Xiling Empire Chapter 301

Chapter 301 and the child and her mother act together

I really can’t understand why the big villains like to stay in the dark and moldy corners to subvert the World. The old factories are always suitable for the outbreak of gang fights. The bloody murder is often inevitable with one or two dogs that come out to soy sauce. Call, and – the sinful transaction must be chosen in the wilderness of the wilderness.

“Isn’t this obvious? If you are a smuggler, would you put a brand in the downtown area to write a heroin sale and buy a bag for two bags?”

Lin Xue’s poison tongue is still as everywhere.

“If you trouble, I will despise me and don’t describe it with such details.”

“Protect the truth and highlight the truth,” Lin Xue sounded completely embarrassed. “How is your situation?”

“I don’t have any… well, I don’t doubt your intelligence level, but you confirm that you didn’t make a mistake? To be honest, I think your words are getting more and more unreliable…”

“…Is it not enough for you now I have turned my face early!”

Interrupted with the spiritual connection of Lin Xue’s daily bickering, I and Bubbles continued to lie in the 700 billion.

Here is a waste stone field away from the urban area. It is inaccessible and desolate. In contrast, I found that the autumn atmosphere is still obstructed in densely populated cities. In this uninhabited wilderness, the summer remnants are in the city. It will be completely defeated, and the yellow color will sweep across the whole land. The dry and decaying weeds will sway in the gap between the enrmous stones, as if they will break into messy summer debris at any time. The time is already in the afternoon, the sky is burning clouds. Gradually spread from the west, making the world more and more bleak.

Such a perfect Xiao Xiao Qiu Jing, if accompanied by a twisted and twisted and whistling music, it is really too… wild weapon…

If I am a poet, at this moment I must burst into tears.

It’s a pity that I’m not a poet, but just a country’s Chief of state that comes out of soy sauce and maintains World Peace. So I lay in a small broken car that is worth 700 billion but looks more worn than the surrounding gravel. Yawning, looking with interest at the nearby Bubbles to sleep.

“Don’t grab my egg knife… oh yeah…” Bubbles rolled over and twisted and twisted on the seat while whispering a dream. “That’s what I want to give to the Shana sauce… Um… the bastard is glittering, the equipment is controlled… I will let the child, her dad, you have a son, no grandson… oh… oh… smash your dog’s head… stewed you…”


God! ! This is what makes me as a point of entry for the spit! ! ! How many Times Worlds are connected to this dead house in sleep? Do you think that Shana’s egg knife looks good? Gold glitter is Gilgamesh? That equipment control is too sharp… wrong! The latter sentence is the point! ! Doesn’t it mean that it is strictly forbidden to use the child and her dad to call me? Why have you got such a title from Oh after Little Bubbles called my father? Oh, do you know that this “child and her dad” has distorted my image to a realm of ghosts! As for the last two sentences of the female student, you can take it back to Oh!

As for the fact that you have been playing games for three days until today, the small otaku girl who was forcibly dragged out today can achieve such a fluent and predictable level in the dreams. In view of the fact that the Tucao point is too much, I actually I can’t think of what to say…

It’s terrible, this guy in Bubbles is really terrible. It’s just a dream. It’s just that I’m a Tucai emperor because I have too many slots and no spit, so the horrible fighting strength, it’s only Xiling. What talent and strength can the host have?

And more importantly, as the leader of Earth’s largest violent organization, I was so depraved that I could only act with such a small otaku girl who was stubborn enough to make people feel itchy and couldn’t afford to sleep during the day because of the game. Too bad…

I thought I could pull Shandora or at least Qianqian… but… World is so cruel…

Shandora said in a box of cakes: “It’s not as good to go out and bully a small pot of friends to eat at home!”

Onee-sama pointed to the logo of the “Great Love Without Borders” studio on the screen: “The studio is finally starting to have business, and the sister can stare at it.”

Pandora and Viska expressed their willingness to participate in this healthy and healthy action with their brother, but considering that two dangerous elements at the same time are blended into such an action, they will definitely strive to show their excellence in front of their brothers. For the wonderful future of Human Race and the long-term stability of Earth, the two burning Lolita were dragged back by Onee-sama without any suspense…

Qianqian’s means… In view of the serious psychological shadows that occurred after the killing of the enemy in the last action, she will definitely never follow this time…

Della said she would continue to prepare for the painful “primary creation certificate” exam, and Lilina, who was also the “Chief Priestess”, had to stay in the World Tree shrine.

The rest of Anveena, Alaya and Little Bubbles… forget it, the two illuminators and one illuminator don’t mention it.

The general summary of the forest, followed me out, only Bubbles alone, and this girl is still forced to drag out because of the reason that the house-like creatures must come out of the bar in the sun or they will become gray. …

Ok, bad memories have ended here, and now continue to wait for the enemy to vote for the net.

However, I still insist that Lin Xue made a mistake in time – in other words, according to the information submitted by the girl, the other party should appear at noon?

“It hasn’t appeared yet…” Bubbles, who had been sleeping for an afternoon, finally woke up, and Little Girl glanced at the window with her sleepy eyes, and then slammed on me. “Children, her dad, let’s go back… ”

Too tearful, that shiny title.

Even if you call my uncle, I won’t mind dying! !

Just as I was about to enter the blackening state to carry out tutoring in front of this stubborn dead otaku girl, Lin Xue’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind: “The target is appeared! It will come to you soon!”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a cross-country black car entered my field of vision.

Even a cross-country car… this level of stability is too exaggerated…

Looking at the black car that traveled on the gravel all over the gravel but slid smoothly like the ice, I secretly sighed.

More importantly, looking at the high-end car that has been engraved with the word “gorgeous” from beginning to end, I am even more ruined by the 700 billion that is like incombustible garbage… Those officers who have no artistic cells Oh!

The black car steadily stopped in front of us less than a hundred meters away. The door opened. The first thing that came out of it was a black man wearing a hooded top, tall and sullen, followed by It is three white people who seem to be subordinates.

Well, let us call it the white plus black combination for the time being.

After the white plus black combination got off the bus, it looked like a random look around, then stood there waiting.

According to Lin Xue’s, these should be members of a European organization that has frequent contact with Olympus.

In less than ten minutes, the sound of a locomotive engine came from far away to the star port. From the other end of the quarry, three three-piece stylings were a bit strange as if they had been specially modified.


… This Olympus is really a bit of a maverick…

“Wood, it’s me,” Lin Xue’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. “The encirclement of our side is ready. The main route is blocked. At least we can deal with the breakthrough of three b-class Esper – I think you should not As for this failure?”

“Reassured, one will not run away.”

“You Idiot Oh! Let’s stay alive and leave alive! You can retaliate and you can do it, so that you don’t let you kill yourself!”

“Yes, yes… I understand… I’m half-dead and let go, it’s a very simple thing, and there’s something that intercepts them as much as possible…”

“There are also guns that let your gangs look at their guns! If the enemy retreats from their route of defense, try to catch them as much as possible.”

“Well… I try to get the stupid soldiers to pay attention, is there still?”

“…The last one, I know that you are a strong and powerful Emperor, but don’t look too small at the regular Esper. The people of these two organizations are quite ordinary in terms of strength, although it is impossible to compare with your pervert… … In short, if you are a super idiot in the hands of Earth Esper, this lady will definitely taunt you without mercy! Give this lady a good idea!”

Then, the spiritual connection was unilaterally hanged without hesitation.

Really… you said two good words will die Oh!

With this at the same time.


The neat brakes sounded, and the three men in leather jackets with black helmets came down from their respective locomotives and then picked up their helmets.

Three Asian men, Passer-by A, Passer-by B, and Passerby C.

Medusa is not inside – unless you are going to get up early today for security reasons.

Sure enough, just like Lin Xue’s hunch, that Medusa is even more embarrassing than the fox, and even if it has already decided to act, she will quickly change her plan with a little bit of turmoil.

But that’s okay, anyway, the main purpose of our coming today is to retaliate… cough cough, for the day, as long as you can destroy this transaction and grab one or two members of the other party, then the goal will be reached – as for Lin Xue Over there, let her go crazy.

I patted the Bubbles’ small head that was about to go to sleep again, and made a gesture of preparation for the start of the latter’s gaze. When I turned back, I saw exactly the three members of Olympus. Behind them, three black locomotives gradually disappeared into the air…

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