Xiling Empire Chapter 281

Chapter 281—The Loss of a Lollipop

The silver-gray sports car that turned out from the opposite grove didn’t slow down, and slammed into Viska, who was standing on the spot.

I suddenly remembered the rumors I heard the day before, saying that there were so many uninhabited car owners on the road next to the river bank. Just a few days ago, a pair of lovers who came out for a walk was in the vicinity. In a car accident, although fortunately saved his life, they both face the risk of lifelong disability…

Are we really lucky to have this point, that is, when we go home for a walk, we can encounter such a thing that can be relieved?

The car family… It seems to be not uncommon in the current city, but the car is driving near the city canal… I am not afraid to turn to the failure and flush into the water?

“I think the front of the car on their left will hit.”

Looking at the sports car that galloped, none of us said that I was panicked. Shandora turned into a calm prophecy, and said in a serene manner with a spiritual connection – can do nothing about it, the car is driving too fast, the regular communication method has been It’s too late to let this gimmick go smoothly.

“I think it is the right side,” the consistently steady sister even followed the fun, and slightly pointed at the back of the hair. “You see, the car is clearly close to Viska on the right side.”

“But its drive train has turned to the left,” Shandora said, “I’m going to scan…”

Qianqian listened to the public channel for a long time, then suddenly burst into tears and said: “I said that the situation is at least my sister’s eyes will be hit by the car? Let’s discuss this question seems a little inappropriate? Is it another… In fact, I think the chance of the car hitting from the middle is bigger. You see, the sports car is so fast, it can’t be fully turned…”

…this is not a good place to go…

But it is foreseeable that no matter what angle the sports car collided with Viska, the result will be a terrible car crash – and the tragedy is absolutely unilateral.

As a superman, there should be a calm capital.

We can’t see what the people in the sports car are. They don’t slow down, maybe they don’t respond at all. The conventional inference is this, but in fact, from the appearance of the sports car to the Little Girl opposite, they have enough time to slow down or make a sharp turn. Even if they are too late, they have the opportunity to make such an emergency action, but they don’t. The speed didn’t diminish, and even the direction didn’t change. It just hit it straight. It seems that the little girl in front of me didn’t appear in the other’s sight. For a moment, I seem to understand the other’s idea: I can’t avoid it. The car accident, it is better to simply crash into the past, so the chances of a smooth escape can definitely improve a lot, after all, it is much more troublesome to stay in the scene after hitting the human life…

And is there not this statement? The people who killed the people were small and the people were hurt.

Very idiotic thought, but unfortunately, there are still many people who agree with this theory.

But today, the tragedy is destined to be the unlucky driver in the sports car who thinks he is calm and decisive.

Viska looked at the car that was galloping on the surface, and it looked like it was already scared. But in fact, this gimmick that uses the quantum computing core to think about it is absolutely impossible to react. She is just facing the car in front of her. The simple but very interesting means of transportation are curious.

After all, although the appearance is a little similar, the gap between our 700 billion and sports cars is still quite big…

As for why not avoid it… Viska’s idea is not analyzed in many cases, just like Little Bubbles, every day, everyone’s whistle is always ignored by all of us, analyzing the logic that is impossible. The thing is simply the destruction of your brain cells.

Anyway, this girl can also distinguish what kind of frontal impact will be threatening not Yes?

When the sports car was about to hit herself, Viska suddenly had an action: she turned her head, stretched out a finger in front of the sports car, opened my mouth and seemed to say something, then at this time, two The guy slammed into the together.


This was the initial impact, then the cracking of the metal and the twisting of the metal, the crisp sound of the glass shattering, the front of the sports car hitting Viska in the middle of the car, as if it was hit by a solid and buried underground. Like the titanium alloy pillars of more than ten meters deep, the outer shell of the front is completely sunken, the broken metal and the circuit and the parts of the fireworks are generally bursting from the inside, and the window is shattered under the deformation of the surrounding body. Scattered in one place, but in a matter of seconds, this high-level sports car that looks like at least a few million has become a lot of non-burnable garbage.

Then, from the cracks that burst from the car body, the bright red blood began to flow slowly, but I still saw that the people inside the car were still active: even if it was such a fierce impact, was it still alive?

Should you say that the other party is lucky or unfortunate?

Sudden impact didn’t make Viska sway, although the small body’s Xiling Apostle was as strong as no match for Carrow, she within the body still had a coordinate stabilization system enough to ignore this impact, I even Suspicion, even if a full-speed charge of the main battle tank hit Visa, this hoe can pull the former into two in the middle.

Only one thing is unfortunate. Because the stability of the sports car is far lower than Viska’s prediction, the sudden burst of the car body fragment surprised the little girl, so the lollipop that had just been bitten off was given up. On the ground, plus a few holes in the Princess skirt – should this be the only loss of Viska in this car accident?

“It’s still my guess,” Qianqian suddenly cried happily. “Today I want to eat pork braised in brown sauce!”

…this…you want to eat what you say, because there is really no connection between the two things…

The retired sports car had a burst of smoke, but fortunately, it didn’t seem to have any signs of explosion. After biting the lollipop in his mouth, Pandora quietly walked up and unknowingly put himself in the wrong way. Suddenly, the younger sister who decided to be in a daze pulled back, then pulled forward the torn car shell and pulled out a person from the driver’s seat.

“Hey,” Shandora suddenly licked my arm and said mysteriously. “Pandora just sneaked to scan the body of Viska. The little girl really cares about her sister.”

“Crap… we all know…”

Perhaps the airbags on the car and other life-saving things have played a role. This driver who hits an infinite tonnage alloy obstacle at high speed, though bloody, miraculously saved his life, when Pandora will When the other party threw it on the ground, the latter immediately struggled to stand up!

“The whole body has a large area of ​​bruises and moderate muscle damage, but there are no fatal wounds…” With only one look at Shandora, the other’s situation was seen. “Well, find him a car, Viska goes back and stands, let this head I don’t know how to get out of the stupid pig in a car accident…”

So I decisively slammed a Queen’s head.

The guy who survived looks like a young man in his twenties, wearing a expensive suit that may have been eye-catching, but because of the blood on his face, we can’t see the other person’s appearance. Now Under our gaze, plus the experience that I had just thought about (in fact, this is the key point), he was quite frightened, constantly staring at the sports car that had been turned into scrap iron and staring at it with a near-collapsed look. On the ground, a little girl from Lollipop swept between them. I guess if there is no psychologist in twenty-four hours, the unfortunate life concept of this unfortunate child will be destroyed.

None of us noticed that Viska had opened the eyes now, but the man seemed to ignore the strange blood red cat.

“What to do?” Shandora shrugged his shoulders and asked for my opinion. “Would you like me to stew him?”

…… You have too many funny times today, let’s die! !

But what I didn’t think was that there was another person who could be more weird than Shandora. After Pandora split the sports car that had started to burst into a pile of scrap iron, he quietly walked over and stood. In front of the passers-by driver who has been scared.

Looking up, looking up…

In our sympathetic eyes, a little bit of a low-headed look at Pandora’s unlucky man was lowered to the ground by a precise knee, and instantly became shorter than a little melon that was always one meter two.

Haven’t you heard it, see Pandora looking down at the old Universe axiom?

“My Younger Sister’s lollipop is gone,” Pandora said with a condescending attitude. “You, buy a lollipop and come back and pay her.”

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