Xiling Empire Chapter 290

The twenty-ninth chapter of the robbery

It is the most prosperous part of the city, commercial street, shopping paradise, pedestrian park, whatever the name is suitable, as a consumption-intensive area, there is no upscale to only the celebrities and nobles can enter, but its goods It is just enough to cater to the material desires and ostentation of the middle class, which is a little inflated. Therefore, the middle class who occupy 70% of the city’s population will be interested in such a high-quality but unacceptable consumption area. .

Intensive crowds, rows of stores, commercial buildings, and occasional small frictions, such places are really not suitable for crimes that require a high degree of confidentiality to succeed.

“But in my hunch, their trading location must be nearby.”

Lin Xue is uncompromising confidence.

“Or, is this guy questioning the intuition of this Prophet?”

“It’s also used to say that your instincts didn’t make much difference in these two days… Hey Hey hey! Calm! Restrain!”


Cut, it is a careful and violent woman.

That’s right, it’s like having experienced countless times. After the skillful and Lin Xue’s splitting of ten strokes, I finally got a sharp punch in accordance with the practice…

Sustaining his fists with satisfaction, Lin Xue suddenly snarled on the crowd of people, A and B:

“Look what! I have never seen shopping Oh!”

……Which shop you have seen is cold and not a pair of people to come to the side of the glare index four stars real people fast!

At this moment, Qianqian’s voice suddenly came from my mind: “A’Jun, A’Jun, here is the third group, I heard the answer.”

“Have you heard…do you use this program?”

“It’s not listening to the profession… Don’t say this, what did you find on the other side?”

“There are a lot of people, the weather is fine, the commercial buildings are so high, Lin Xue is very violent, no, what about you?”

β€œThe first three are the same as above. Finally, Little Bubbles is a headache…”

“Shandora over there?”




Needless to say, this gimmick has been drilled into a food city and is not thinking about it.

“What did you find?”

“No… Hey, there are, there is a soup bag here! A’Jun, you will come over Oh!”

β€œWould you like to come to help or come to the market?” Lin Xue’s gnashing voice sounded through the public channel. β€œHow can I not be sure of the real purpose of your coming?”

Qianqian: “Shopping!”

Shandora: “Dining!”

Sister: “Purchasing!”

Me: “And then by the way.”

“I really got my head in the water before I let your gang of unreliable guys come out to patrol…”

“Okay,” I looked at the grievances on Lin Xue’s face. I also know that it’s just right. The patience of this guy is quite limited. “Reassure, there are so many professional Empire Military officers and patrol teams around. The inner layer is the leader of us. On this day, do you think the opponent can still fly with wings?”

Lin Xue sighed and said: “Of course I know that the troops you mobilized this time are very strong, but to be honest, you know that the Xiling soldiers are always good at frontal destruction. They will definitely die when they start. Those big-headed soldiers do this task without hurting the fragile ordinary people… I always have an extreme sense of security… and this series of events has made Grandpa a headache, if he goes out today A Black Dragon accident, I really don’t know how to face his old man…”

I looked at Lin Xue, who was suddenly stunned with a strange look. This time, from the coming from the full and powerful Ojou-sama, will there be such a sentimental performance?

“Here is Earth,” Lin Xue looked at my confused eyes. Her intuition was superhuman. She naturally thought of what I was wondering. “Those who may be hurt are my Human Race compatriots, and this time. It’s the burden that is directly on the shoulders of our Esper Organization. Of course, your god is not under pressure…”

Hey Hey hey, you just subtly excluded me from the circle of Human Race? In addition, the previous actions were all because the main burden was on our Xiling army, so you never had any pressure, right?

Saying that today I am unlucky enough to get together with Lin Xue’s big head… even if it is the same as Lilina’s fake Loli, the number of stronger is stronger than now…

And at this same time, within a commercial building hundreds of meters away from us.

With Onee-sama, a group of Viska and Pandora are doing a big eye on the daily Battle Qi.

“Why should I share this guy with this!?”

Viska pointed to his twin sister and said to Onee-sama reluctantly.

The latter patted the head of Little Girl in anger with a healing smile, and did not care about the protest eyes of “Don’t take me as a child”: “Viska obeyed, you agreed when you decided on the lottery. of.”

“Black box operation! You must be a black box operation!” Viska immediately used the words that I learned from TV yesterday.

“Ah? The person responsible for the signing at the time was me and A’Jun,” Onee-sama still had a gentle smile, but in Viska’s illusion, it seemed to be suddenly surrounded by some kind of ominous dark purple fog. Even the smiling Onee-sama has gradually emerged a kind of terrible creature called Ghost. “Don Visa doubt your favorite brother or I am in the dark – box – fucking?”

“No no no!” Even Visa, who is not afraid of the day and often mad, has suddenly figured out what the most suitable reaction should be now. “I don’t have such an idea at all!” She said, she did not hesitate. Pandora’s arm, which is seen as an “enemy” by himself, looks like an intimate man: “I am very happy to be able to share with Pandora’s sister, hey, yes, sister?”

Pandora slowly turned his head and looked at Viska’s stiff smile, and looked at the Onee-sama, which suddenly gave off a very dangerous atmosphere, and then suddenly slammed.

Nod and nod.

“Well, that’s it,” Elder Sister Chen Qian, who had a formidable disregard of any attribute defense and had a “sister halo” on the Loli cute boy class, satisfactorily pressed two Lolita’s heads. Then stood up and said, “Okay, keep buying now… Patrol! Patrol!”

Onee-sama both eyes glanced at the four surroundings’ storefronts, and as she turned her head, Pandora and Viska decisively began to confront each other.

β€œRight,” said the sister, suddenly thinking of something, and then Pandora and Viska detached from the truss state within a microsecond, finishing the clothes at a speed that ordinary people could not understand at all, seemingly cleverly standing there, β€œjust See a small stall selling crafts, or let’s go there and see?”

For a moment, Onee-sama was revealed in its original form…

But at this moment, a riot suddenly came from the passage not far from the front.


The sudden sound made the noisy shopping area quiet for about a second, leaving only the music that was originally drowned in the vocal stores to reverberate in the air, and then, like in the movie. The often-occurring shot begins with a woman’s screaming scream, the chaos bursts out, the entire floor enters boiling at the same moment, and the music sound that has just been appeared for less than a second is once again submerged.

“Hey! Hey!!”

Two consecutive shots, accompanied by a rough man’s voice echoed throughout the floor: “All damn quiet! Now start screaming Laozi to kill a person!”

Sudden panic has temporarily plunged the crowd into chaos, but at least they have not been scared into Idiot, and the crowd boiling for a few seconds has suddenly fallen into a dead silence, and the submerged music sounds suddenly again. The continuous movement-quiet extreme switching and the dj dance that seems to be soy sauce make this sudden event more dramatic.

I held down the two dangerous elements who were eager to try, and my sister whispered, “wait a moment, pretend to be an ordinary person.”

“Everything is honestly on the ground!”

Rough male voices rang from behind the crowd, and then everybody dispersed in fear, obediently kneeling on the ground, a tall, sturdy man with a full beard and a pistol came over, behind him, The two people who follow the same class hold the pistols and use their fierce eyes to scare the customers who are already frightened. Unlike their heads, these two classes have masks of monsters that look ridiculous. It is the kind of cheap goods that cost five yuan on the street.

The sturdy bearded man strode to the open space in the center, his eyes squatting in front of him, holding two little donkeys, as if he was afraid of a long-haired girl with his head down: he did not Too careful, but the two have no expression at all, still look at their little hairy head with a curious look, but it makes people feel a little careless.

But that’s not worth the attention.

“Listen, we only ask for money, not to hurt our lives!” The beard man did not remember that he had just begun his own declaration of “screaming and killing one person”. “All the valuable things are taken out!”

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