Xiling Empire Chapter 295

The 295th chapter of the collector’s edition Lin Xue is equally terrible

Lin Xue showed a lot of misunderstanding about my decision to let go of the blond foreigner.

“Not what you said…” Looking at the Prophet shoes in front of the claws, my expression was quite helpless. “The bird has left the nest,” but this is the case when you see it, and you can be sure that the other party is at the last moment. Will commit suicide immediately, since the thing is no longer in the hands of the guy, and the other party will die at the moment of being captured, and what should he do?”

“Then it is not even worse if you let the other party out!? That guy saw the nephew Oh!”

“Well, change it to you. If you suddenly catch up with an unheard of machine scorpion, and then inexplicably get out of the way, what can you infer?”

“of course……”

“In the absence of predictability.”

“Oh… except for a mess, nothing can be inferred…”

“That’s it. The appearance of the scorpion didn’t reveal us a little bit of cards. They couldn’t even associate Vega with any existing forces on the Earth, and even if they had Lenovo, they would probably get the wrong conclusion. The chaos in the chaos is the easiest to expose, let Vega run a panicked enemy, we are equivalent to throwing a pile of meaningless chaos information to the other side, they do not analyze, it has no effect on us, or analysis A ton of misinformation, such as Alien’s invasion of black tissue, destroying World Cybertrons and soaking soy sauce… You see, from a mysterious scorpion in the city of Human Race, you can only get this every in The thing of disorder, this is still one. Second, there are many mysterious organizations on this World, but none of them are exposed to the sight of ordinary people. The things on the back of World will always be bound by the power of the back, and the armor is no exception. The surreal power is exposed in front of a behind-the-scenes organization and is different from being exposed to ordinary people. Vega will be the last to naughty together is only those people can not see the forces behind it, is it not our purpose? “

“And, if we want to do something in the future, it is almost inevitable to expose some of the Xiling Apostle to earthling. Since it will come to the surface sooner or later, it is more appropriate to use this opportunity to cause some confusion to the other side.”

“So, letting the guy run out can bring us more benefits than getting rid of him, understand?”

“Use this way to provide the enemy with shocking intelligence so that they have a greater chance of exposing their tails… and then see which organization will make an unusual move…” Lin Xue lit his chin and thought, then suddenly Lifts the head, “Is this idea really what you came up with?!”

“…when… of course…how do you suspect that this is obvious…ah, Haha…Hahaha…”

“Sure enough… you guys who have no IQ on the IQ can’t even tell lies…”

“…well, it’s Shandora’s advice…”

“Call… World has finally returned to normal…”

I thought about it, and then I was furious: “What do you mean if I can come up with such a strategy, it is just a terrible event like World Doomsday? Do you mean this?!”

Qianqian came over and comfortably held my arm. By the way, I gave a young girl a kiss and whispered, “Don’t be angry, A’Jun, you are just not very good at such a strategy. In other respects, you also have a lot of talents. It…”

“Really? For example?”

I immediately looked at Qianqian with a look of hope.

The smiling young girl instantly stuck, and Lin Xue, not far away, continued to poison the tongue: “You should really listen to it anyway…”

…… well, anyway, I am just a mixed-eat, dead-headed, dead-hearted, no-character, dead-fired soy sauce, otaku…

Just as someone has been turned into fossils by various blows, the office door suddenly sounded.

One looks very smart and capable… but okay, the following omitted faceless man came in.

With a slight surprise and curiosity, after seeing a few suspicious people who seemed to be lying on the sofa in various lazy poses at home, the faceless man went to Lin Xue’s desk and said respectfully: “Captain Lin The confession of the two captives has been recorded.”

Then he placed a stack of documents under his arm in front of Lin Xue’s.

Lin Xue was sitting in danger and nodded slightly, taking the file seriously.

So we all sprayed.

This is this… This mysterious face is a mysterious person who is like a director of the teaching department. How can she grow the face of Lin Xue, the mad violent tongue and the savage wild beggar!

“It’s really a serious and serious spit.”

Shandora suddenly leaned over and said in my ear.

I immediately fell into a cold sweat: “…I just sent out?”

“Yes, so if you ask for more happiness, I and Qianqian will definitely pray for you…”

Lin Xue obviously has heard the catastrophic information sent by my group. Looking at it from a distance, I can find that this girl has a head down and hides in the shadow of the hair and suddenly hits a sharp cold light. The diffuse murderous aura gathered into a bundle, and whoosh nailed me to the sofa.

However, from the outside, the girl who is already deeply dark in the depths of her heart is not in the slightest abnormality. Lin Xue still bows her head seriously and maintains a perfect image in front of her subordinates – well, even if it is full Qing Shida torture, this time I can see a collection of Lin Xue is also unexpectedly harvested…

“that’s it?”

After looking at the files in his hand, Lin Xue lifts the head, the index finger gently tapped the table, and there was little dissatisfaction between the eyebrows.

At the same time In my perspective, a cold light hits again.

This magical technique that dissipates disparate eyes from a variety of angles in a pair of eyes is also lost to Lin Xue, a boring guy who can master…

“We have tried deep hypnosis, and the situation of two captives… In short, their psychological defenses are completely non-existent, so these should be all intelligence.”

“Well… two peripheral members… the peripheral members are already b-level Esper. It seems that it is really a bad organization… then the woman who is code-named Medusa is going to follow up, although The chances of harvesting are not great, but we have made good progress.”


The man promised, and then showed a expression of expression.

For many years, Lin Xue knows what the other party means: “Let’s talk.”

“This is the case. We have analyzed the situation of the two captives. It has been confirmed that it is not the damage caused by any known Esper, and the spirit of both people has been greatly affected. It seems to be extremely strong. The spiritual field has been oppressed. It is conservatively estimated that such a spiritual field is at least more than A+’s Esper, and maybe even s-class Esper. We have mobilized all the current Esper Organization files…”

β€œDon’t check it out,” Lin Xue suddenly interrupted the words that the other party had been rushing, and then swayed firmly. β€œIt’s an ally, direct contact with the Supreme layer of the organization, so there is no need to investigate.”

“Oh… yes.”

The faceless man received the instructions from Lin Xue, and could not help but cast a curious eye on some of our lazy suspicious people. It seemed to be a bit clear in the look.

“Insane, isn’t it?” After his subordinates finally left, Lin Xue, who had been a serious leader for a long time, slowly stood up and walked towards me. The darkness of the whole body was substantial. “Violent poison tongue, yes Right? There is also a god of ghosts… is it?”

“This… this… calm, must be calm! The meaningless battle is the original sin of Human Race! We can certainly find a more harmonious solution!”

Although I made such constructive suggestions, in the end, Lin Xue chose a very discordant solution…

“To tell the truth, you really deserve it…”

After coming out of the Esper Organization’s contact point, Qianqian looked at my hand and looked helpless, and Shandora had a smirk on the other side to help me sort out the chicken-like hair.

… I admit that for ten consecutive times, because of the same low-level mistakes and being beaten up by myself in the absence of my own initiative, I have already lived to the extreme…

But can’t this cover the fact that Lin Xue is extremely violent? You can’t deny that a girl who will fly in the office volley is a complete violent madman?

“Speaking of it, Xunzi’s performance today is good.”

Shandora finally completed his great work, making my already horrible hair even more horrible, and then slightly turned to the head, with a look of admiration, said Vega nodded, who was silently behind us.

Vega, who has been refitted with a regular body and incarnate as a coldly indifferent beauty, immediately on the spot, and a military salute, shouting with a serious expression: “Thank you for your appreciation, Senior Officer!”

“Well, the foreword is recovered, you go back to Shadow City and then learn…”

“Vega executes the command, Senior Officer!”

… I think this brain is not so good that the nephew needs not to learn systematically, but to return to the factory for overhaul…

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