Xiling Empire Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Help Signal

Different World, afternoon, a forest of nameless forest.

Hungry me and Lin Xue are waiting for Pandora to return.

After a short tragic battle, Pandora in the state of armed forces dragged a beast that looked like a mountain pig but had a corner and walked out of the jungle not far away. It seemed to accept the lesson of the ration. , little brat finally no longer wastes time with food, choose a crisp and neat solution.

From the qualification as a food, a mountain pig is obviously more qualified than Huge Dragon. At least we don’t have to face an enormous mountain of meat and feel incompetent, and face a piece of dragon meat that we can’t get into. Our fragile teeth Itโ€™s still unknown whether you can win in the hand-to-hand combat. What’s more, I have to wait until I have cooked dozens of tons of Huge Dragon. I am afraid that we have already starved to death… Well, I admit that the above is just that I have not been able to eat dragon. Meat and the little self-comfort…

When Pandora put the unknown beast that was bigger than her in front of us, Lin Xue suddenly said, “Yes, Chen Jun, would you barbecue?”

“…no, what about you?”

“I am very good at Master Champ…”

“Pandora.” I turned my head to Lolita, who was watching the unknown beast with an appetizing gaze.

“Kaka” two sounds, Pandora silently changed two black barrels two meters long.

Do you want to use the Huge Dragon approach to forest barbecue? Are you sure that the food that is completely carbonized will not kill your brother?

Next, the three of us were in a daze in front of the quasi-oral ration.

“Brother,” Pandora pulled my sleeve, “Hungry…”

No matter, isn’t it a barbecue? ! I don’t believe that a Xiling Emperor will be defeated by a pig that has already been hung up!

“Pandora, cut this guy for me,” I said with a sleeve, “Give me the problem with the grill!”

It turns out that there is no necessary connection between Xiling Emperor and the quality of barbecue technology.

โ€œChen Jun, can this thing really be eaten?โ€ Lin Xue expressed serious doubts when he looked at half of the half-baked art roast that was half-baked in black.

Pandora took a piece of meat without saying a word and took a big bite.

โ€œYou can eat,โ€ Pandora said in a somewhat surprised tone. โ€œSmall consumption will not be fatal.โ€

555… was despised, and it was subtly despised…

Although the quality of these barbecues is really flattering, in order not to be starved to death, we can only make do with it. This ghost place is left with the unknown animals except for the animals that are not Demon Beast or the beast. The tall trees, if we don’t plan to eat these strange barbecues, then we will only have to eat the leaves.

In the fierce psychological struggle and physical struggle, we finally completed this hellish meal.

“I won’t eat barbecue anymore in the future…” Lin Xue, who barely ate and couldn’t eat any more, fell to the ground and said with a long sigh.

In fact, I think so too…

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I really can’t believe that such a cute Little Sister would be such a terrible warrior…” Lin Xue saw Pandora skillfully let me wipe the oil on my face and couldn’t help but sigh, “Pandora -ZERO, is this her real name?”

“Well,” I am nodded, “What does this name make you think of?”

“…the mythical legend, Pandora opened the box and released all the disasters to Human World. Only hopes were left in the end and could not be released. Is it true that Pandora is really related to that myth?”

โ€œWould you like to know the true identity of Pandora’s?โ€ I quietly looked at Lin Xue’s eyes, and now Lin Xue knows a lot, so that she knows more and has no effect, and saves her from thinking about it โ€“ of course, I Nor will she tell her all the secrets.

Lin Xue is obviously also interested in this issue and hurriedly asked: “Can you tell me?”

“If you can keep it secret.”

โ€œI can keep it secret!โ€ Lin Xue said loudly, and then seemed to fear that I didnโ€™t believe it. โ€œI am a high-level member of the Esper Organization. I can keep my confidentiality. I canโ€™t do it! I canโ€™t do it…โ€

“I swear not to use it,” I waved. “I am afraid that you can’t accept it – Pandora, is an Empire General!”

“Empire General?” Lin Xue is stupid. “A Little Girl? Hey… she really can’t describe it with Little Girl, and you said a ‘For the Empire’ before… To be honest, Chen Jun, you This explanation makes me even more confused. What exactly does the Empire you mentioned mean? I guess it shouldn’t be Empire on this World? There is absolutely no country in Human Race World that owns Pandora.”

“If I say it is an Alien Empire, do you believe it or not?”

Lin Xue stared at my eyes and saw that I was not lying. I finally shrugged and said, “Okay, I believe… I thought Esper’s existence was enough for Sci-Fi, and didn’t expect now. Alien is worn–and it looks like Alien from the appearance of Human Race… Wait, Chen Jun, you said Pandora is a General Alien, what is your identity?”

I grew up, facing the setting sun, and looked solemn and slow: “Actually, I am the Chief of state of an Ancient Empire…”

“Cut–” Lin Xue clearly does not believe, “It is strange to say that Pandora is a general Alien. You still call yourself the Empire Chief of state. I have seriously investigated yours before I pulled you and Pandora into the organization. In addition to the sudden appearance of Pandora, we can’t find her past, but for you, I am knowing things like the back of one’s hand…”

“Received communication signal.” Pandora suddenly interrupted Lin Xue’s words.

I was surprised to ask: “communication signal ?”

Pandora’s eyes has now turned into ice blue, and she replies with a signal that I don’t know where to come from. I replied: “coming from Carrow’s contact… I have found the missing Investigation Team. The other party is the defendant in the ruins. The system was trapped, and the defense system was destroyed when the empty spirit signal was activated, and they were able to escape. They are currently staying with Carrow in the base of the Esper Organization.”

… well, the Investigation Team returned smoothly, but we were unfortunately thrown into a different World.

Just as I was still feeling, Pandora added: “Received communication signal.”

“Again is the communication signal?”

Pandora nodded, said: “coming from the central two sets … may be the signal fluctuations in contact with Carrow mixed with unexpected noise.”

Lolita is smashing…

Just when I was sweating with Lin Xue, Pandora spoke again: “Received the communication signal.”

How are the signals one by one, is Pandora now a signal relay station?

โ€œConfirmed as a distress signal.โ€ Pandora suddenly said something unexpected.

“Analyzing origin ……coordinate determines…analyzes the identity of the rescuer…Xiling Combat Squad, the number is unknown, the Authority is defined…b-level battlefield emergency, it is recommended to go to support.”

“You said that the help is a Xiling Combat Squad?!” I said with surprise.

Pandora quietly nodded and then asked, “Are you going to support?”

“Wait!” I said. “Are you sure that it is the army of Empire? Isn’t it true that the mother star of Empire awakening is only the one I control? I don’t remember that I once sent the army out.”

Pandora replied: “The other’s Empire Army identity is already ok, but it is not possible to determine which legion the comping from which the other party is. It does not rule out the existence of Xiling Origin Star before us awakening, but for unknown reasons it is not possible to get more information from the other party. โ€

Lin Xue at this moment has been smashed by our conversation. Her eyes swept around and asked, “What the hell are you talking about? Alien’s secret?”

โ€œPandora just received a request for help from the Empire Army, but the other party is not my army. I am struggling to go.โ€

Lin Xue has grown eyes: “…Chen Jun, have you just said that you are Empire Chief of state, are you kidding?”

“When did I tell a lie?”

โ€œWhen I first introduced Pandora’s to me!โ€

… was counterattacked in an instant.

I was too lazy to waste time with Lin Xue, so I turned to Pandora, who was quietly waiting for the order, saying: “Pandora, if the other party is in conflict with you, can you take us safely?”

“Without all restrictions, I was able to launch the Pandora Military Fortress fortress urgently, against the junior grade of Xiling Legion – but my brother, I don’t think the other side has the possibility of attacking us. In any case, a Xiling Apostle is impossible. Emperor launches attack, which is a felony.”

You may be right, but I am a half-slung Xiling Emperor. What if the other party doesn’t recognize me as a “Supreme Authority”?

Weighed again and again, I still decided to look at the past.

Although the origin of the other party is unknown and I can’t guarantee that my “Emperor” Authority will not work, it is not my style. It is also Pandora’s people.

“Go to support,” I said.

Pandora nodded, and then I walked with Lin Xue one by one on the shoulders. Because the little brat is not enough, I and Lin Xue’s feet are on the ground, but it doesn’t matter, the speed will come up and our body will naturally be straightened. ofโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Wait, the key to the problem is not here? Why do I have to be transported to the destination Ah by Pandora every time in this way?! Can’t I use a more handsome way of playing?

It is a pity that Pandora does not seem to give me time to object.

So, in the scream of Lin Xue’s, Pandora’s Loli chariot went away…

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