Xiling Empire Chapter 30

Chapter 30โ€”Loli Lion Roar

Does anyone know what is more terrible than flying to 210 hours on the shoulders of a superwoman who is 3 kilometers per hour?

So let me tell you, that is when this Superwoman raised the speed to 300 kilometers.

Both Lin Xue and I were deeply surprised that I could survive. When I started, I thought I would suffocate in the wind speed of 300 km/h, but it turns out that the survival ability of Human Race can always erupt. The power – even though I and Lin Xue have had some serious hypoxia.

We are now dizzy, sore, and the muscles of the joints are as stiff as cement. When we move it a little, we hurt our teeth, and 300 hours are blown by the 3 km/h wind. Our hair is The roots are straight back and up, the fat and muscles on the face are seriously deviated from their original position, piled up near the roots of the ears, forming undulating ripples, we look at each other, then at the same time are strangers in front of us. Scared…

“You…sister…is really amazing…” Lin Xue said slyly.

“…Itโ€™s good to live…”

I just don’t understand, why Pandora, who usually cares about my safety, is so sloppy at this time. Doesn’t she understand that as a carbon-based creature, her brother can’t compare with Xiling Apostle. ? Or, Pandora has made this a very interesting game?

Think about the interest of this eccentric Loli that hides the violent nature, maybe it’s really possible…

After resting on the ground for about ten minutes, Lin Xue and I finally stood up hard and began to observe the environment of surroundings.

Now we have come to the edge of the forest, and then there is a deep valley. There are constant explosions and buzzing sounds coming from below. Pandora, which is switched to battle form, is quietly watching the valley below.

Lin Xue and I stepped on the zombie step to Pandora and looked down together.

At this point, I and Lin Xue at the same time pour suck in a breath of cold air.

Demon Beast, a whole valley is full of Demon Beast! The black pressure is like a rushing black tide. Although it can’t be named, from the extraordinary body shape and the constantly releasing sound and photoelectric effects of Magic, it can be seen that any of them is as bad as Godzilla. Among the thousands of Demon Beast groups, surrounded by Xiling Soldier, whose 50 name has turned most of the body into an enemy weapon like a humanoid chariot, this disparity contrast is like a small boat that can be overturned in the flood. In general, although Xiling Soldier, which becomes Humanoid Weapon, has a terrible attack ability and strong defense, but in the face of the overwhelming number of Demon Beast, their demise is only a matter of time โ€“ I can even imagine the energy consumption of these fighters. In the blink of an eye, the scene of the hungry Demon Beast swallowed into the stomach, even after the scenes of Demon Beast’s stomach… cough cough, think more.

Although it was the first time I saw this scene, Lin Xue, who had no knowledge of the Xiling Empire, was significantly more surprised than I was. She was stunned to see the scene of the 50 future soldiers who died in the Demon Beast army. After a while, I came back and looked at me with Monster’s gaze. I came up with a sentence: “Are you Xiling Empire’s Emperor?”

I nod.

“You are not going to conquer Earth?”

Pandora in the eyes in the audience is shining – what do you say about this Little War Lunatic?

In order to prevent Lin Xue, who was thought to have started flying, thrown into the opposite side of Human Race, I hurriedly tried to divert her attention and said to Pandora on the other side: “Pandora, do you have any plans? So many Demon Beast, deal with it. Itโ€™s not easy…”

Pandora gently nodded and replied: “You can deal with it.”

… Is the diving strength of Xiling General really so exaggerated?

Itโ€™s not just me, Lin Xue doesnโ€™t believe it, but Pandora doesnโ€™t say much, but stretches her hand and presses it on her ear. โ€œZi–โ€, the green mask on her face is closed. Go back.

In my incomprehensible eyes with Lin Xue, Pandora crossed her hands on her chest and slowly bent down. At this same time, a burst of “zฤซzฤซ” sound flowing from her within the body It came out, which proves that Pandora is trying to compress powerful energy.

This position, how is it like the violent in the fighting game?

After nearly ten seconds, Pandora seems to have finally completed the storm… cough cough, charging, I saw her slamming straight up, quickly floating to the height of about half a meter from the ground, and at the same time, she The silvery white Battle Armor’s joints were found in small joints, emitting strong high-temperature flames. The high temperature of the flames even forced me and Lin Xue to retreat several times before they could barely bear it.

I saw that Pandora, who was floating in the air, took a deep breath. Immediately, three circular patterns with a diameter of more than ten meters and a dazzling red light appeared in the air. The finished glyph was distributed about one meter in front of Pandora. These circular patterns with complex structure made me think of the Magic array in fantasy.

Along with the screaming screams of Pandora, the three emerged red energy arrays gave off a glare of light. The next second, the dark red beam rushing out of the energy array shook the valley with a chilling, low humming sound. The Demon Beast group rushed to…

In the glare of light, Lin Xue and I closed the eyes involuntarily, only to hear the deafening rumbling sound and the tragic embarrassment of Demon Beast when it was massacred.

This blow directly destroyed one-third of the Demon Beast group, incidentally, and the collapse of most of the valley.

At this time, I finally understood why Pandora was going to float up into the air and open a small jet engine – such a powerful energy burst, the recoil must be terrible, if it is standing on the ground, I am afraid that the ground under our feet will be completely collapsed. It is.

Lin Xue Some trembling voice came over: “Chen Jun, you really won’t shoot Human Race?”

I am crying out: “Young Lady Lin, I am really a Human Race…”

Pandora’s attack played a very obvious role. The Demon Beast was so badly attacked that it was immediately chaotic. Even though IQ was higher, they were still beasts. At this moment, they faced a powerful enemy that was completely irresistible. They immediately lost their fighting. The temporarily condensed Demon Beast Corps began a full-scale defeat. Since the valley has collapsed, thousands of Demon Beast can only escape in one direction, and Demon Beast, who was trampled on in the process, did not count Fortunately, 50 came to Xiling Soldier to float in the air in advance, otherwise our aid will become a knife to kill people…

Pandora quietly made a big effort to walk to me, the silver Barttle Armor showed a lot of vents, and the hot air blew out from it – this hoe is really a big energy consumer.

I quite strangely touched Pandora’s hair – hot!

“Pandora, what is your move just now? The power is too exaggerated?” I couldn’t help but look at the valley after the end of World’s last days.

Pandora raised a sign that didn’t know where to come from, and wrote two big characters: “Helium Flash.”

In the past, the scorpion has been unable to speak.

Helium Flash? I thought this is called Loli Lion Roar…

After the Demon Beast group disappeared into our sights with the dust of the sky, Xiling Soldier, the 50 name escaped, came to us.

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