can’t solve this problem…

Passers, soul fusion, World rejection, a lot of trouble.

First of all, Lilina’s soul has been mutated. The soul of the earthling and the soul of the blood Elf are together. Together, the Xiling technicians who tried it initially collapsed. The complexity of the soul is originally a way that most Xiling technicians can be discouraged. The proposition, the variation produced by the two soul chowder together is more than just a simple one plus one, not to mention, the two souls are still coming from two completely different races, even two completely different Worlds… Such an infinitely unknown soul prepares a body… I can imagine that when I first handed this task to Sivis, the sorcerer who has always been calm and intellectual has revealed a pair of expressions like “You just kill me.” The collapse of the heart.

And this kind of difficulty is only the beginning. Even for Xiling Empire’s scientists, the problems that can be solved by technical means should not be called difficulties. What really makes Xiling technicians completely give up this work, or another one. A new term that is unheard of: World exclusion.

If it wasn’t for Della’s explanation, I really couldn’t think of World. It was such a system of pain.

In this world all living things are in reincarnation – this is by no means a simple empty words, as literally stated, every thing in the whole World is in a grand system called “reincarnation”. Della calls it the โ€œubiquitous basic identification systemโ€. This sounds like a high-level vocabulary in a common way to explain: Everything in World, even as small as an atom, a quark, Both have their uniqueness in this World “existence”, just as everyone has their own ID Card, and regardless of how each individual constitutes something, it must use this “ID Card” As a premise, you are born, then you get the basic information in this World, you die, then you will be dealt with by World’s law, and then your surviving things will be re-encoded by World or something else. Something – of course, theoretically, unless it becomes a grievance, then what happens at that time has nothing to do with you. ……

In general, the existence of the traverser is allowed. If you are a traversal, then although you don’t have the โ€œID Cardโ€ of World, you also carry the original โ€œPersonal Profileโ€ of the original World, just like a legal one. The Chinese citizen accidentally was thrown to the streets of Washington by a messy ufo. You were sent back at most, but you would never be shot because there was no green card.

But soul wear is the only exception.

Because of the moment of the soul, your identity in the two Worlds was destroyed at the same time, in other words, you died in both Worlds.

But because the traverser after the soul wear is not really dead, such a bug causes the soul wearer to never be erased by the different World, but the bug will always be blocked, as long as they dare to come back, without accident, they will definitely be His original World refused entry.

Speaking of the problem here, it is obvious that Lilina has died in this World. All her information has been deleted by World Law a few years ago, and now she is holding an ID that has been invalidated in Azeroth and Earth. Card”, unless there is another bug in the World barrier between the two Worlds, let Lilina come back through the way, otherwise any body we create will be destroyed by World Law at the moment of her soul entering, and she will also It has disappeared and become a bad black man who died unfortunately in the World census…

Xiling Apostle is awesome, but none of us know how to give a black account under the big rule of World Law is not Yes?

Of course, if Lilina is willing, she can choose to be Ghost like Anveena. The creature in Ghost’s fantasy system is the only thing that won’t be registered by World Law, but to be honest, except for the fun. Outside of Anveena, who wants to be a good person is not a ghost…

So we can only put everything to Della…

Three-inch Ding, small things, domestic pets, stupid goddess, confused Bean Ding…

Well, all sorts of things that are full of cute but incomparable tears can’t cover up the fact that Della… she has a nickname called God…

“That’s Della’s career! Only you big idiot can’t realize Della’s great!”

This is the self-satisfying acceptance of the work of Lilina to re-enter the account and develop a new body, after seeing the wrong expression I showed Della’s original words.

But we all know that, in fact, everyone has not realized what greatness Della has… If you have been playing with Dragon God, you can call it great in courage…

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