Xiling Empire Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Little Bubbles’ troubles

โ€œMy Younger Sister’s lollipop is gone,โ€ Pandora said condescendingly. โ€œYou, buy one and pay for her.โ€

A dazzling lightning flashed across the sky, everybody suddenly charred on the outside while tender on the inside.

But Pandora didn’t seem to care about the chin at that place, just quietly repeated: “Go buy root lollipop, hurry.”

Seriously, it seems to be serious.

Itโ€™s hard to be a gimmick! ?

Look at the expression on Pandora’s face… well, as always, no expression…

This is the biggest headache I have always had, because I have never been able to see from the face of Pandora’s what this girl is thinking, although she can perceive this baby Younger Sister’s by some small movements and faint soul resonance. Angry, but looking at the sculpted face that never had any expression, I still let my tears shed tears…

In short, after some reasoning and association that could not be explained to outsiders, I came to the fact that Pandora was serious and so speechless.

In this way, Pandora declares her identity to Evel Sister’s. Of course, there are more connotations. For example, she is using this method to express her concern to Viska, indicating that she accepts the Younger Sister’s of Viska. It is also possible that Pandora I think what I am doing now is what I should do as a sister…

But… since you want to be my sister, let me learn what a normal sister should be. Oh!!

What should a normal sister do at this moment is not to ask for a lollipop compensation for a driver who has only half a life left? Or is the value of that lollipop in your eyes already rising to the level equivalent to a catastrophic traffic accident? Or do you think that you are in a state of dullness in any situation other than fighting, and you canโ€™t think of a more normal way of care?

No… These are not the main points, the point is… Now the whole story has begun to enter a state of nonsense…


The driver who entered the semi-missing state because of both physical and mental shocks muttered like a sleepwalker, and then the voice suddenly became severely distorted: “lollipop?!”

Poor children, your outlook on life is here, and all the rest of the things will be given to the white Angels in the mental hospital…

To be honest, in fact, we can stop this accident before it happens.

Not to mention Qianqian’s Time Stop, which is exactly the same as the superpower of the bug. Onee-sama can use a curse to let the other party directly slide into the canal to avoid the situation. But until Viska crashed the car, we didn’t do anything. But it has been watching with a watching attitude.

It must be said that at this moment, the dark side of human nature played an enormous role, and this unfortunate sports car man became a victim of a bunch of ridiculous Superman boring games.

This is one of the reasons. Another reason is that we are not happy with the city’s car owners. Therefore, when appearing like a car party that suddenly rushed out and really regarded life as nothing, we collectively chose to play.

Shandora may be excluded, origin Xiling Empire’s she certainly does not know anything about the so-called car owners, but she is the closest one to all my girls, so when the sports car just appeared, she already I shared my emotions, so until the other party and Viska hit together, Shandora did not stop anything, but took the initiative to start to blame…

“Itโ€™s almost ok…” At this moment, Onee-sama finally spoke. “If you go on, you will be in trouble if you have a pedestrian.”

Shandora immediately waved his hand: “I can rest assured that I have already begun to express my heart. Now people in the whole city have forgotten that there is still a road in this place. Let’s play this guy dead.”

“Forget it,” I suddenly felt a little bored. The man who turned into a firewood in front of a little scare made me lose my original interest. After dealing with the dangerous Fallen Apostles for a few months, I bullied the ordinary. People are really a bit boring. “Get this guy into Idiot. Anyway, he is already bad enough.”

“Cut, boring…” Shandora was a little unwilling to grin, and then placed his hand on the forehead with the horror of the other person. “I haven’t played enough yet… I tried to clear his memory.” Just practice the brain manipulation of carbon-based creatures… Hey, failed…”

As the words of Shandora’s fell, the scarred soy sauce smashed the car and fell to the ground.

“The brain burned… Itโ€™s estimated that itโ€™s only a vegetative person for a lifetime…”

Shandora’s tone is relaxed and natural, as if it was just accidentally trampled with a wild dog.

A few minutes later, there was only a pile of severely distorted metal fragments on the road next to the canal and a suit man lying on the ground.

Suddenly, the man’s body, which seemed to have died, and was completely destroyed by Shandora’s brain structure, shivered slightly.

Then, the other party actually stood up without any problems!

“The situation is wrong, the group of Monster…” Although the voice revealed panic and suspicion without adulteration, the injury on this man seemed to have completely disappeared. He turned up and whispered softly. On the side of the sports car that had become broken iron, looking at the steel body that was torn by the hand, the face showed a clear shock. “This skeleton is made of x alloy that exceeds the current level of science and technology. ……”

After some rummaging, the man found a small square box under the wreckage of the car, and then took out a pair of button-like things from the inside, one into the ear and one on the mouth.

“It’s me, it’s a failure. All plans should start all over again. The other side is even worse than we think. A girl with red eyes can resist the instantaneous impulse of more than 30 tons. Another girl who looks almost the same should be her. Sister, she can tear the slab made of solid x alloy by hand. The reliability of several other people is unknown, but what is said that Princess’s girl should have the ability to destroy the enemy spirit or other similar… Mama! Less nonsense Laozi just died! The Princess cooked Laoziโ€™s brains! There are more than half a kilogram of auto parts in Laoziโ€™s body! Just like this… put the target on other small organizations, the batch is late God said again…”

After putting down the “button” for communication, the blood-stained man angrily threw things in his hand on the ground and stepped on the fragment.

“Mom, a group of Monster… but at least you can be sure that these guys are not the human rights Anshun people… maybe you can use them…”

At this moment, the superman who is still called “Monster” by a man who is still a soy sauce grade has been comfortably lying on the sofa in the living room, starting a new round of mixed eating and waiting…

Ah, this is life…

โ€œDid’t expect that guy to waste wood,โ€ Shandora said, yawning, the oil on the corner of his mouth and the twelve plates that were perfectly analogously next to him were so eye-catching. โ€œI canโ€™t even say anything, itโ€™s good to resist… โ€

“A son who ran out of money with money, can you expect him to have something to do?”

Qianqian did not hide his contempt for a soy sauce party that he encountered today. The most incomprehensible thing about this kind of gimmick is the kind of weird family, such as the big and small, although it is not certain whether the car is a healthy family. Less, but the behavior of the other side driving a sports car on the road of the citizens walking makes the Qianqian quite uncomfortable.

Just then, a small white figure suddenly ran downstairs.

“Yeah… Dad… Dad… hug…”

Well, I finally know why I feel a little bit wrong when I enter the door. When I came back today, Little Bubbles didnโ€™t rush out to meet me. This girl is not a quiet character. What did she do upstairs? What?

After the hometown screamed the “little daughter” in my arms, I was surprised to ask my own questions.

“You guys who don’t care about their daughters,” Shandora said with regret, shaking his head. “Little Bubbles is really annoying these days…”


I looked at my face, and then I gathered my eyes in Little Bubbles, which was arched like a kitten in my arms. The two “big troubles” that shimmered in gray illusion swayed in this ignorant little girl. And then broken.


These two words should never be able to get along with the existence of Little Bubbles under normal circumstances? This gimmick should be the kind of eternal Lolita that will still be chatting with the goldfish Iyi in the pool after 100,000 years.

I admit that the second half is just my personal meaningless spit…

โ€œDo you think that Viska is just adding a sister to you?โ€

For the stunned face on my face, Shandora immediately expressed her dissatisfaction.

I am nodded.

“…A’Jun, you are really helpless…” Shandora slammed his face on the floor and rushed up to lick my ear. “You at least give me a little care about your army.” Ah, Oh! !!”

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